Smart-box Mini

Electronic Booster System


Application : Cold water boosting for small domestic properties.

The Smart-box is a self-priming multistage pump; with electronic inverter management, flow and pressure sensors, high-resolution LCD display and integrated expansion tank. Complete with dry run and frost protection, plus wireless connectivity and energy monitoring facility. Using a water cooled motor, the operating noise is greatly reduced, making the Smart-box Mini the quietest booster pump available in its class.

With its compact design, the Smart-box Mini is easy to install, maintain and operate. Horizontal, vertical or wall mounted, this set offers maximum versatility for small spaces.

Suitable for drinking water, domestic systems, pressurisation and gardening irrigation.

Combining the Smart-box Mini with a potable water storage tank provides a complete solution for boosting pressure in domestic applications.

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Pump Specification                              Tank Options

Product Code


P1700KIT  300 Litre Uninsulated

D700 x H1200 mm.

Maximum Pressure

5.0 Bar

P1710KIT  300 Litre Insulated

Maintain a stable water temperature.

Motor Rating

0.8 kw, 4.8 Amps, 230/1/50

P1720KIT  300 Litre Insulated CAT5 Air Gap

D700 x H1500 mm.




L x W x H (mm)

263 x 236 x 439

P1260KIT     Smart Mini Box Kit

If your dynamic mains pressure is below 2.0 Bar, pair an accumulator with the Smart Mini Box for combined pressure and flow boosting. Quiet running and energy efficient to suit system demand. Max. flow with the kit is 12 l/m.

Supplied with a connection kit for direct mains boosting.

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