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Middle Period Research Tools is an ongoing project. It aims to provide an online guide to bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases and chronologies of use to those interested in all aspects of the study of Chinese, Jurchen, Khitan, Tangut, and Mongol history. The time span of the collection of the Middle Period Research Tools covers the period from the tenth century and the founding of the Song and Liao dynasties to the end of the Yuan dynasty in the fourteenth century.

At this stage, users can access the reference collection of the Middle Period Research Tools via this link to our online library. In the near future, the Middle Period Research Tools will further provide users an annotated guide to its reference collection on the SSYCDS website.


Middle Period Research Tools is compiled based on Hilde De Weerdt’s (Leuven University) Song Research Tools in 2006. Its history further goes back to Peter Bol's (Harvard University) Research Tools for the Study of Sung History, published in 1990 as part of the Monograph Series of the Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies. From 2019 onwards, Xiong Huei-Lan 熊慧嵐 carried out a project to update the Song Research Tools. With the support of the Society for Song, Yuan, and Conquest Dynasties Studies, the initial update evolved into the project of Middle Period Research Tools.

In 2023, the project first launched its online collection of research references. The collection contains all titles in the 2006 edition of Song Research Tools in addition with more than 300 new titles. The new titles include those on Song studies published after 2006, and the references on the studies of Xixia, Khitan, Jin and Yuan.

Throughout the course of its development, many organizations and individuals have supported the project:

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