Petition in support of ALOUD

Sept. 12, 2018

To:          Gwen Miller, Chair, Board of Directors, Library Foundation of Los Angeles

                Officers and Directors of the Board

                Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

From:  Concerned members of the ALOUD community

We write to you today in support of ALOUD, the Library Foundation’s program to bring literary culture to the residents of Los Angeles. We are writers and readers deeply invested in ALOUD, and we are deeply concerned by the announced departure of ALOUD director Louise Steinman and associate director Maureen Moore, and the elimination of their program-sustaining positions. Steinman founded the program 25 years ago, and under her leadership and Moore's, ALOUD has become one of the premier literary series in the United States, attracting the leading lights of American and world literature to the Los Angeles Public Central Library, and to other venues in Los Angeles.

In creating ALOUD, and allowing it to grow into the civic cultural institution it has become, the Library Foundation has helped fulfill one of the core missions of Los Angeles Public Library. A public library, as you well know, is so much more than a collection of books. A public library exists to transform the power of the written word into a public resource. ALOUD brings authors face to face with their readers, and thus helps spread the idea that writing and reading are social acts, accessible to all. The nation’s top publishing houses fight to get their writers on ALOUD’s stages, and ALOUD’s auditoriums fill with readers, young and old, who might not meet an author otherwise.

The diminishment or loss of ALOUD would be serious subtraction from the cultural wealth of Los Angeles. We urge you to recognize what Steinman and Moore have accomplished at ALOUD, and to remain committed to the priceless civic resource ALOUD has become. A program of public dialogue belongs in some measure to the people it serves, and we urge you to consult the Los Angeles reading and literary community as you shape the program’s future. Many of us became members of the Library Foundation because of ALOUD, and we consider ourselves stakeholders in the project it represents.  We would like a place at the table as the Library Foundation discusses what happens next to ALOUD.

There are two lists of signers below. The first comprises those who have presented at ALOUD. The list below it includes ALOUD attendees and supporters.

Authors and Artists who have presented at ALOUD

Everyone whose name appears on these lists requested to be added after reviewing the language of the petition. Signers also designated their own affiliations.  * Members of the Library Associates are designated with an asterisk.


Kim Abeles, professor emeritus, CSU Northridge

Faith Adiele, author

Justo Almario UCLA music professor, jazz studies, and reader

Noel Alumit, author

Sasha Anawalt, professor and author

Edgar Arceneaux, artist

William Archila, poet and teacher

Betto Arcos, journalist, curator, Mexican

Judith Auberjonois, writer

Doris Baizley, playwright, professor Loyola Marymount University

Neelanjana Banerjee, lecturer, UCLA*

Susan Banyas, writer and theatre director

Ann Louise Bardach,  journalist, author

Timut Bekbosunov, musician

Keven Bellows, poet/teacher

Aimee Bender, author, professor

Laurel Ann Bogen, author/poet, teacher

Leni Boorstin, reader and podcast listener

Irene Borger, writer, teacher*

Anthony Brandt, composer and author

Mary Ann Braubach, filmmaker and reader*

Leo Braudy, teacher and writer

Anne Bray artist, director of nonprofit art org. Freewaves

Leslie Brody, writer and professor of creative writing, University of Redlands

Alan Brown, writer and filmmaker

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, author and reader

Elena Karina Byrne, author, reader, curator*

Anne Carson, professor

Theresa Chavez, theater artist and educator

David Ornette Cherry, composer/musician artist

Chiwan Choi, author

Cara Chow, author and 2001 PEN Emerging Voices fellow

Jeanette Clough, Poet (read at Aloud some years back)

Alejandro Cohen, executive director, DUBLAB

KC Cole, author, reader, teacher, professor

Brendan Constantine, poet and teacher

Bernard Cooper, writer, teacher

Melissa Cooper, playwright, reader, writer

Glen Creason, map librarian and author

Yolanda Cruz

Thomas Curwen, journalist/writer

dorit cypis, artist, writer, reader

Amanda de la Garza, curator

Dr. Michael Datcher, author and professor

Sara Daleiden

Mark Z. Danielewski, author*

Nana-Ama Danquah, author and reader

Margaret Leslie Davis, author*

Winter Dellenbach, activist

William Deverell, historian

Natalie Diaz, poet, artist, language activist, professor, indigenous Californian

Frances Dinkelspiel, author

Caitlin Doughty, author

Kim Dower, city poet laureate of West Hollywood, author/poet, teacher at Antioch University

Boris Dralyuk, executive editor, Los Angeles Review of Books

Samantha Dunn, author

Geoff Dyer, author

David Eadington, author

Ben Ehrenreich, writer

Barbara Epler, publisher

Steve Erickson, novelist and professor, UC Riverside

Lori Anne Ferrell, professor and former director, Tufts Poetry Awards at Claremont Graduate University

Janet Fitch, author, White Oleander, The Revolution of Marina M.

John Fleck, performance artist / actor

Piotr Florczyk, USC

Sesshu Foster, author

David Francis, author

Judith Freeman, author

Kate Gale, managing editor, Red Hen Press

Ramón García, poet and scholar

Weba Garretson, musician

Lynell George, author and reader

Anne Germanacos, author

Amy Gerstler, writer

Tod Goldberg, author, professor

Rigoberto Gonzalez, author and book critic

Reyna Grande, author

Stephen Greenblatt, writer

Seth Greenland, author*

Mohsin Hamid, writer

Denise Hamilton, author

Ernest Hardy, author/critic

Joy Harjo, author, musician and performer

Peter J. Harris, cultural worker

Rick Hasen, professor of law and political science, UC Irvine

Eloise Klein Healy, 2012 poet laureate of Los Angeles; publisher, Red Hen Press

Naomi Hirahara, author

Jane Hirshfield, poet, essayist, translator

Adam Hochschild, author; faculty, UC Berkeley

Jen Hofer, writer, translator, language justice advocate, interpreter, educator

Eva Hoffman, author and visiting professor at University College, London

Michael Holtmann, Center for the Art of Translation director and publisher

Anna Homler, artist

Andria Hopkins

Amir Hussain, professor, Loyola Marymount University*

Lewis Hyde, author

Elizabeth Iannaci, author/poet*

Charlotte Innes, writer, poet, educator

Barbara Isenberg, writer and reader

Tara Ison, author

Pico Iyer, Ferris Professor of Journalism, Princeton University, author

Dr. Ashaki M. Jackson, social psychologist and writer

Dana Johnson, writer and professor

Reed Johnson*

Miranda July, author

Jesse Katz, author and journalist*

Elaine Katzenberger, publisher, City Lights Books

Douglas Kearney, author and teacher

Maxine Hong Kingston, author and teacher

Jonathan Kirsch, writer, publishing attorney

Victoria H. Kirsch, musician, UCLA faculty, reader

Evan Kleiman, host of Good Food on KCRW and avid reader

Chris Kraus, writer

Jim Krusoe, writer*

Rachel Kushner, author

Stephen Kuusisto, author

Darrell Larson, WordTheatre

Dinah Lenney, author, editor, and teacher

Jonathan Lethem, author

Robin Coste Lewis, poet laureate, City of Angels

Stacey Lewis, City Lights Publishers

Philip Littell, writer, performer and reader

Aimee Liu, author

Suzanne Lummis, poet, writer, teacher

Tom Lutz, distinguished professor, UC Riverside, editor in chief, Los Angeles Review of Books*

T Mailhot

Joseph Maizlish, teacher and therapist*

Rubén Martínez, Fletcher Jones Chair in Literature and Writing, Loyola Marymount University

Victoria Marks, choreographer and professor

Terry McDermott, writer

Evelyn McDonnell, author

Thomas McGuane

Kristine McKenna

Mark McNeill

Julia Meltzer, director of Clockshop

Judith Lewis Mernit

Metabolic Studio, artist, trustee Annenberg Foundation

Jack Miles, Pulitzer Prize-winning author*

Petrine Day Mitchum, author

Brighde Mullins, playwright

Marie Mullins, professor of English

Bernadette Murphy, author, professor of creative writing

Mark Murphy, executive director, REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater

Eileen Myles, poet, professor emeritus, writing, UC San Diego

Sonia Nazario, author, journalist, advocate

Jim Newton, writer, editor, teacher

Gretchen Nielsen, former VP of education at the LA Phil

Viet Thanh Nguyen, novelist and professor

Marisela Norte, writer

Judith Pacht, poet*

Tim Page, professor, critic, author and biographer

Dr. Amy Parish, anthropologist and ALOUD interlocutor

Jim Paul, author and producer

Miriam Pawel, author

Cece Peri, poet

Wendy Perron, author and reader

Joy Press

Alice Quinn, executive director, Poetry Society of America

Kit Rachlis, editor

Marcos Ramirez ERRE

Claudia Rankine, poet

Christopher Rauschenberg, president, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

John Rechy, author

David Rensin, author

Angela Roa, singer

Julie Robinson, owner, Literary Affairs*

Luis J. Rodriguez, author and activist, 2014 poet laureate of Los Angeles

Richard Rodriguez, journalist/essayist

Robert A. Rosenstone, Professor Emeritus of History, California Institute of Technology

Steven J. Ross, professor USC

Jerome Rothenberg, poet and author

Beth Ruscio, author, performing artist, reader

Safa Samiezade-Yazd, writer and producer

Robert Sapolsky, professor of biology, neurology and neurosurgery, Stanford University

Sapphire, author of Push, American Dreams and The Kid

Greg Sarris, author, professor

Danzy Senna, author and USC professor

Matthew Setzer, musician

David Shook, writer

Elena Shtromberg, professor

Mona Simpson, writer*

Mark Haskell Smith, author and teacher

Marisa Silver, author

Laura Simms, author, storyteller

Mike Sonksen aka Mike the PoeT, poet, professor, Los Angeles historian

Matthew Specktor, author

Margaret Steele, Reader

Janet Sternburg, writer and photographer

Deanne Stillman, author and teacher

Larry Swanson, university professor at USC

Keren Taylor, nonprofit leader, poet and teacher.

Jervey Tervalon

Beth Thielen, artist

Lynne Thompson, poet

Héctor Tobar, author and journalist*

Colm Toibin, novelist

David L. Ulin, author, editor, and teacher

Sahm Venter, author

Matias Viegener, author and professor

Alicia Vogl Saenz, poet, craftivist, museum educator

D.J. Waldie, writer

Rebecca Walker, writer

Rick Wartzman, author

Steve Wasserman, publisher and executive director, Heyday Books, former editor of the Los Angeles Times Book Review and a principal architect of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, 1997-2005

Jenny Watts, curator of photography, The Huntington Library

Jon Wiener, professor of history emeritus, UC Irvine*

Amy Wilentz, writer

Cecilia Woloch, author

Terry Wolverton, author*

Heather Woodbury, playwright

Peter Woods, publisher, Writ Large Press*

Barry Yourgrau, author

Bob Zaugh



ALOUD Attendees and Supporters  

Everyone whose name appears on these lists requested to be added after reviewing the language of the petition. Signers also designated their own affiliations.  * Members of the Library Associates are designated with an asterisk.

Veronica Abney

Terri Accomazzo, editor

Mindy Affrime, film producer*

Mary Louise Adair, reader

Jill Aguilar, citizen and appreciator*

Linda J. Albertano, spoken word artist

Pat Alderete, writer

Michael Alexander

Sharon Alexander, writer

Betsy Amster, literary agent

Gary Amdahl, writer and reader

Susan Kay Anderson, poet and reader

Juliann Anesi, educator

Betsy Annas, Reader*

Julissa Arce, writer.

Molly Arevalo, teacher and reader

Diana Arieff, professor*

Pamela Arterburn

Erica Ausman*

Glenna Avila, artist and arts administrator

Paul Baker, citizen filmmaker

Rebecca Banyas, reader

Jon Robin Baitz, playwright*

Lynn Ballen, radio producer, writer and reader

Bill Ballou

Dr. Linda Bannister, author and professor

chelle barbour, Artist and Independent Curator

Hal S. Barron, professor of history, Harvey Mudd College and Claremont Graduate University*

Susan Baskin, writer*

Colleen Dunn Bates, publisher, Prospect Park Books

Bruce Bauman, novelist, critic, teacher

Dr. Marjorie Becker, poet, innovative writer, historian, professor and reader

Jim Benning, editor and writer

Ilene Amy Berg*

Katie Bergin, Community Arts Resources, executive director

Nancy Berman*

Elise Bernhardt, NYC resident, LA visitor

Michael Biel, Associate Professor, CSUN

Cynthia Birney, author, teacher

Mary Bisbee-Beek, reader, publishing professional

James Blagden

Morgan Blair, actor, musician, writer, artist, reader

Jenna Blaustein, Reader, teacher, nurse practitioner *

Mary Bleier, teacher

Anne Block, writer, Los Angeles tour guide for 28 + years*

Mike Blockstein, principal, Public Matters

Gabriela Bohm, storyteller and reader

Sonja Bolle, reader, writer and editor

Bridget Bojorquez, Reader

Lois Bonfiglio, reader

Teresa Borden, MLAS and reader

Andrea Bowers, artist

Elya Braden, poet, artist and workshop leader*

Kathleen Brady, writer

Dorothy Braudy, artist and teacher

Lisa Brackmann, author

Wendy Braitman, enthusiastic audience member*

Gayle Brandeis, author and teacher

William Brandon III, author, managing editor

Nancy Braver, artist

Laurie Brenner, Avid reader and library patron*

Angela Brinskele, director of communications, June L Mazer Lesbian Archives

Cynthia Campoy Brophy, executive director, artworxLA

Jane Brown, sales director/publisher*

Lexi Brown, reader and writer

Cory Buckner, author, architect

Wendy Brunell, Lover of Literature

Debra Burchett, reader and researcher*

Jeffrey Burbank*

Kimberly Burns, publicist

Ginger Buswell, reader

K. Butler, writer and reader

Amy Caldwell, editor

Julia Callahan, director of sales and marketing at Rare Bird Books

Paddy Calistro, book publisher, author, and reader

Elisa Callow, founding executive director of the Armory Center for the Arts

Liz Camfiord, reader, publisher

Margo Candela, author

Christine Cano, Reader

Julia Carnahan, reader

Rocío Carlos

Cathy Carpenter, arts educator/producer

Jeffrey Case, reader

Emma Castro, reader

Carolina Caycedo, artist

Jessica Ceballos y Campbell, writer, poet, curator, advocate*

Melissa Chadburn, author professor*

Stacie Chaiken, artist

Jessica Chan, reader, teacher, student

Ruby Chavez, School Administrator

Carol Cheh, writer

W A H Chen, author, reader, library patron*

Anne Chevez, chef and reader

Mieke Chew, New Directions Publishing

Marc Chiat, artist, film maker

Hae Jung Cho, chef/culinary historian and Library Foundation member*

Carina Chocano, author and journalist

Judeth Oden Choi, author, publisher and reader

Tom Christie, editor/writer

J Chuck, Library supporter*

Erica Clark, reader and musician*

William Clark, Prof. Emeritus Immunology, UVLA

Killarney Clary, author

Wayne Clayton, member, Library Foundation*

Peter Clothier, writer

Sebastian Clough, director of exhibitions, Fowler Museum at UCLA

Nan Cohen, writer, teacher, arts administrator*

Ann Colburn, teacher

Julia Cole, reader

Bonnie Coleman

Craig Collins, photographer and writer

Cathy Colloff, reader and retired teacher

Margaret Combs-Brookes, reader

Gail Conrad, artist

Paul J. Contino, professor of Great Books, Pepperdine University

Ry Cooder, reader and musician

Kim Cooper, Esotouric

Stephen Cooper, professor of English, CSU Long Beach

Courtney Cox

Thomas Coston, nonprofit leader

Sarah Courtney, environmental scientist

J., T., and M. Planeix Crocker, artists and arts educators

Sally Cullman

George Cunnningham, teacher

John Curry, creative director

Rachel Cusk, author

Johanna Cypis, designer, writer and reader

Monika Dadej

Alona Dadiani, writer, reader, artist

Robert Daeley, reader

Chris Daley, director, Writing Workshops LA

Trinie Dalton, author, teacher

Raymond Daniels

Hillary Danner, small business owner, community advocate, artist, parent, reader

Maia Danziger, writing teacher

Carol V. Davis, author, instructor

David Davis, author-journalist-curator

Mary Evalyn Davis, aspiring poet, lover of music, avid reader

Serenna F. Day, retired librarian*

Daphne Anderson Deeds, fine art and museum consultant

Martha Deeds, reader, student

Susan Deland, reader, author, teacher, artist, patron

Beverly Denenberg, art curator, former arts commissioner

Stuart Denenberg, writer, art gallerist*

Debbie DePuy, Library Foundation member, retired, grateful, frequent ALOUD audience member

Katie Devine, reader*

Juan Devis, chief creative officer, KCET

Camille Dieterle, professor and reader

Valena Broussard Dismukes, artist and author

Ben Donenberg, artist

Laura Dotson, MFT

Katharine Dreyfuss

Janet Owen Driggs, associate professor, writer

Deborah Drooz, reader

Li Dubelman, writer*

Pati Dubroff, makeup artist

Janet Duckworth, editor and reader

Dana Berman Duff, professor

Alice Smith Duncan, writer and curator*

Heather Dundas, writer, professor

Patricia Duran, Reader

Douglas Dutton, teacher/bookseller/reader

Olga Garcia Echeverria, author and educator

Alice Echols, professor of history, USC

Suzanne Ecker, Reader, teacher, ALOUD attendee

Suzanne Edison, writer, educator

Elisabeth Adwin Edwards, actor, poet, reader

Magdalena Edwards, writer, translator, media artist

Lauren Eggert-Crowe, writer

Dan Einstein and Marsha Goodman, patrons*

Jacqueline Elam, college writing instructor

Ernestine Elster, researcher

Allison Engel, fellow, Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities*

Carolina Rivera Escamilla

Alex Espinoza, educator and writer

Jennifer Essen, former Library Foundation staff

Reanne Estrada, visual artist

Yvonne M. Estrada, poet and reader*

Hrayr Eulmessekian, visual artist, writer

Anthony Exter, reader

Eliza Factor, author

Alexis Rhone Fancher, Los Angeles poet and photographer

Carla Fantozzi, patron, colleague and fellow programmer

Anne Farrell, appreciator of art and literature

Diana Faust, owner of LA author escort company Diana Faust Media Services

Deirdre Feehan, author

Linda Feferman, reader*

Monica Fernandez, author

Lisa Fetchko, professor and writer

Barbara Feuer, reader, ALOUD member before

Courtney Fink

Natalie Firstenberg, reader*

Seth Fischer, author, editor, teacher

Judy Fiskin, artist and faculty member at CalArts

Mary Fitzpatrick, writer, reader, former LFLA member & donor, former LAPL literacy volunteer

Amanda Fletcher, writer and reader

Robert Flynt, artist and reader

Consuelo G. Flores, artist

Charles Flowers*

Dwight Flowers, Reader*

Anne Focke, author, reader, affiliate associate professor, University of Washington School of Art

Xochitl Flores-Marcial

Wendy Fontaine, writer and teacher

Graeme Fordyce, reader

Sarah S. Forth, PhD., author & reader*

R. Daniel Foster, author

Luis Fowler, Reader

Deborah Fox, Teacher*

Gina Frangello, writer

Jill Frank, reader, writer, supporter, community organizer

Donna Frazier, editor and writer

Robeson Taj Frazier, assoc. professor of communication, Univ. of Southern California

Agatha French, writer and reader

Susan Freudenheim, reader*

Norman Frisch, arts administrator

Peter Gadol, Author

Dylan Gailey, poet

Margaret Gallagher, reader

Kay Gallin

Henry Gambill, librarian

Jill Alison Ganon, author and reader

Vivian Garcia, community member

Frances Garretson, artist, teacher, reader

Patricia Geary, artist

Polly Geller, professor of writing, Art Center College of Design, poet and literary translator

Charles Gelsinger, coauthor, teacher

Gloria Gerace

Julia Gibson, author and reader*

Sandra Giedeman, writer

Laura Gillette, former director at LFLA and significantly involved in branding and establishing ALOUD's citywide identity

Sherna Berger Gluck, retired teacher/professor, author, researcher, reader*

David Glynn, artist

Rochelle Gold, educator

Betty Goldberg, reader, writer, teacher

Joan Goldfeder, reader*

Ronda Gomez-Quinones, retired,former literary agent*

Prince Gomolvilas, playwright and former assistant professor at USC

liz gonzalez, author

Maurene Goo, author

Tanya Ward Goodman, writer and reader

Angeline Goreau, writer and critic, reader

Elina Gorelik, reader

Barry Grady, exhibition scientist, artist, citizen, voter*

Jean Grant, nonprofit professional*

Sonia Greenfield

Susan Kaiser Greenland, author, educator

Barbara Greenstein, reader and writer

Pamela Grieman, editor and reader

Kio Griffith, artist, reader, curator, writer*

Becca Gross, producer and reader

Catherine Gudis, professor and public humanities scholar

George Guillen

Gilda Haas, Educator

Margarete Hahner, Painter*

Sondra Hale, professor, UCLA

Jennifer Haley, writer

Megan Hamilton, reader

Kerry Hannawell, reader*

Maya Harjo, farmer and educator

Rachel Harper, author, teacher and reader

Tobi Harper, arts administrator

Joyanne Harris, reader

Paul Harris, professor, writer, reader

Lanny Harrison, performer, teacher, poet

Mariette Hartley, reader

Steve Hasenberg

Larry Hashima, lecturer, CSULB*

Anne Hawthorne, audience member

Sharon Heath, Author

Julie Hébert, writer/director/reader*

Deborah Hede, artist

Rosalind Helfand, director of LitFest Pasadena

Kendis Heffley, reader and teacher

Chris Heiser, editor and publisher, Unnamed Press

Anne Herlihy

Judith Herman, author, retired technical editor

Gladys Hernando, Curator

Peter Hess

David Hickman, citizen

Charlotte Hildebrand, artist and longtime Library Foundation member and supporter

Jon Hofferman, writer and attendee

Selma Holo, professor USC

Bob Holman, Bowery Poetry Club

Sandi Homchick, reader

Phila Hoopes, Writer

Maryam Hosseinzadeh, arts worker

Jessica Hough, author and museum professional

Carol Howard, former teacher and reading specialist

Bruce Hoppe, author

Bonnie Hulkower, reader and former member LAPL young associates

Walt Hunter

Patricia Hurley, managing director, Light Bringer Project

Dana Hutt

Dara Hyde, literary agent in Los Angeles

Adam Hyman, Executive Director, Los Angeles Filmforum, filmmaker, reader, editor

Julia Ingalls, writer and reader

Liska Jacobs, writer, reader*

Sarah Jacobus, writer/reader/teacher*

Leigh Jacoby, reader and contributor to The Library Foundation*

Hannah Jakobsen, publisher

Natalie James, radio host and DJ

Margarita Jimenez

Carol Joerger, reader

Tricia Joerger, reader for 54 years

Dan Johnson

Marla Johnson, artist and reader

Scott T. Johnson, attorney at law

Lois P. Jones, host KPFK Radio

Barbara Joseph

Josh, author, student, teacher

Jackie Kain, producer

Lee Kagan

Erin Kaplan, writer

Sue Kaplan, publisher*

traci kato-kiriyama, writer/performer/educator

Helen Katz, Library Foundation supporter*

Lorrie Kazan, reader

Katelyn Keating, writer, editor, reader

Dawna Kemper, author

Linda Kent, producer*

Karen Kevorkian, poet, lecturer, UCLA*

Hedi El Kholti, publisher and editor, Semiotext(e)

Helen Kim, artist

Katherine C. King, author, teacher and reader

Tarabu Betserai Kirkland, writer/producer

Kaaren Kitchell, poet, writer, reader

Cheryl Klein, writer and nonprofit professional

Tom Knechtel, artist

Susanna Knittel artist, somatic educator

Kathy Kobayashi, reader, historian, author*

Lauren Kohne, artist

Mary Ann Kondro

Dennis Kortheuer, reader

Deborah Garcia Kostich, Teacher

Geralynn Krajeck, artist, library supporter*

Joan Kreiss, physician, reader, professor*

Kathryn Kroger, school librarian

Sharon Kunde, PhD, poet, singer

Roy Kushel, Reader

Raymond Kwan, artist

Olivia LaBouff, teacher, reader

Emily Lacy, artist

Tom Laichas, author

Katy Lain, writer and Los Angeles historian

Virginia Lain, writer

Sarah Lancaster

Ann R Lane, Reader

Dylan Landis, author, reader, teacher

Edward Landler, writer/filmmaker

Susan T. Landry, writer and editor

Jenny Laper, writer/editor

Sue Laris, retired owner of L.A. Downtown News

Michelle Latiolais

Thomas Lawson, artist, educator, and reader

Ellen Lazares, writer, health care practitioner

Adam Leipzig

MIchal Lemberger, author

Gary Leonard, photographer

Edan Lepucki, novelist

Jesse Lerner, author, professor

Zofia Lesinska, Head, Doheny Memorial Library, USC

Prof. Pawel Leszkowicz, Senior Fulbright Scholar at USC

Bettijane Levine, writer

Judy Levitow

Lynda A Levy, marriage and family therapist

Michael Lewis

Patti Lewis, reader and parent

Brook Danielle Lillehaugen, professor, linguist, and reader

Elline Lipkin, writer, teacher of writing, research scholar at UCLA's Center for the Study of Women

Helena Lipstadt, writer and reader

Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn, journalist-author

Albert Litewka, chairman of the board of the Los Angeles Review of Books

Ben Loory, author

M.G. Lord, writer and professor*

Beatrice R. Lopez

Christa Lorenz, development professional and library aficionado

Helen Louise, Reader. Lover of art !

Claudia Luther, friend, reader, attendee

Hilary MacGregor, writer/reader

Kathleen MacKay, reader, teacher, student, writer

Kerry Madden-Lunsford, author

Kiffen Madden-Lunsford, teacher, artist and reader

Cherie Magnus, dancer, reader and writer

Roberto Maiocchi, web designer

Natalie Mann, teacher and writer

Karineh Mahdessian

Sandra Maliga

Melody Malmberg, author and reader

Muriel Mandel, writer, reader

Sarah Manguso, writer and reader

Sharon Mann, Maker

Sara Marchant, author, teacher

Julie Markovitz, dancer and reader

Barry Markowitz, artist, teacher*

Julie Ann Marsden, educator, mother, reader and concerned citizen

Meryl Marshall-Daniels, business owner*

Adrienne Johnson Martin, editor and reader

Gerry Morgan Masteller

Marisa Matarazzo, author, Young Literati Ambassador*

Suma Mathai, reader, parent of readers

JoAnn Matyas

Kate Maruyama, writer, faculty Antioch ULA, MFA, BA

Leslie Maxson, psychologist, psychoanalyst, poet

Scott McAuley, publisher

Doug McBride, writer and father

Jim McBride, filmmaker and teacher*

Alistair McCartney, writer and teacher

Sarah McColl, author

Mary McCoy, librarian and writer

John McCormick, writer*

Cynthia McCullough, Occupational Therapy Student

Diane McDowell, retired teacher

Heather McLarty

Jeff McMahon, associate professor, School of Film, Dance and Theatre, Arizona State University. Also writer. My parents, Walter and Patricia McMahon, were donors to the library in their estate.

Amanda McRaven, reader, professor

Andrea Meller, filmmaker

Martha Melvoin, reader, photographer and interior designer

Sara Mercurio, publicist

Don Merkt, architect

Judy Melton, Reader*

Billy Mernit, writer, Universal story analyst, UCLA Ext. instructor

Anne Metcalf, writer, reader, teacher

Meldia Mesayan, director Oxy Arts

Kimberli Meyer, Reader

Walter Meyer, curator

Cathryn Michon, author

Barry Miller, psychoanalyst

D.J. Miller

Robin Mitchell

Nobuko Miyamoto, artist

William Mohr, Professor, CSU Long Beach

jill moniz, Curator

Dominique Moody, artist

Janet Moore, reader*

Rebecca Morales, artist, CEO Bloom Biological, Inc.

Hannah Moreno, Student

Barbara-White Morgan, playwright

Susan Morgan, writer and editor

Sheryn Morris, librarian, book reviewer

Annie Morrison, reader

Sabrina Lynn Motley, arts producer

Nancy Mozur, artist

Jan Munroe, actor/director/writer*

Dan Murphy, teacher and student of life

Kathleen Murphy, reader, writer*

Layne Murphy

Philip Murphy, teacher and reader

Bonnie Nadell, literary agent, business owner*

Sheila Nash, librarian and reader

James Natal, poet, Founding Director The Literary Southwest

Lori Nelson, teacher

Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, writer, reader, artist

Andrew Nicholls, writer

Rachael Nicoll

Marsha Niles, reader

Elinor Nissley, architect*

Aaron Noble, businessman

Ethan Nosowsky, Graywolf Press

Christopher Noxon, author

John David O'Brien, visual artist and educator*

Jackie O'Dell, teacher

Deirdre O'Dwyer, artist, editor, book-maker

Yadz Odedina

Christine Offutt, Reader

Bob Olodort, reader*

Laurel Ollstein

Bohdan W.Oppenheim

John Orders, retired arts program director, director, James Irvine Foundation

Gabriel Ortiz, artist

Wendy C. Ortiz, author and reader

Jane Otto, poet/author*

Jon Owyang, reader*

Laurie Owyang, author, reader*

Phoebe Ozuna, Poet, Publisher (Cahuenga Press) , Retired Teacher

Judith Pacht

Allegra Padilla, coordinator of community Programs,Occidental College

Lisa Padilla, architect and reader

Susan Page, author

Aaron Paley, president of Community Arts Resources, reader, longtime ALOUD attendee*

Jennifer Palmer

Teri Palmer, administrator, reader, ALOUD fan

Molly Parks, library assistant and reader

Jean Patterson, managing editor, Huntington Library

Susan Patron, writer and retired librarian

Karen Patterson, reader, teacher

Candace Pearson, writer*

Lisa Pearson, publisher, Siglio Press

Rob Adler Peckerar, executive director Yiddishkayt

Licia Perea, choreographer & reader

Francesca Perez, reader, teacher

Lillian Perlmutter, student and reader

Roger M. Perlmutter, M.D., scientist*

Jeralyn Peters, concerned citizen

Pamela J. Peters, artist and reader

Renee Petropoulos, professor and artist

Abbie Phillips, playwright, bookseller and reader*

Allan Phillips, child psychiatrist, reader*

Ben Lev Phillips, urban planner and reader

Gary Phillips, writer and reader

Penelope Phillips, filmmaker

Ann Pibel, poet, librarian

Elizabeth Pickens, author and audience member

Sarah Pillsbury, friend of Library because of ALOUD.

Sheila Pinkel, artist

Rabbi Robin Podolsky

Mimi Pond, author

Lylliam Posadas, museum professional and reader

Sandra Powers, filmmaker

Travis Preston, dean, School of Theater, California Institute of the Arts

Dawn Prestwich

Linda Preuss, supporter*

Cynthia Prochaska, Professor Emeritus*

Al Quattrocchi, creative director

Lori Quon, reader

Toby Rafelson, production designer, listener

Eve Rappoport, arts administrator

LeBrie Rich

Kim Richter,Getty Research Institute

Rigo 23, visual artist and teacher

Jessica Ripka, writer

Kathryn Ritchie, attorney at law*

Davia Rivka, writer

Jon Roemer, publisher, senior editor

Elizabeth Riley, VP and director of publicity, WW Norton & Co.

Parks Riley, university lecturer

Matthew H. Robb, chief curator, UCLA

BJ Robbins, literary agent

Marilyn Robertson*

Olivia Robinson, reader

Zan Romanoff, author, reader

Colleen Rooney, Ph.D.*

Jeanine Roose, Writer and Psychoanalyst

Jenna Rose, reader*

Marc Rosner, mediator, lawyer, educator, former member Young Literati

Ruth Rosner*

Rabbi John Rosove

Nina Rota, writer

Cydny Rothe, Jungian analyst, reader*

Jim Ruland, writer and reader

Maryann Russo, poet and psychotherapist

Ron Russo, reader

David St. John, poet*

Abel Salas, editor/publisher and writer*

Edahrline Salas, Nurse

Mark Salerno, Poet

Nina R. Salerno

Connie Samaras, artist, writer, professor emerita, Dept. of Art, UC Irvine*

Alan Sandler,  Reader

Cathie Sandstrom, poet, writer/editor

Cathy Sandstrom, author and reader

Scott Saul, author and professor, UC Berkeley

Van Gordon Sauter, author and reader

Mark Sarvas, author

Diana N. Savas, PhD, retired professor

Marsie Scharlatt, poet, director of art collection*

Nichole Schwab, educator and reader

Richard Schave, Esotouric

David Schneider, writer

Hope Schneider, reader

Iris Schneider, photographer, audience member

Alexander Schwada, reader

John Schwada, ex-newsman

Tima Schwada, investor and reader

Rebecca Schwartz, producer

Steven Schwartz, reader, ALOUD member

June Scott, reader

Barney Scout Mann, member and author*

Dolores Scozzesi, jazz singer

Judith Searle, Author, teacher

Susan Segal, author and teacher

Dr. Jason Sexton, editor, Boom California

Martine Shahar, reader

Nizan Shaked, CSULB

Yuval Sharon, artistic director, The Industry

Joshua Wolf Shenk, writer and editor

Jamie Blake Sher, reader & Young Literari Ambassador*

Melanie Masterton Sherazi

Susan Sheu, writer

Alice Short

Danuta Siemak

Julia Flynn Siler, author and journalist

Susan Silton, artist*

Joy Silverman, consultant, attendee of ALOUD

Carole Silverstein, artist

Tina Silvey, producer and serious reader

Julie Simon, professor, Scripps College

Buster Simpson, writer poet and visual artist, recipient of NEA awards. Based in Seattle.

Julio Sims, artist

Laura Sindell, artist, teaching artist, reader

Marion Siwek, teacher

Amy Skjonsby-Winslow, reader, ALOUD attendee

Ellen Slezak, reader

Carol Smith, 85-year civil rights attorney

Claire Bidwell Smith, author and therapist

Lindsay E. Smith, artist, CEO

Jeff Smith, creative director, artist and reader

Olivia Taylor Smith, editor and reader

Brenna Snider, reader*

Claudia Sobral, documentary filmmaker

Mahira Sobral, LA Kitchen and reader

Stephanie Solomon, artist, activist, professor

Brandi Spaethe, Lambda Literary

Bill Spater

Elizabeth Krown Spellman, reader and tutor

Stuart Spence*

Sarah Spitz, arts reporter, freelance writer

Jeff Spurrier, journalist

Jerry Sroka, author

Constance Steckel, painter, avid reader

Laurie Steelink, artist & curator

Janet Stein, reader

Xiu Ling Stein, student

Dr. Megan Stephan, lecturer, UCLA Department of English

Bill Stern, executive director, Museum of California Design

Tracey Stern

Kelly Stewart, primatologist

Melissa Stewart, film designer

Roy Stone, retired librarian and reader

Cynthia Strathmann, reader*

Susan Streitfeld, Filmmaker*

Simone Study

Anne Sullivan, lecturer at UC Riverside

Denise Sullivan, author and reader

Ann Summa, photographer and teacher

Susan Suntree

Phoef Sutton, writer

Torene Svitil, reader, writer, library patron and supporter*

Neely Swanson, writer and teacher

Michael Taeckens, literary publicist

Sarah Tamor, reader*

Gabrielle Taylor, Psychologist

Joan Taylor, writer

Lisa Teasley

Shifra Teitelbaum, EdD, educator*

Judith Teitelman, reader, writer, and ALOUD attendee since its founding*

Barbara Temkin, reader, artist, therapist

Barbara Thornburg, freelance writer, former senior Style editor, Los Angeles Times Magazine

Kip S. Thorne, Feynman professor emeritus at Caltech, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2017

Beverly Thrall, Library Foundation director of donor relations & major gifts 2000-2008

Martine Tomczyk, artist, teacher, reader

Andrew Tonkovich, editor Santa Monica Review

Carine Topal, poet/teacher

Yolanda Toscano, teacher

Joey Townsend, reader*

Michael Tracey, teacher, reader

Ivy Trent, librarian, reader, and editor

Silvana Tropea, teacher

Anna Tugnoli, teacher and reader*

Daniel Tures, retail manager and ALOUD fan

Tracy Tynan, writer/reader

Raymond Udain, real estate broker, reader and donor*

Nicholas Ullett, author, reader, actor*

Anthony Urquidi, writer/editor writer/editor

Marcela Urrutia

Amy Uyematsu, writer

Stephen van Dyck, artist, writer, and adjunct community college instructor

Stacy Valis, reader

Sherry Vatter, historian and reader

Darcy Vebber*

Lupe Vela, LFLA Sustainer and Bibliophile Society*

Pat Verducci, writer, teacher

Judith Vida-Spence, psychoanalyst, art collector, member of White People for Black Lives, passionate reader

Claudia Vizcarra

Marci Vogel, postdoctoral teaching fellow

Anya von Bremzen, writer

Diana Wagman, author*

Patricia Wakida, artist, editor, reader

Monona Wali, Writer, professor

J Michael Walker, artist and author

Melissa Wall, professor, CSUN

Amy Wallen, author

Alex Ward, architect and reader*

David Warren, library patron

Florence Weinberger, poet

Ruth Weiner, publisher and author publicist

Ruth Weisberg, artist and professor

Hilda Weiss, poet and reader

Cynthia Welden, concerned resident of LA

Carol A. Wells, founder and executive director of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Lewin Wertheimer, reader

Deborah Wesley, reader

Jan Wesley, writer/teacher

Alice West, follower of the programs

MG Wheatley

Mark Wheaton, musician

Priscilla White, reader, retired staff member, L.A. Public Library

Roger F. White

Roger White, Architect

Nina Widlund, reader

Christopher K. Wilde, artist, writer, publisher

Heidi Wilde, retired teacher and reader , supporter of local library in Madison, Wisconsin

Matty Wilder, reader

Lorraine Devon Wilke, author

P Bill Will

Patricia Williams, photographer and reader*

Stephen Williams, educator*

Andrew Winer, chair of creative writing at UC Riverside

Diane Winston, USC Annenberg, professor and writer

Thiago Winterstein, musician, music teacher

Jamie Wolf, former vice-president PEN Center USA, current PEN America board of trustees member, founding member Los Angeles Review of Books board of trustees, journalist, film producer*

Hilma Wolitzer, author

Savannah Wood, artist & reader

Diane J. Wright, author, reader, arts supporter

Erica Wrightson, writer and ALOUD goer

Neal Wrightson, elementary school principal

Richard Yarborough, teacher

Anne Yale, publisher and reader

Karen Yin, writer

Kim Young

Paul M. Young, composer

Adam Zagajewski, writer, poet

Matthew Zapruder, poet, editor, professor, essayist*

Arlene Zeichner, reader

Farley Ziegler, film producer, reader and longtime member of the LAPL and the ALOUD series*

Lori Zimmerman, ALOUD enthusiast*

Zoey Zimmerman, educator / artist

Tom Zoellner, Chapman University professor