People Power Tactics Guides

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Use these tactics and organizing guides to learn more about strategies and actions you can take  to work on your local campaigns -- whether it’s People Power’s Let People Vote campaign, Freedom Cities campaign, or any other actions related to defending civil liberties and civil rights.

Be sure to post all of your action events to the hub of our People Power organizing platform, When you post your event to the map, you create an opportunity for new people to get involved and can easily organize your existing team members to join your action. Your organizing tactics are always more effective when you show strength in numbers!

Once you have completed a tactic, always report back to People Power so we can celebrate progress and best support your group.  

Tactics Guides

Speaking Out at Public Meetings - Deliver your campaign demands to a captive audience with your elected officials and local press.

Meeting With Elected Officials or Their Staff in Person - Meet with your elected officials and make your case directly. Be persistent with getting their answer of support or otherwise.

Attending a Town Hall - Attending a public town hall organized by your elected official is one way to voice your concern around the issues that matter most to you and advocate for your campaign.

Writing Letters to Your Elected Official - Communicate your message with letters to your elected officials (or other campaign targets).

Collecting Petition Signatures - Craft a petition to convey support of your campaign and have meaningful conversations with your neighbors, faith community, friends, and family.

Letter or Petition Drop Off - Find a public, creative, media-worthy way to deliver your petitions to your elected official. Bring it to their office, and bring the press with you to witness the delivery. Be creative!

Organizing Protests and Rallies - Apply pressure to elected officials by staging a public protest well attended by community members and press.

Writing Letters to the Editor - Letters to the editor can be one of many ways to bring needed attention to your campaign..

Getting Elected Officials or Community Leaders on the Record - Work to get other elected officials or community members who may not be the decision maker on your campaign to put public pressure on the target of your campaign.

Engaging and Educating Your Community - Get out into your community by holding events or giving a short pitch to community groups to get involved.

Note: This list is by no means exhaustive. There may be other things you may want to try, such as creative visual demonstrations. If you have questions or ideas for other tactics to use, please email us at!

Please note: As a People Power activist, you don’t represent the ACLU as an organization. You represent your own causes as a concerned constituent and community stakeholder. This is critical to our strength as a movement: As you work on your Freedom Cities campaign, Let People Vote campaign, and other causes, your voices will be stronger as representatives of your community. If anyone is looking for a comment about a formal ACLU position, you can refer them to and we can contact the appropriate ACLU representative.