Notes of July 19, 2017 Meeting

Committee Members

Lorraine Moxey – Chair                 Attended        

June Bair                                Attended

Sam Bryant Borough manager                

Bruce Burkart – Borough Historian        Attended        

Marie Esher Coia                         Attended

Jackie D’Agostino                        Attended        

Margaret Fabry                                

Donna Fisher        (Inactive)                        

Doug Fisher (Inactive)                

Mary Pat Hoveliinski                                                

Richard Moxey (Secretary                Attended

Malcolm Rollins                        Attended

Nancy Ulmen        (Inactive)                        

Peter Ulmen (Inactive)

  1. Lorraine presented a street sign (N TAMENEND AVE AND SOUIX AVE) given to her ny a member of Council (Peter) who thought that it might be displayed as part of the Borough history. This sign is the old style white on black type, which were replaced some 25 years ago with the newer white on green units. The sign was stored at the borough storage units on Beulah Road near the railroad. Lorraine, Marie and June visited this site and found many signs outside. The items in the storage units will be reviewed at a later date for historical value.
  2. Bob Binkley joined the group and led a tour of the new entrance to the basement and the completion of the space in the basement for our committee. There were discussions about items to go into the space .The space looks great.
  3. Bruce reported that he has been able to identify a grave of a WWI Soldier who has been on the list but whose grave had not been located.
  4. Bruce and Jackie reported that “Wreathes” is on course and the date will be available shortly.
  5. Lorraine and others expressed their t thoughts regarding the Groaner display. They agreed that much work is required d and set the following dates.
  1. Wednesday Aug. 2 10 AM - work session
  2. Thursday Aug. 3 – 2 PM – work session
  3. Wednesday Aug. 16 10 AM - regular meeting
  4. Wednesday Aig 30, 10 AM - work session
  5. Wednesday Sept. 20, 10 AM – regular meeting
  1. As for Overlay properties, Lorraine reported that the Scheafer property is rented. The Clark properly n Aarons Ave, has be sold and updated.