Commission Sheet

Faded out items are unavailable

If you would like to see other various art I have done for examples, you can go here:             

In Depth Examples

SFM Poster using a Basic Map - 10 USD

I will use any already made map for your commission, no scenebuilding added at all

SFM Poster using some Scenebuilding - 15 USD

I’ll use an already made map, with some added scenebuilding to create a better scenery

SFM Poster with full scenebuild - 20 USD

I’ll create a scene entirely out of props, lights, and various models available in SFM, this takes time to do, which is why it’s a fairly high price

Transparent Render - 5 USD

I’ll make your OC with any pose you want for a transparent background render

Show Style OC Vector - 10 USD

I will make a vector of your OC, using either a base, or a screenshot from the show

Additional characters added to posters will add 3 USD for each extra character to the final price.

Price can increase depending on the difficulty of the commission request.

You MUST have an already created model for SFM, I can’t make models myself!

I also do Animal Crossing and Splatoon SFM artwork, make sure to tell/show me the specific design and outfit your OC/sona uses so that I can put the character together in SFM. (Note, putting together the character is not its own model, it is various asset models put together on a base body.)

Things I won’t make art of:

Things I might do art of that we can discuss about:

You can contact me by DM’ing me on my twitter @MelodiousMarci or on my discord MelodiousMarci#9076

I also have a Discord server



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