First Access FAQ

Nowhere Prophet - 

Why First Access?

Making a game is hard, especially one as involved as Nowhere Prophet. I’ve been hard at work for almost 3 years now and it’s time to move towards release. I’m doing my best to make it as good as I can and for that I will need some quality feedback.

This is where I hope the First Access comes into play: I’m looking for some good input from actual players that want to help shape the game so that I’m investing into the right features and content.

Also obviously making some money to help finance the development is a definite plus too.

Does the First Access include a Steam key?

Yes. If you buy the game now you will be able to play it on steam once it launches there.

Can I stream Nowhere Prophet?

Yes, you’re allowed to stream Nowhere Prophet. And you’re explicitly allowed to monetarize these streams (with ads, subs etc.), as long as you’re being ethical and transparent about it. Also if you do stream, please let me know at @mnerurkar or @nowhereprophet so I, in turn, can let people know you’re live.

When will the game be done?

I’m currently shooting for a release in the second quarter of 2018 on all major online stores: Steam, itch, GOG and the Humble store. I’m confident that this is a realistic goal but you know how it is with release dates…

The time until release will be spent on improving and extending the game. I want to make sure it’s balanced and fun and that the interface is easily understood and useful to players. And I want to add more content to the game - anything from unlockable player classes, to more events, enemies, cards and items.

There will be regular dev updates to share my plans and the development. There may even be some dev streams along the way.

What are the risks and challenges?

I have many years of game dev experience and as a indie developer. I have released two commercial indie games before. Granted these were smaller projects and a different team but I’m very confident in my ability to complete Nowhere Prophet.

However I’m the sole central developer. There’s freelancers to help but if some horrible tragedy should befall me then no one else will be able to pick up the project and continue. That’s definitely the biggest risk but I’ll be careful so let’s hope it doesn’t come to pass.

Depending on how well the First Access goes I might still have to earn some money, which will be primarily freelance work for other app & game developers (such as Cultist Simulator here). This may eat into the time available to finish the game, and even may go so far as to delay the release, but it wouldn’t prevent it.

It is possible that my freelancers won’t be available for some of the remaining work but I’m confident that I’ll be able to find other talented people to help out then.