Commission Sheet

Faded out items are unavailable

If you would like to see other various art I have done for examples, you can go here:              

In Depth Examples

SFM Poster using a Basic Map - 10 USD

I will use any already made map for your commission, no scenebuilding added at all

SFM Poster using some Scenebuilding - 15 USD

I’ll use an already made map, with some added scenebuilding to create a better scenery

SFM Poster with full scenebuild - 20 USD

I’ll create a scene entirely out of props, lights, and various models available in SFM, this takes time to do, which is why it’s a fairly high price

Transparent Render - 5 USD

I’ll make your OC with any pose you want for a transparent background render

Show Style OC Vector - 10 USD

I will make a vector of your OC, using either a base, or a screenshot from the show, these take a little time to make so that’s why the price is kinda high

Additional characters added to SFM posters will add 3 USD for each extra character to the final price.

Price can increase depending on the difficulty of the commission request.

You MUST have an already created pony OC model for SFM, I can’t make models myself!

I also do Animal Crossing and Splatoon SFM artwork, make sure to tell/show me the specific design and outfit your OC/sona uses so that I can put the character together in SFM. (Note, putting together the character is not its own model, it is various asset models put together on a base body.)

Things I won’t make art of:

Things I might do art of that we can discuss about:

You can contact me by DM’ing me on my twitter @MelodiousMarci or on my discord MelodiousMarci#9076

I also have a Discord server



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