Cancellation Policy

If the university is operating under Adverse Weather Policy, workshops and seminars may be canceled. We will notify registered participants as soon as a decision is made, giving everyone as advanced notice as possible.

Instructor Illness

In the case that a workshop or seminar instructor is ill and a replacement instructor cannot be secured, the workshop or seminar will be canceled. We will make every effort to notify registered participants as soon as possible.

Low Enrollment

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop or seminar with three or fewer registered participants one business day (24 hours), prior to the workshop.

In the event of any of the above mentioned reasons for cancellation, registered participants will receive an email announcing that the workshop or seminar has been canceled.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns related to our workshop and seminar cancellation policies, at

Cancel Your Class Registration

To help our instructors prepare for classes, we require an accurate count of attendees. Additionally, spaces in our classes are limited and we want to ensure each seat is being held for someone who will attend. If you don’t cancel your registration in a timely manner you may not be able to register for additional classes. Therefore, we provide an easy way for registrants to cancel classes from their schedule: