New people on the call


Felix covered the outline of the research report going through the draft table of contents.

Main sections:

  1. Is regulatory part of the scope?

Challenges of including regulatory in the report:

  1. What's the organisational structure of the research report production?

Nicola Santoni

Colin Myers

Do we have more resources on staking insurance?

Sunny’s presentation

  1. Sunny presented on the accounting and flow of delegation vouchers.
  2. Delegation Vouchers keep track of the conversion ratio between atoms and shares
  3. He explained the issue with delegation vouchers - what happens if the rewards are in two different tokens, like atoms and photons?
  4. Sunny then explained how to make delegation NFTs. How it exploits Cosmos F1 fee distribution to take care of multiple fee tokens.
  5. Issue with making non fungible delegation assets.
  6. He explained how the solution track last withdrawal time