Frequently Asked Questions

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About Shell Shop

What is Shell Shop

What is a Shopper?

What is a Requester?

What is an Approver?


Do I need to keep packing slips?

How do I add a new Shell Shop User to my department?

How do I receive my orders

How do I amend my Purchase Order (PO), after it has been issued?

How do I get a copy of my Shell Shop PO?

How do I information on a specific requisition or PO?


Why is [THIS PERSON] approving my requisition?

I need someone else to approve this requisition, other than myself.


I need to send an attachment with my PO

How do I know what order type to select? What are the options?

I don’t know what commodity code to use.

Where do I enter charges for shipping + handling, freight, or delivery?

I need to have something delivered off-campus

I am buying an asset -- what information do I need for my transaction?


How do I know what my team has spent this month?

I need a additional reporting details that the Order Summary does not provide.


I can’t find what I want to order in a catalog

I can’t find the supplier I want to use

I can’t find the requester I want to transfer my cart to

The punchout catalog isn’t working

I don’t know which supplier to buy from

Can I still use my P-Card

Why isn’t Amazon on Shell Shop?

Why isn’t eBay on Shell Shop

When will my supplier get the completed PO?

How do I complete a sole source requisition?


How can I get additional training on Shell Shop?

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