Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provider COVID-19 FAQ

The Utah Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will continue to communicate important information related to COVID-19 via email.

General COVID-19 questions should be directed to the official State of Utah sources for information: and 800-456-7707.

All DHHS contracted service providers

Additional contracted service provider guidance and Q&A’s

  1. Can we subcontract with another provider to help with staffing (to have their staff work as staff in our program)?

Yes. If providers do decide to subcontract with another company, please email so that we may approve this arrangement and amend your contract.

A couple things to note if you do decide to establish this type of arrangement:        

  1. In the event of a confirmed case in your setting, notify the local health department (LHD) immediately, and DHHS via DHHS incident report. 

  1. Telehealth- If providing telehealth services ensure that the telehealth platform you are using is HIPPA compliant, DHHS plans to include a review of this requirement during our audit process.

Division specific guidance