Welcome to DefaultCraft!  


- Authentic vanilla Minecraft on default settings.
- Intended to be like a singleplayer world that you can play with others.

- Hard survival mode is enabled.

- Zero plugins and zero command blocks.

- No spawned items and no vote rewards.

- World border is at ~30 million blocks (default).

- New world as of 3/14/2020.
- Always updated to latest release (currently on 1.16 snapshots until stable release).

- Seed will not be shared.

- Administrator IGN is defaultcraft.
Discord @ discord.defaultcraft.com.

- Server was born on 6/25/19.

Special Note: Most vanilla servers have a view distance less than 10 to reduce lag. Unfortunately, this breaks many mob farms due to a bug Mojang has postponed fixing for 6+ years (see https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-2536). However, this server will always keep the default view distance of 10, as mob farms are an essential aspect of gameplay for many.


- Be mature, friendly, and responsible.

- Keep profanity minimal.

- PVP allowed if consensual.

- No harassment or spamming chat.

- No griefing or stealing.

- No cheating.


- Hacked clients

- Xray mods and texture packs

- Duping


- Exploits are a part of default vanilla Minecraft, even if they may be patched in future updates. They will be accepted within reason, but the line must be drawn at blatant duping, as it ruins the game. A redstone machine that rapidly moves dirt under sugar cane or bamboo to exploit the game ticks causing rapid growth is acceptable. AFK farms are also acceptable. However, an item that is not obtained through natural mechanics (though exploited), but was literally duplicated through a bug, is not acceptable. The only exception is TNT duping, since it does not produce an actual item that can be obtained. Also, traveling on the nether roof is a very useful and fun exploit, and is acceptable. The fast travel enhances the multiplayer experience. If unsure about something please ask.

Violation of these rules will result in a permanent ban. All bans are final. Please report any players breaking the rules on discord via direct message. Suspicious activities will be monitored.


Griefing is difficult to prevent in vanilla Minecraft. All players are responsible to prevent themselves from being griefed. Stolen items or anything damaged by griefers will not be restored by the administrator. It’s best to build a base several thousand blocks from spawn; the farther the better. Take advantage of the “infinite” world size. The administrator is only available to maintain the server, investigate reports of abuse, and issue bans.


In order to log into the server, you must read all of the information above, understand it, and post an affirmation that this was read/understood and that you agree to follow the rules in the discord channel called ‘whitelist’. Also, please share how you found this server, and remember to include your IGN. If these instructions are followed, a response will be given in the whitelist discord channel (within 24 hours) confirming you are whitelisted and may log in. This is a necessary precaution to prevent griefers, give some peace of mind to the players and administrator, and is totally worth the small effort and short delay in order to access this type of Minecraft experience.

This is optional but may help the server appeal to new players.
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