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March 1, 2019

To Mr. Mark Laret, Chancellor Sam Hawgood, and Dean Talmadge King,

We are writing to you as UCSF faculty, staff, students, trainees, and alumni to express our deep concern about the UCSF affiliation with Dignity Health, particularly in light of the recent merger of Dignity Health with Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI). While Dignity Health has traditionally operated both Catholic (the majority of their hospitals) and non-Catholic hospitals, CHI hospitals and clinics are all direct Catholic ministries. These Catholic hospitals are required to follow the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Healthcare Services issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. According to the June 2018 update of these directives, Catholic health care facilities CANNOT PERMIT the following services:

Dignity Health owns some non-Catholic hospitals (e.g. St. Francis in San Francisco), but these facilities must follow the Dignity Health Statement of Common Values which does not permit use of in vitro fertilization, or the termination of pregnancy.

In addition, Catholic healthcare facilities interpret the Ethical and Religious Directives to explicitly prohibit the provision of gender affirming services (such as hormone treatment, hysterectomy, and mastectomy) for transgender people.

We believe the religious policies that govern care at Dignity and CHI hospitals are in direct conflict with key principles of UCSF and UCSF Health as follows:

Commitment to Delivery of Safe and High Quality Care: All of the premier professional organizations in Obstetrics and Gynecology have policy statements that explicitly advocate for the provision of “full spectrum” reproductive health services including contraception, abortion, and infertility services.1 These policy statements are supported by a body of evidence that demonstrates restricting reproductive health services increases morbidity and mortality overall, and furthers health inequities for low-income women, racial and ethnic minorities, and adolescents. Therefore, we believe Dignity and CHI’s care model compromises patient safety and quality of care and deepens health disparities.

Commitment to Diversity and Equity: The Dignity and CHI policy of excluding the practice of in vitro fertilization, gestational surrogacy, and sperm/ovum donors eliminates the ability of gay, lesbian, and transgender people to conceive a biologic child. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops guidance also seeks to deny transgender patients the standard of care medical and surgical management including common procedures such as hysterectomy and mastectomy. We do not believe this model of care is aligned with the UCSF value of providing equitable care to all of our patients, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Education with Evidence-Based Standard of Care Practice: The Ethical and Religious Directives prevent standard of care evidence-based practice (such as use of contraception) at Dignity and CHI Catholic hospitals. Students and trainees are drawn to UCSF because of our commitment to teaching the highest level of evidence-based practice and our reputation for full-spectrum, patient-centered care. The UCSF affiliation with Dignity/CHI compromises this education mission by: 1) allowing students and trainees to practice in a healthcare setting that cannot, by definition, adhere to standard of care practice and 2) messaging to students and trainees that UCSF supports restrictive reproductive health practices.

As the highest ranked hospital in California and a national leader in healthcare delivery, we do not believe that UCSF should condone or support the healthcare delivery model provided by Dignity Health/CHI. A UCSF affiliation provides significant financial and reputational support for Dignity/CHI that will promote the continued growth of Dignity/CHI hospitals with restrictive models of care across the United States.

As an example of reputational threat to UCSF, two recent lawsuits of discrimination have been filed against Dignity Health that were highly publicized in the lay press. The plaintiffs are:

Our affiliation with Dignity/CHI not only compromises the safety and quality of our patient care, but also threatens the integrity of our reputation as a provider of evidence-based care in an inclusive environment free of bias and discrimination.

We strongly urge you to reconsider this Dignity Health/CHI affiliation in the context of our core UCSF values that focus on patient safety, quality of care, evidence-based education and practice, and diversity and inclusion. We take PRIDE in working at UCSF and believe that this Dignity/CHI affiliation is fundamentally misaligned with our missions.


  1. Espey E, Dennis A, Landy U, The importance of access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion: a statement from women’s health professional organizations, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, January 2019.


Vanessa Jacoby, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

Daniel Grossman, Faculty, OB/Gyn&RS, ZSFG Division

Eleanor Drey, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Anirvan Chatterjee, Staff, Clinical & Translational Science Institute

Monica McLemore, Faculty, Family Health Care Nursing Department

Morgan Weidner, Staff, OBGYN

Emily Beck, Faculty, School of Nursing

Karishma Oza, Staff,

Ushma Upadhyay, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences

Rebecca Jackson, Faculty, Ob/Gyn

Kim Dau, Faculty, FHCN

Teresa Scherzer, Staff, Nursing

Brittany Chambers, Faculty, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Naomi Schapiro, Faculty, Family Health Care Nursing

Amy Gordon, Alumni, School of Medicine

Ori Tzvieli, Faculty, Family Medicine

Sara Newmann, Faculty, ObGyn

Melanie Thomas, Faculty, Psychiatry

Laura Gottlieb, Faculty, FVM

Vijay Bhandari, Alumni, Internal Medicine

Colleen McGourty, Student, School of Medicine

Eleanor Schwarz, Alumni, UC Davis, Department of Medicine

Tung Nguyen, Faculty, Medicine

Tami Rowen, Faculty, ObGyn

Margot Kushel, Faculty, Medicine

Joshua Reagan, Alumni,

Eric Vittinghoff, Faculty, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Jayme Mejia, Faculty, FHCN

Jessica Beaman, Faculty, Medicine

Alka Kanaya, Faculty, Medicine

Ruth Gebrezghi, Staff, OB/GYN

Alice Fishman, Staff, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Oksana Gologorskaya, Staff, CTSI

Alan Shindel, Faculty, Urology

George Sawaya, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Services

Melinda Bender, Faculty, Family Health Care Nursing

Calvin Chou, Faculty, Medicine

Brett Stark, Resident, fellow, or postdoc, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Margie Dere, Staff, ObGyn

Lay Kodama, Student,

Mitchell Lunn, Alumni, Department of Medicine

Benjamin Wheeler, Student, Biomedical sciences graduate division

Tracey Woodruff, Faculty, Ob/Gyn

Mark Pletcher, Faculty, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and General Internal Medicine

Raymond Hsu, Faculty, Nephrology

Gina Moreno-John, Faculty, DGIM

Julie Mak, Staff, Cancer Center

Samantha Tong, Staff, Hereditary Cancer

Ida Sim, Faculty,

Molly Cooke, Faculty, Medicine

Michael Reyes, Faculty, Family & Community Medicine

Miya Frick, Staff, Cancer Genetics

Scott Bauer, Faculty, General Internal Medicine

Senen Mendoza, Student, Graduate Division

Laureen Meier Bauer, Student, Nursing

Fion Ng, Student, Nursing

Nicholas Rubashkin, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences

Madeline Mann, Staff, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Diana Laird, Faculty, ObGyn

Nikki Goldberg, Staff, Oral Surgery, Dental Center

Isabel Allen, Faculty, Epidemiology/Biostatistics

Robin Lee, Staff, Cancer Genetics

Laura Andersen, Staff, UDAR

Roberto Diaz, Student, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Leslie Yuan, Staff, CTSI

Clarissa Kripke, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Desiree Stanley, Staff, Cancer Genetics and Prevention

Jessica Peck, Staff,

Elaine Hsiang, Student, School of Medicine

Katharine Mellman, Student, Cell and Tissue Biology

Madelaine Faulkner, Staff, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Crissa Williams, Staff, UDAR

Liana Smolich, Staff, Cancer Center

Alexander Bell, Student, SOM

Micah Lubensky, Staff, Community Health Systems, School of Nursing

Kearney Coghlan, Staff, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Ariel Kauss, Student, Biomedical Sciences

Joshua Cole, Student, School of Medicine

Leah Karliner, Faculty, Medicine

Lauren Whitehurst, Resident, fellow, or postdoc, Psychiatry

Anna Lipkin, Student, Graduate Division

Megan Kumar, Staff, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Mia Williams, Faculty, Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine

Tess Veuthey, Student, Neuroscience

Kevin Keys, Resident, fellow, or postdoc, Medicine

John Nicoludis, Resident, fellow, or postdoc, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Lisa Schoonerman, Staff, CTSI

Jennifer Kerns, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Adair Borges, Student, Graduate Division

Jody Steinauer, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Katie Woodruff, Asst Researcher, Dept of OB/Gyn & ReproSciences

Amy (Meg) Autry, Faculty, obstetrics and gynecology

Misa Perron-Burdick, Faculty, ZSFG Division

Sam Mann, Postdoc, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Kyle Fowler, Student, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Brittany Tadwilliams, Staff, OB/ Gyn

Ava Yap, Resident, Surgery

Pamela Peters, Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Jason Flatt, Faculty, Institute for Health & Aging

Aileen Andrade, Staff, Department of OB/GYN & RS

Sima Porten, Faculty, Urology

Mark Wilcox, Resident, OB/GYN

Yi Cai, Resident, Otolaryngology

Nicholas Elder, Student, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

Synthia Mellon, Faculty, Department of Ob, Gyn & Repro. Sci.

Bennett Lareau-Meredith, Staff, OBGYN

Melissa Rosenstein, Faculty, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

Julie French, Staff, OB/GYN

Diana Foster, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Corinne Rocca, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

Katrina Kimport, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Rebecca Newmark, Student, School of Medicine

Nicole Bloom, Staff, OBGYN & RS, Bixby

Monika Izano, Postdoc, OB\Gyn & RS

Jason Flatt, Faculty, Institute for Health & Aging

Hilary Bunlert, Staff, Ob Gyn & RS

Kara Myers, Faculty, OBGYN

Molly Kirsch, Staff, Ob/Gyn & R.S.

Neda Ratanawongsa, Faculty, MEDICINE

Aaron Louie, Student, School of Medicine

Carol Gross, Faculty, Cell and Tissue Biology/Microbiology and immunology

Deborah Anderson, Faculty, OB/GYN/RS

Eric Vance, Staff, TEP

Michael Murphy, Staff, School of Medicine Admissions Office

Alfonso Pacheco, Staff, Psychiatry

Kay Wallis, Staff, Medicine

Laura Wong, Resident, Plastic Surgery

Blair McNamara, Resident, OBGYN

Katherine Ehrenreich, Staff, OBGYN

Maureen Kohi, Faculty, Interventional Radiology

Claire Herrick, Resident, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Sarah Lisker, Staff, Medicine

Alina Kung, Student, School of Medicine

Amanda Rodriguez, Staff, Department of General Internal Medicine

Jessica Ainsworth, Staff, DGIM

Allison Savage, Staff, Medical Education

Felisa Preskill, Staff, Ob, Gyn, and RS

Leslie Kleinberg, Staff, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost

Barton Shulman, Staff, Psychiatry

Finley Baba, Staff, OB/GYN - Bixby

Kelly Kiser, Staff, DGIM-ZSFG

Matt Cooperberg, Faculty, Urology

Nancy Berglas, Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences

Adrienne Lovelund, Psy.D., Staff, Department of Psychiatry

Cynthia Harper, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences - ZSFG

Marika Russell, Faculty, Otolaryngology

Ryan Kohlbrenner, Faculty, Interventional Radiology

Anupama Cemballi, Staff, Center for Vulnerable Populations & DGIM

Megan Swanson, Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology

Sarah Corr, Staff, Neurology

Erin DeMicco, Staff, MFM

Kanade Shinkai, Faculty, Dermatology

Huong Kratochvil, Postdoc, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Kristina Rosbe, Faculty, Otolaryngology

Lucy Brennan, Postdoc, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Clare Cook, Staff, ANSIRH, Bixby, ZSFG

Jennifer Thomas, Staff, Medicine

Tamra Groode, Alumni, FNP

Jami Rothman, Fellow, Surgery

Laura Pliska, Staff, OBGYN

George Louis, Staff, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Aolin Wang, Postdoc, Obgyn

Roberto Vargas, Staff, Family and Community Medicine

Rosie Lawrence-Pine, Student, FHCN

Sara Daniel, Staff, OB/GYN & RS

Courtney Cooper, Staff, OB/GYN and RS

Kate Swanson, Fellow, Maternal Fetal Medicine and Medical Genetics

Jeannie Fong, Staff, Medicine

Lynn Harvey, Staff, Ob/Gyn & RS

Katherine Lupton, Faculty, Medicine

M. Antonia BIGGS, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, and ANSIRH program

Cynthia Rohrer, Staff, OB/GYN

Laura Ishkanian, Staff, Campus Life Services

Ana Delgado, Faculty, OBGYN

Marisa McFarlane, Staff, Neurosurgery

Susan Kegeles, Faculty, Medicine/Division of Prevention Science

Purba Chatterjee, Staff, Dept of Ob/Gyn

Erin Morrow, Faculty, Psychiatry

Leena Yin, Student, UCSF School of Medicine

James Rouse Iniguez, Alumni, School of Nursing

Matt Trojnar, Staff, Medical Education

Haley Davies, Student, School of Nursing

Peggy Ghertner, Staff, Institute for Global Health Sciences

Patricia Loftus, Faculty, OHNS

Martin Kampmann, Faculty, Biochemistry & Biophysics

Emily Arnold, Faculty, Medicine

Anna Feiss, Student, SOM

Karen Shuster, Staff, Institute for Human Genetics

John Hamiga, Staff, Department of Medicine

Margot Pierluissi, Student, School of Medicine

Diamond Goodwin, Resident, Obgyn

Kaitlyn Morrison, Staff, Ob-Gyn

Amelia Alonis, Curry International Tuberculosis Center

maggie burtch, Student, nursing

Jeffrey Wong, Staff, Medicine

Joanna Mandell, Faculty, Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program

Alexandra Watts, Student, school of nursing

John Swartzberg, Faculty, Medicine

Nazineen Kandahari, Student, Joint Medical Program

Soraya Azari, Faculty, internal medicine

Helen Horvath, Faculty, Dept. of Community Health Systems, School of Nursing

Lilly Chavez, Student, Nursing

janet perlman, Faculty, pediatrics

Christine Henneberg, Alumni, Medical School

Kimberly Kirkwood, Faculty, Surgery

Regan Watson, Student, Nurse-Midwifery / WHNP

Cynthia Gutierrez, Staff, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH)

Jessica Kim, Resident, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Mary Beth Blasnek, Staff, Ob-Gyn

Susan Ivey, Faculty, UCB-UCSF JMP

Rachel Bigley, Student, Medicine

Florence Chien, Student, FHCN

Joanne Gras, Faculty, Mission Bay Ob/Gyn Hospitalist

Gabriele Bergers, Faculty, Neurosurgery

Carey Eberle, Faculty, JMP and VCF in Lab Medicine

Megan Harada, Student, School of Medicine

Phoebe Miller, Student, Joint Medical Program

Sarah Benckart, Student, School of Nursing

Eliza Chin, Faculty, Volunteer Faculty

Sara Hartley, Faculty, Jmp

Aditya Anand, Student, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Nancy Wu, Staff, Cardiology

Biftu Mengesha, Faculty, ZSFG OBGYN

Raeni Miller, Staff, Medicine at ZSFG

carole Joffe, Faculty, Ob/gyn and reproductive sciences

Karen Meckstroth, Faculty, Obstetrics, gynecology and R.S.

Michaela Lambert, Student, School of Nursing, Midwifery

Michael Policar, MD, MPH, Faculty, Ob Gyn and Roproductive Sciences

Nikolas Block, Student, Medicine

Jennifer Seuferer, Staff, HDFC Cancer Center

Stephannie Furtak, Student, Nursing

Wandralee Lindtzie, Staff, Compliance

Mar Schupp, Student, SON

Dilys Walker, Faculty, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Danielle Cambier, Staff, Campus Life Services

Scott Swartz, Student, JMP

Alison El Ayadi, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Alejandra de Alba Campomanes, Faculty, Ophthalmology

Brandi Moretz, Staff, Division of Medicine

Sonaz Safari, Student, School of Nursing

Laura Sanchez, Student, Nursing

Manu Venkat, Student, SOM

Michael Reitman, Student, Neuroscience

Janelle Silvis, Student, School of nursing

kevin weil, Staff, Human Resources

Julie Hoxie, Staff, OBGYN

Meagan Morse, Student, CNM/WHNP

Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, Alumni, medicine

Janet Myers, Faculty, Medicine

Shelby Bowman, Resident, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

Yvette Cuca Bromberger, School of Nursing

Marguerita Lightfoot, Faculty, Medicine

Maria Jaime, Student, iPQB

Ben Mansky, Student, Graduate Division

Sharon Rose, Staff, School of Nursing

Mayra Lizzette Yniguez, Student, Nursing

Isabella Ventura, Student, School of Nursing

Anna Leddy, Postdoc, Division of Prevention Science, Department of Medicine

Shoko Odani, Student, School of Nursing

Jena Desai, Staff, Medicine

Sophia Zamudio-Haas, Division of Prevention Science

Daryl Mangosing, Staff, Prevention Science

Glenda Baguso, Postdoc, Center for AIDS Preventions Studies

Naomi Stotland, Faculty, OBGYN

Jack Whiteford, Staff, Medicine - Prevention Science

Maggie Lam, Staff, Division of Prevention Sciences

Elizabeth Sinclair, Staff, EVCP

Elissa Epel, Faculty, Psychiatry

Sarah Calkins, Faculty, Pathology

Elisabeth Bourdeau Duke, Division of Prevention Science

Jennifer Karlin, Fellow, Family and Community Medicine

Rachel Schenkel, Student, School of Medicine

Irene Merry, Staff, EVCP

Monique Biega, Student, SON

Nicholas Polizzi, Postdoc, Pharm Chem

Rachel Percelay, Student, School of Medicine

Kewchang Lee, Faculty, Psychiatry

Leah Kelley, Faculty, Volunteer clinical faculty, OB/Gyn

Mallory Johnson, Faculty, Medicine

Mitch Rassner, Staff, Medicine - Prevention Science

Jan Grandi, Student, Medicine

Dana Kennedy, Student, Tetrad

Joshua Norman, Student, SOM

Pooja Lalchandani, Student, Medicine

Isabel Lee, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Danielle Vazquez, Student, Medical school

Lam-Kiu Fong, Postdoc, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Denise Connor, Faculty, Medicine

Julie Lindow, Staff, Ob-Gyn

Jazzmin Williams, Student, School of Medicine

Sophie McAllister, Student, Medicine

Xavier Erguera, Staff, Division of Prevention Science

Karen Coughlan, Staff, Ob/Gyn

Benjamin Zovod, Staff, Medicine

Sheri Lippman, Faculty, Medicine

Talita Oseguera, Student, UCSF School of Nursing

Joseph Mellen, Student, School of Medicine

Michael Olvera, Student, Medicine

Kirsten Voss, Faculty, OB/Gyn

Margarita Cobian, Staff, Ob, Gyn & RS

Elissa Fink, Student, Biophysics

Simon Ma, Student, School of Medicine

Dominika Seidman, Faculty, Obgyn

Jhoanne Bautista, Resident, General Surgery

Catherine Rivas, Staff, Department of Medicine

Marina Forte, Student, Nursing

Liz Donnelly, Alumni, Alumni & Volunteer Clinical Facility in Midwifery

Rebekah Novak, Student, Nursing

Katheryn Koenemann, Staff, Obgyn

Rosalyn Plotzker, Fellow, OB/Gyn

Ruwani Ekanayake, Staff, Ob Gyn & RS - Bixby

Kristin Simonson, Staff, Ob-Gyn & RS-ZFGH

Chloe Cattle, Student, Medicine

Jackie Castellanos, Student, UCSF Medical School

Shana Hughes, Division of Prevention Science

Maurisa Saylor, Student, Graduate division

Molly Altman, Alumni, Family Health Care Nursing

Meredith Appelbaum, Staff, School of Nursing

Katherine Brown, Fellow, ZSFG

Karen Lopez-Acero, Student, SON midwifery

Sara Whetstone, Faculty, OB/GYN

Alicia Fernandez, Faculty, Internal Medicine

Gato Gourley, Staff, Medicine/General Internal Medicine

Daniel Freimer, Student, Medicine

May Nguyen, Student, School of Medicine

Denisse Porter, Student, School of Nursing

Rebecca Small, Student, Nursing

Suya Colorado-Caldwell, Staff, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Judy Hahn, Faculty, HIV, ID, Global Health

Mina Lee, Staff, HDFCCC

Mari Collings, Staff, Department of Medicine

Xavier Cortez, Student, School of Medicine

Mi-Suk Kang Dufour, Faculty, Prevention Science

Kelsey Liu, Student, School of Medicine

Ann Chang, Staff, OBGYN

Henry Ng, Student, Tetrad PhD Program

Nina Clark, Student, School of Medicine

Francis Wright, Student, Medical School

Mylo Schaaf, Faculty, DGIM

Antonio Westphalen, Faculty, Radiology

Natalie Whitis, Student, Graduate School

Katherine Julian, Faculty, Division of General Internal Medicine

Jo Cummins, Staff, SOM

Andrew Bindman, Faculty, Medicine

Marya Zlatnik, Faculty, OBGYN

Patricia Mejia, Staff, Family and Community medicine

Gary Richmond, Student, Nursing

May Nguyen, Student, School of Medicine

Britt-Marie Ljung, Faculty, Pathology

Christina Mangurian, Faculty, Psychiatry

Margaret Wheeler, Faculty, ZSFG DGIM

Jenny Man, Staff, OBGYN

Lily Barnard, Student, School of Medicine

Julia Heunis, Student, SOM

Miriam Silverman, Staff, Psychiatry

Maya Blum, Staff, Ob-Gyn

Christian Leiva, Staff, Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Rana Barar, Staff, OB/GYN

Rachael Renton, Student, School of Nursing

Liana Crosby, Staff, School of Pharmacy

Carol Camlin, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Siobhan Hayes, Staff, Ob/Gyn

Sam Cohen, Alumni, SOM

Wendy Hussey, Staff, Ob/Gyn

Larry Rand, Faculty, OB GYN

Karen Gee, Staff, School of Pharmacy, Dean's Office

Alison Maxwell, Student, Chemistry

Christina Schmidt, Student, School of Medicine

Daniel Barrero, Student, Biophysics

Katrina Grace Sadang, Student, School of Medicine

Heather Huddleston, Faculty, REI

Iris Young, Postdoc, Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences

Jessica Fields, Staff, Center for Vulnerable Populations

Rosalyn Schroeder, Staff, OBGYN

Andrea Raider, Staff, OB/GYN

Asmara Gebre, Faculty, OBGYN

Nicole Boyd, Staff, Division of Geriatrics

Iva Petrovchich, Student, Nursing

Kira Poskanzer, Faculty, Biochemistry

Rebecca Brown, Staff, Graduate Division

Sarah Garrett, Staff, Geriatrics

Krista Harrison, Faculty, Geriatrics

Mariel dela Paz, Staff, Pediatric Social Work

Robert V. Brody, Faculty, General Internal Medicine

Maria Castro, Student, School of Medicine

Katherine Williams, Staff, GIM

Sharada Narayan, Student, School of Medicine

Maggie Putman, Staff, UDAR

Charlotte Williams, Staff, Fitness & Recreation

Sarah Roberts, Faculty, Ob/Gyn & RS

Caroline Hill, Staff, Social Work

Heather Briacoe, Faculty, Pediatrics

Stephen Cutie, Student, Bioengineering

Arthur Charles-Orszag, Postdoc, Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology

Monica Mapa, Staff, Campus Life Services

Micah Katz, Student, School of Medicine

Madeleine Dreyfus, Staff, Social work

David Scarbeary-Simmons, Staff, Controller's Office

Natalie Kucirek, Student, School of Medicine

Carrie Kretsch , Student, School of Nursing

Adin Vaewsorn, Student, School of Nursing (MEPN)

Eduardo Garcia, Resident, OBGYN

Mitzi Hawkins, Fellow, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Mei-Lani Bixby, Staff, OBGYN

Leslie Dubbin, Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Patrice Sutton, Faculty, OBGYN & Reproductive Sciences

Livia Ondi, Staff, Psychiatry

Jessica Hawkins, Staff, Pediatrics

Peggy O'Grady, Staff, Social Work

Kate Berry-Millett, Student, SON

Sarah McNeil, Faculty, Family Medicine

Amy Dickeson , Student, School of Nursing - PNP

Ashli Butler, Student, Nursing

Julia Burns, Student, FNP

Melissa Ramirez-Medina, Student, Department of Community Health Systems

Briana Fay, Staff, L&D/Birth Center

Miranda Dunlop, Faculty, DGIM

Norma Jo Waxman, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Laura Sullivan, Student, nursing

Meshell Johnson, Faculty, Medicine

Ashley  Mason, Faculty, Medicine

Patricia Robertson, Faculty, Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Sarah Summerville, Faculty, Medicine

Mitchell Braun, Student, Medicine

Haley Naik, Faculty, Dermatology

David Huang, Resident, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Victoria Tang, Faculty, Geriatrics

Michael Thompson, Postdoc, Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences

Sohil Sud, Faculty, Pediatrics

Alison Jacoby, Faculty, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Annemarie Stone, Student, Nursing

Anjali Asrani, Student, School of Nursing

Rita Hamad, Faculty, FCM

Shirley Yuen, Staff, Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Molly Heublein, Faculty, DGIM

Carolyn Hendrickson, Faculty, Pulmonary and critical care medicine

Jessica Kung, Student, Nursing

Anna Meyer, Faculty, Otolaryngology

Doug Bauer, Faculty, DGIM

Alexy Andrade, Student, School of Nursing

Meaghan  Lauf, Student, Nursing

Fiona Ng, Student, School of Medicine

Elissa Serapio, Fellow, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

Cynthia Belew, Faculty, School of Nursing

Maya Kotas, Fellow, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Brenda Nunez-Garcia, Staff, Surgery

Rebekah Wheeler, Faculty, Midwifery/Nursing

Jose Cortez, Student, School of Medicine

Diane Scarlet, ZSFG Critical Care

Helen Walker, Student, Nursing

Anna Kata, Fellow, Geriatrics

Tiffany Tran, Staff, Pulmonary & Critical Care

Shoshana Zha, Fellow, Pulmonary/critical care

Anjana Sharma, Faculty, Family & Community Medicine

Nuriya Robinson, Alumni, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Rebcca Sudore, Faculty, Medicine, Division of Geriatrics

Amy Whittle, Faculty, Pediatrics

Emilia Patrick, Student, Nursing

Elizabeth Dzeng, Faculty, Medicine

Anne Alexander, Staff, Nutrition and Food Service

Alison  Davis, Student, Nursing

Carolyn Lefkowits, Alumni, Ob/Gyn

Andrea Kuster, Faculty, Family Health Care Nursing

Allison Frank, Student, School of Nursing

Tamara Nelson, Student, School of Nursing

Parya Saberi, Faculty, Medicine

Nita Godhwani, Alumni, OBGYN residency and UCSF medical school

Neeta Thakur, Faculty, Medicine

Laurie Jurkiewicz, Faculty, Ob/Gyn

Anthony Nardone, Student, JMP

Lisa Schaaf, Student, Nursing

Elena Gates, Faculty, OBGYN and RS

Kimberly Anderson, Student, Nursing

Kala Mehta, Faculty, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Frank Molina, Student, School of Nursing

Mary Whooley, Faculty, Medicine

T. Richard Parenteau, Resident, Internal Medicine

Lauren Yannucci, Student, School of nursing

Lisa Shwartz, Student, School of Nursing

Francis Harrison, Student, School of Medicine

Natalia Leva, Resident, Urology

Anna Grandis, Student, School of Medicine

Megan Orlando, Resident, Obstetrics & Gynecology

James Fraser, Faculty, BTS

Shirley Hoang, Student, School of Nursing

Amanda Williams, Alumni, OBGYN

Christopher Ahlbach, Student, School of Medicine

Paige Bracci, Faculty, Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Rachel Ekaireb, Student, Medicine

Carolina Ornelas, Student, School of Medicine

Caranina  Palomino , Student, Nursing

Tara Apriletti, Student, School of Nursing

Anna Wilcoxon, Staff, Nursing staff/masters student

Emma Botta, Staff, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies

Carolyn Chu, Faculty, DFCM

sivan  sadeh, Student, MEPN

Tammy Leung, Student, Community Health

Tara Brantley, Resident, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Bernadette Lim, Student, UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program

Alison Hawthorne, Staff, OB/GYN

Miriam Muscarella, Student, School of Medicine

Megan Grant, Student, School of Nursing

Laura Esserman, Faculty, Surgery

Elaine Lee, Resident, Family and Community Medicine

Tessa Rubin, Student, School of Nursing

Eve Zaritsky, Alumni, volunteer clinical faculty obgyn

Susan Meffert, Faculty, Psychiatry

Margaret Lin, Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Dina Wallin, Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Meyeon Park, Faculty, Medicine / Nephrology

Dianna Ng, Faculty, Pathology

Jocelyn  Ho, Student, Nursing FNP

Pallabi Sanyal-Dey, Faculty, Division of Hospital Medicine

Jennifer Grandis, Faculty, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Naomi Bardach, Faculty, Pediatrics

Tor Neilands, Faculty, Medicine/Prevention Science

Yolanda Tinajero, Resident, ObGyn

Margaret Gilbreth, Faculty, Pediatrics

Laura Fejerman, Faculty, DGIM

Christine Blauvelt , Resident, OB/GYN

Susan Fisher-Owens, Faculty, Pediatrics

Ellen  Laves, Faculty, pediatrics

Deborah Gallegos, Student, SON

Alissa Peterson, Faculty, Psychiatry

Zoë Julian, Resident, OB/GYN & RS

Emilia De Marchis, Fellow, Family & Community Medicine

anne Stey, Fellow, Surgery

Madhu Rao, Faculty, Endocrinology

Nancy Milliken, Faculty, National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, ObGynRS

Deena Mallareddy, Faculty, Family Health Care Nursing

madhulika varma, Faculty, Surgery

Jeff Kohlwes, Faculty, DGIM

Katherine Malcolm, Resident, Internal medicine

Chia-ching Wang, Faculty, Medicine

Patrick Azcarate, Resident, Internal Medicine

Naomi Jay, Staff, Medicine

Anita Hargrave, Resident, Internal Medicine

Akshai Subramanian, Resident, Internal medicine

TJ Nguyen, Resident, Medicine

Claire DeBolt, Resident, Internal Medicine

Elizabeth Adler, Resident, Internal medicine

Elizabeth Adler, Resident, Internal medicine

Tonya Chaffee, MD, MPH, Faculty, Pediatrics

Chantal Davis, Student, Nursing-MEPN Midwifery

Laura Norrell, Alumni, OB/GYN Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Molly Siegel, Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Anoop Muniyappa, Resident, Internal Medicine

Rachel  Willey, Student, School of Nursing

Manoj Maddali, Resident, Internal medicine

Anne Rohlfing, Resident, Medicine

Rebecca Schwartz, Resident, OBGYN

Lisa Mihaly, Faculty, School of Nursing

Carmen Liang, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Carolina Noya, Faculty, Nursing/FHC

Paul Marano, Resident, Internal Medicine

James Dilley, Faculty, Psychiatry

Emily Cronbach, Alumni, Ob/Gyn

Jason Rosenbury, Staff, Pediatric Social Work

Sarah Goglin, Faculty, Medicine

Sydney Meckler, PNP, DNP Pediatric orthopaedic Surgery

Ravinder Brar, Faculty, Orthopaedic Surgery

Nisha Acharya, Faculty, Ophthalmology

Vilma Reyes, Faculty, Psychiatry

Alic Wilson, None of the above, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Chandra Ippen, Staff, Psychiatry

jean luke campos, Student, Graduate Division

Mollie Hudson, Student, School of Nursing

Tushani Illangasekare, Faculty, OBGYN

J. Michael Berry-Lawhorn, Faculty, Medicine/Hematology and Oncology

Nancy Compton, Staff, Psychiatry

Diana  Tobler, Resident, Internal Medicine

Howard (Wayne) Weeks, Staff, Pulmonary Function

Tiffany Raffino, Staff, Pediatric Pulmonary

Kayla Karvonen, Resident, Pediatrics

Morgan Cheeks, Student, School of Medicine

Dominique  Legnitto, Staff, CAPS

Molly Belinski, Staff, CTSI

Kayla Karvonen, Resident, Pediatrics

Anda Kuo, Faculty, Pediatrics

Lila Sheira, Staff, SOM, Division of HIV, ID, and Global Medicine

Diane Scarlet, None of the above, ZSFG

Gabrielle Westergren, Faculty, OB GYN

Gary Venegas, Staff, Children's Heath Center

Tiffany Lee, Staff, OBGYN and Reproductive Sciences

Edward Cruz, Faculty, Pediatrics

Julie Frank, Staff, Cancer Center

Jordyn Smith, Student, School of Nursing

Abigail  Gutmann-Gonzalez, Staff, School of Medicine

Sydney Pietrzak, Staff, Development

Angie Wootton, Staff, Medicine

Erin Schwartz, Staff, Cancer Center

Brian Turner, Staff, Schoole of Medicine

Molly Silvestrini, Staff, Geriatrics

Ruby Warnock, Staff, CTSI

Jennifer Babik, Faculty, Medicine

Judy Daniel, Staff, Web Services, IT

Sarah Ngo, Staff, DOM, Division of Geriatrics

Isaura Figueroa , Staff, Hellen Diller Cancer Center

Reina Gonzalez, Staff, Medicine, infectious diseases

Belen Rogowski, Staff, Psychiatry

Rachel Hartshorn, Alumni, OB-GYN

Lara Coffin, Staff, Division of Prevention Sciences

Michalle Ramirez-McLaughlin, Faculty, Family health care nursing

Sanithia Williams, Fellow, OBGYN

Ezekiel Adigun, Student, School of Medicine

Jessica Marques, Alumni, FNP Program

Annette Rodriguez, Staff, Geriatrics

Molly Koren, Faculty, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Matthew Meyers, Fellow, Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Duane Quintana, Staff, Department of Medicine - Infectious Disease

Alissa Perrucci, Staff, Ob Gyn and RS

Nicole  Rigler , Staff, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences

Mark Segal, Faculty, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Kyle Lopez, Student, Biophysics and Biochemistry

Margaret Stafford, Faculty, School of medicine, dept of family and community medicine

Michael Grabe, Faculty, CVRI/Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Stephen Floor, Faculty, Cell and Tissue Biology

Benjamin Barad, Student, BTS

DK Haas, Staff, Psychiatry

Arun Wiita, Faculty, Laboratory Medicine

Veronika Mesheriakova, Faculty, Dpediatrics, Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Adam Melgoza, Student, Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences

Lakshmi Miller-Vedam, Student, Biochemistry & Biophysics

Patricia McDaniel, Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Liilian Kenner, Student, Biochemistry

Aviva Fields, None of the above, Spouse of Dept of Surgery staff

Dorit Ron, Faculty, Neurology

Miriam Goldman, Student, iPQB

Viktoriya Berdan, Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

alan paciorek, Staff, DEB

Michael Trujillo, Postdoc, Psychiatry

Jennifer Lucero , Faculty, Obstetric Anesthesia

Helen Weng, Faculty, Psychiatry

Alexander Fields, Staff, Surgery

Jennifer McElroy, Staff, ObGyn and RS


Jason Kauffman, Faculty, Infectious Diseases

Jeffrey Tice, Faculty, Medicine

Maurisa Saylor, Student, Biomedical Informatics

Ann Chu, Faculty, Psychiatry

Rita Bagnulo, None of the above,  N/A

Sourav Bandyopadhyay, Faculty, Medicine

Brian Block, Fellow, Medicine

Jessica Manning, Staff, Pediatric Social Work

Maryjo Sampang, Staff, Hematology and Oncology

M. Yoshio Boris, Faculty, Laboratory Medicine

Maike Roth, Staff, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Lisa Hail, Faculty, Psychiatry

Ian Seiple, Faculty, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Gary Grossman, Faculty, Psychiatry

Vanessa  Stefanelli, Staff, pediatric social work

Andrea Shah, Alumni, UCSF School of Nursing

Sara Isaacs, Staff, Social Work

Lee Lemus Hufstedler, Student, School of Medicine

Valentina Zavala, Postdoc, Medicine

Lucas Smith, Student, Anatomy

Barclay Stone, Staff, Psychiatry

Ignacio Ibanez, Postdoc, Neurology

Sarah Peterson, Student, School of Medicine

Sarah McCoy-Harms, Staff, Department of ObGyn & RS

Chelsea Garnett, Fellow, Adolescent Medicine

Shannon Satterwhite, Student, School of Medicine

Portia Morris, Staff, Family & Community Medicine

Caitlin Turner, None of the above, N/A

Jasmine Wong, Faculty, Surgery

Jennifer Mo, Staff, Pediatric Specialties

Chau Tai, Faculty, Surgery

Katherine Forster, Staff, Surgery

David Simpson, Postdoc, Pediatrics

Rachel Tenney, Student, Medicine

Cheryl Ewing, Faculty, Surgery

Arianna Cassidy, Resident, OBGYN

Hani Goodarzi, Faculty, Biochemistry & Biophysics

Miguel Millares Chavez, Student, School of Medicine

Nichole Young-Lin, Alumni, Obgyn

Adriana Taranta, Staff, UCSF psychiatry

Lauren Phinney, Student, SOM

Douglas Wassarman, Student, Graduate Division

Kathleen Praxedes, Staff, Pediatric Social Work

Daniella Cordero, Student, SOM

Rachel  Kaplan, Faculty, Ob/Gyn & Repro Sciences

Sarah Goldin, Staff, Breast Care Center

David  Sgard, Faculty, Biochemistry & Biophysics

Kate Nolan, Staff, Human Research Protection Program

Sueann Mark, Staff, Radiology - Breast Imaging

Andrew Liao, None of the above, Institute of Health Policy Studies

Ronald Balassanian, MD, Faculty, Pathology, FNA Biopsy, Breast Pathology

Michael Youn, Student, students affiliated with the institute of Health Policy

Clement Donahue, Faculty, Pediatrics

Monica Stretten, Student, School of Medicine

Brian Huang, Staff, Surgery

Bennett Kissel, Student, MS2

Jackson Runte, Student, School of Medicine

Troy Cascia, Staff, Audiology

Mara Olson, Student, School of Medicine

George Hartoularos, Student, Graduate Division

Kell Fahrner-Scott, Staff, Surgery

Selena Rice, Staff, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Shelley  Stratford, Staff, Breast Surgery

tretha stroughter, None of the above, 6m

Thaddeus Mully, Faculty, Pathology

Ann Griffin, Staff, Cancer Registry

John Hawkins, Student, Microbiology

Donna Eckstein, Fellow, Radiology

Kevin Knopf, Faculty, Internal Medicine

Tiffany Lwin, Student, Institute of Health Policy Studies

Shawn Douglas, Faculty, Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology

Luke Bonser, Staff, Medicine

Anne Reinert, Staff, Cancer Center

Lior Shtayer, Staff, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Allison Arnold, Faculty, Psychiatry

Noemi Plaza, Student, medical school

Isabel Ostrer, Student, School of Medicine

Jonah Donnenfield, Staff, Surgery

Madeline Matthys, Staff, Surgery

Kimmy Chela, Faculty, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Lindsey Bruett, Faculty, Psychiatry

Sarah Forsberg, Faculty, Psychiatry

Samuel Thompson, Student, Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences

Julie Schallhorn, Faculty, Ophthalmology

Eleni Greenwood, Fellow, OBGYN

Kevin Lou, Student, Graduate Division

Evelyn Mok-Lin, Faculty, Ob/gyn, reproductive endocrinology and Infertility

Laura Lazar, Staff, FCM

Shira Rutman, Staff, IHPS

margaret Handley, Faculty, Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Medicine, ZSFGH

Pureshka Panicker , Staff, OBGYN

Beth Phillips, Staff, Institute of Global Health Sciences

Kimberly Coleman-Phox, Staff, Ob-Gyn and Reproductive Sciences

Marika Stanford-Moore, Staff, ob-gyn

Haley Kerr, None of the above, None

Yeyi Zhu, Faculty, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Jennifer Dunn, Faculty, School of Nursing

Maricar Tabios, Staff, Pediatric Social Work

Avivah  McPherson, Postdoc, Psychiatry

Helena Record, Student, UCSF School of Medicine

Sarah  Schaeffer, Faculty, Hospital Medicine

Julia  Baghai, Staff, UCSF Ped Endocrinology and Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic

Johanna Jetton, Alumni, School of Nursing- Midwifery

Kimberly Baltzell, Faculty, SON Dept of Family Health Care Nursing

Nancy Beam, Alumni, School of Nursing

Cassandra Williams, Staff, ICN

Maria Ramos Bracamontes, Alumni, WHNP/CNM Program

Kitty Ha, None of the above, SFDPH

Jonathan Fuchs, Faculty, Medicine

Selina Lao, Staff, OBGYN

Miranda Brillante, Staff, FCM

Adi Afek, Alumni, School of Nursing

Bette Flushman, Staff, UCSFCHO NICU

Aric Prather, Faculty, Psychiatry

Signy  Toquinto, Alumni, UCSF SON CNM/WHNP Program

Rebecca Martinez, Staff, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Megan Scott, Staff, Heme/onc

Tricia Cerone, Staff, FCM

Rebecca Kriz, Staff, PTBi

Gladys Vilchez, Staff, ICAP

Jules Sherman, None of the above, collaborator

Nisha Parikh, Faculty, Medicine

Rita Wasley, Staff, B/GYN & RS, PTBi-CA

Dawn Gano, Faculty, Child Neurology

Jill Watt, Alumni, Alumni of UCSF School of Nursing, Midwifery Masters program

Anusha Vable, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Paula  Braveman , Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Sarah Laughlin, Staff, OHNS

Kaitlin Moore, Staff, Pediatric Medical Specialties

Tammy Nicastro, Staff, OB/Gyn Center of Excellence in Women's Health

Molly Battistelli, Staff, OB\GYN & RS

Jason Harless, Staff, Ob/GYN & RS

Sarah Ackley, Postdoc, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Katie Miller, Staff, OHNS

Anika  Kalra, Student, Institute of Health Policy Studies

Amy Lockwood, Staff, Institute for Global Health

Layla Joudeh, Staff, ZSFG Ob/gyn

Isha Shrestha , Staff, CAPS

Gail Newel, Faculty, OBGYN

Kristen Marchi, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Nina Ahlers, Faculty, Department of nursing

Nancy Myrick, Alumni, Nurse-Midwifery Education Program

Kelsey Holt, Faculty, Family & Community Medicine

Danielle  Roubinov, Faculty, Psychiatry

Alice Chen, Faculty, Medicine

Joanne Kuller, Staff, Neonatalogy

James  Harrison, Faculty, Medicine

Caitlin  West, Staff, Breast Center

Elicia  Fox Chaney, Staff, Biomedical Imaging

Zoe Kornberg, Student, School of Medicine

Sarah Raifman, Staff, OBGYN & Epidemiology

Roxanna Irani, Faculty, Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Tanvi Gurazada, Staff, ob/gyn

Audra Katz, Staff, Breast Care Center

Sheetal Chand, None of the above, None

Rebecca Griffin, Staff, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health (Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences)

Alicia LaFrance, Staff, Pediatric Social Work

Paul Kim, Staff, Surgery

Carrie Cao, Student, School of Medicine

Natasha Sosa, Student, School of Medicine

Holly Wing, Staff, Center for Health and Community

Jason Tokumoto, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Jay Hunter, Faculty, Family Health Care Nursing

Anil Makam, Faculty, Division of Hospital Medicine

Lauren Parker, Staff, School of Medicine - OBGYN

Ashley Gleaton, Faculty, Surgery

kenneth wimmer, Student, SOM

Matt Johnson, Student, BMI

Lisa Thompson, Faculty, School of Nursing

Yuri Cartier, Staff, Center for Health and Community

Chemtai Mungo, Fellow, Medicine

Will Pierson, Staff, Gynecologic Oncology

Denisse Velazquez, Staff, Center for Health & Community

Thomas  Nguyen, Student, School of Medicine

Stephanie Chernitskiy, Staff, School of Medicine, Center for Health and Community

Allison Ipsen, Staff, DGIM at ZSFG

Ankitha  Nanjaraj, Staff, Anatomy

Christine Phung, Staff, Center for Health & Community

Angela Rizk-Jackson, Staff, Bakar Institute

Andrew Avins, Faculty, Epi&Biostat/Medicine

Chris Tonner, Staff, CTSI

Eugenia Rutenberg, Staff, BCHSI

Steven Herron, Student, School of Medicine

Kristin Ming, Staff, Medicine

Dina Buitrago Silva, Student, PSPG

Ari Johnson, Faculty, Internal Medicine

Bridget Johnson, Staff, Pediatrics

Rachel Stern, Faculty, General Internal Medicine

Andre Dempsey, Staff, Surgery

Lisa Bernard-Pearl, MD, Alumni, OB/Gyn

Alison Comfort, Postdoc, Ob/Gyn

Kristoffer Leon, Student, School of Medicine

Rebecca McEntee, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Sheila  Lindsay , Staff, Medical Oncology

Adeline Goss, Resident, Neurology

Jennifer Hayashi, Postdoc, Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology

Lauren Weiser, Staff, QBI

Judy  Young, Staff, OBGYN & RS, Center of Excellence in Women's Health

Alicia Lieberman, Faculty, Psychiatry

Jacqueline Ernest, Student, Graduate

Naomi Wortis, Faculty, Family & Community Medicine

Lisa Mackie, Student, SON

Kwadwo Opoku-Nsiah, Student, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hana Lim, Faculty, Medicine

Analucia  Silva , Staff, NICU

Sarah Theiner, Staff, Lab Med

Caroline Fichtenberg, Staff, Center for Health and Community

Pam Ling, Faculty, General Internal Medicine

Irene Chen, Student, Biomedical Sciences/ Graduate Division

Robin Skory, Resident, Ob/GYN

Sarah Schear, Student, School of Medicine

Bridget Gramkowski, Faculty, FHCN SON

Angela Jefferson, Resident, Preterm labor

Jack Chase, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Dennis Pang, Student, School of Medicine

Adam Numis, Faculty, Epilepsy

Chloe Nicolaisen, Student, Medicine

Samantha Ngo, Staff, Neonatology

Laura Zeeman, Fellow, FCM

Ellicott Matthay, Postdoc, Epidemiology/Biostatistics

Gloria  Castro, Staff, Psychiatry

Jo Lara, Student, Education

Giovanni Lara, Student, Pediatric Med surg

Tessa Napoles, Student, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Barbara Gay, Staff, Benioff Children's Hospital

Julia Sumera, Student, Institute of Health Policy Studies

Hector Huang, Postdoc, Laboratory Medicine

Brittany Badal, Fellow, Pediatrics

Brooke Rice, Student, Medical school

Teresa Le, Student, SON

Connie Wang, Resident, Medicine

Ariel Zodhiates, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Eva Goodfriend-Reano, Alumni, OBGYN

Gregory Ow, Student, SOM

Juno Obedin-Maliver, MD, MPH, MAS, Alumni

Monica Ibarra, Staff, Peds

Michael alvarado, Faculty, Surgery

Roxana Garcia, Student, SOM

Jamie Salas, Staff, Psychiatry

Kelli Beingesser, Alumni, Obgyn

Karla Lindquist, Staff, Library

Amanda  Humphrey, Student, School of Medicine

David Diaz, Student, Medicine

Elizabeth Uy-Smith, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Joan Addington-White, Faculty, General Medicine

Stephanie chau, Student, Nursing

Laura  Bruscantini , Fellow, ICAP

Michelle Tong, Student, School of Medicine

Caitlin Peaslee, Staff, Pathology

Ammar Joudeh, Student, School of Medicine

Beth Griffiths, Faculty, Medicine

Rebekah Kaplan, Faculty, OB/GYN

Matthew Jacobson, Faculty, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Rita Mukhtar, Faculty, Surgery

Helene Jordan, Staff, EVCP

Aditya Garg, Student, Institute of Health Policy Studies

Laetitia Oderman, Alumni, Obgyn

Chris Shaffer, Staff, Library

Olivia Low, Resident, Pediatrics

Rosanne Botha, Alumni, ObGyn

Albert Vallejo Gracia, Postdoc, Gladstone

Bonnie Joe, Faculty, Radiology-Breast Imaging

Kate Frometa, Faculty, OB-Gyn MFM

Hope Rugo, Faculty, Medicine

Lauren Suchman, Staff, IGHS

Jami  Rothman , Fellow, Surgery

Vinona Bhatia, Alumni, Medicine

Lesther Papa, None of the above, Psychiatry

Meredith Warden, Alumni, Obgyn

Anna Frick, Alumni, OB/GYN

Scott VandenBerg, Faculty, Pathology/HDFCCC

Carol Chen, Faculty, Department of Emergency Medicine

Gail Michaelis-Ow, None of the above, N/A

Hillary Schubert, None of the above, Outside supporter

Dawn Ogawa, Alumni, Visiting Clinical Faculty

Jean Junior, Resident, Pediatrics

Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty, Department of Medicine

Michelle Rybka, Resident, Pediatrics

Jennifer Bolen, Staff, HDFCCC

Pavithra Venkat, Alumni, Obstetrics and gynecology

Robin Litt, NP, Staff, Breast Medical Oncology

Emily Claymore, Staff, ob-gyn

Gianna Janney, Staff, Nursing

Julie Kim, Faculty, Endocrinology

Joanna Kang, Staff, Library

Christopher Benz, Faculty, Hematology-Oncology/Breast Care Center

Sarah Wilson, Alumni, OB/GYN

Susan Boone, Staff, Library

Laura Bettencourt, Staff, OB/GYN

Anne Jensen, Staff, OHNS

Kristin Hawkinson, Staff, Otolaryngology

Mary Turocy, Student, School of Medicine

Heike Thiel de Bocanegra, Faculty, Obstetric, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Jackie Hauck, Staff, Pediatric Specialties

Magdalena  Diaz, Student, Nursing

Markita Mays, Staff, Psychiatry

Susan Schaefer, Alumni, OB GYN

Lauren Lederle, Faculty, VA Hospital Medicine

Alagia Cirolia, Staff, Psychiatry

Chloe Gonzalez, Staff, Medicine

Dorothee Chabas, Alumni, neurology

Allison Fiscalini, Staff, Surgery

Walter Finkbeiner, Faculty, Pathology

Teresa Filshtein, Postdoc, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Amie Lee, Faculty, Radiology- Breast Imaging

Alicia Johnson, Postdoc, Psychiatry

Kristin  Flores, Staff, Pediatrics

Chris Shaffer, Staff, Library

Hattie  Grundland, Faculty, SON CHN

Heather Greenwood, Faculty, Radiology

Matthew Crimp, Student, School of Medicine

Ariana Thompson-Lastad, Postdoc, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

Elissa Amans, Faculty, Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Tuesday Ray, Staff, Psychiatry

Janet Black, Staff, Cancer Center

Lazara Novas, Postdoc, Psychiatry

Jessica Bergman, Student, Nursing

Kathrine Kemp, Student, Nursing

Renyea Colvin, Staff, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

Kathleen Keough, Student, Graduate Division

Byron Smith, Postdoc, Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Jason Shi, Postdoc, Gladstone institutes

Chunyu Zhao, Staff, Gladstone

Chris Bradley, Postdoc, Infant/Child/Adolescent Psychiatry

Jonathan Strober, Faculty, Neurology/Child Neurology

Rebecca Cantor, Staff, School of Medicine

Kristin Harter, Faculty, Pharmacy

Janette Alvarez, Staff, OBGYN

Briana Mitchell, Staff, ZSFG Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

Branden Barger, Staff, LGBT & Multicultural Resource Centers

Maureen Pittman, Student, Biological and Medical Informatics

Aamna Abbasi, Staff, Anatomy

Rose George, Staff, Neurology

Eugenia  Salcedo, Student, CCB

Abby Sokoloff, Staff, OB/GYN & Reproductive Sciences

William Brown, Faculty, Medicine

David Gordon, Faculty, Pediatrics

Sam Dickman, Resident, Medicine

Deborah Cohan, Faculty, OBGYN&RS

Carly Ritter, Staff, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Mara Decker, Faculty, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Margy Hutchison, Faculty, OB/Gyn & RS

Geoff Fudenberg, Postdoc, Gladstone

Lohith Madireddy, Staff, Neurology

Lindsay Busby, Fellow, Radiology

David Krah, Staff, Library, Archives & Special Collections

Jolene  Kokroko, Student, SOM

Sky Feuer, None of the above, Ob/Gyn & RS

Diana Louise Smith, Alumni, Women's Health, Midwifery/Ob-Gyn

Holly Carpenter, Alumni, School of Nursing

Aliya Caler, Alumni, School of nursing (midwifery)

Erin Lutes, Staff, Family and Community Medicine

Rachel Loewy, Faculty, Psychiatry

Elizabeth Potter, Alumni, Nurse-midwifery

Adam Lewkowitz, Resident, Obstetrics & Gynecology

KC Bly, CNM NP, Alumni, SON Midwifery

Juliet Huntington, Alumni, Maternal/Child Health

Barbara Newlin, Faculty, School of Nursing

Patrick Bradley, Postdoc, Gladstone Institutes

Rasha Khoury, Alumni, Obstetrics and gynecology

Amy Willats, Alumni, Nurse-Midwifery

Adele Szilardi, Alumni, Nurse-Midwifery Program

Virginia Winn, Alumni, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Thanh-Tam Ho, Alumni, School of Nursing

Catherine Allen, Alumni, Ob/Gyn

Siyou Song, Student, School of medicine

Laili Falatoonzadeh, Alumni, Midwifery

Maria Openshaw, Alumni, Nursing-Midwifery

Elaine Tannous, Fellow, Psychiatry

Oliver Cervantes, Student, Medicine

Katherine  King-Goodrich , Faculty, Adjunct faculty in the past for midwifery students as a preceptor at Kaiser Walnut Creek

Liyun Li, Alumni, OBGYN

Valerie French, Alumni, Obstetrics and gynecology

LaNeice Abdel-Shakur, Alumni, OB/GyN

Samantha Haspel, Alumni, Nursing

David Elkin, Faculty, Psychiatry

Jeanne-Marie Crowe, Alumni, UCSF School of Nursing (midwifery program)

Amanda Mazur, Staff, Department of Medicine

Brooke Coleman, Alumni, Midwife/MEPN

Jean Costello, Student, Graduate Division

Colleen Denny, Alumni, ObGyn

Erin Wingo, Staff, OBGYN

Kelly Wentworth, Fellow, Medicine/Endocrinology

Rebecca  Schwartz, Staff, Infectious Disease/OBGYN

Susan Way, Alumni, School of Nursing

Jean Rasch, Student, Nurse midwifery

Kirstin Woo, Alumni, OB/GYN

Kirsten Day, Faculty, Family and Community Health

Nynikka Palmer, Faculty, Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine at ZSFG

Pamela Dudzik, Staff, School of Nursing

Effie Erbynn, Alumni, Ob/Gyn

Sandra Torres, Staff, Positive Health Practice

Rose Waters, Alumni, School of Nursing

Kathryn Houston, Alumni, OB/GYN

Holly Cost, Faculty, San Francisco General Hospital

Jamesina Harrick, Alumni, Nursing school

Sarah Nichols, Alumni, Women’s health

JAMIE LOEY, Staff, Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

Jacqueline Ho, Alumni, Obstetrics and Gynecoogy

Kathryn Newburn, Alumni, Nursing

Tori Stenmark, Alumni, OBGYN

Bridget Rochios, CNM, WHNP, Alumni, School of Nursing—Nurse-Midwife/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Marron Wong, Alumni, OB/GYN

Yael Silverberg-Urian CNM, Alumni, Midwifery

Miranda Ip, Alumni, Medical School

Kathleen Wallace, Student, School of Medicine

Karen Meyer, Alumni, School of Nursing

Natalia Jura, Faculty, CVRI

Julie Jacober, Alumni, Nursing / Midwifery

Anna Webster, Alumni, Nursing

David Aaronson, Staff, BIOS

Risa Kagan, Faculty, On/Gyn Reproductive Sciences

Sonja  Swenson , Student, SOM

Megan Bower, Alumni, Midwifery and Women's Health

Teresa Gomez-Bramble, Resident, Family and Community MedicineKathryn Houston, Alumni, OB/GYN

Holly Cost, Faculty, San Francisco General Hospital

Jamesina Harrick, Alumni, Nursing school

Sarah Nichols, Alumni, Women’s health

JAMIE LOEY, Staff, Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

Jacqueline Ho, Alumni, Obstetrics and Gynecoogy

Kathryn Newburn, Alumni, Nursing

Tori Stenmark, Alumni, OBGYN

Bridget Rochios, CNM, WHNP, Alumni, School of Nursing—Nurse-Midwife/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Marron Wong, Alumni, OB/GYN

Yael Silverberg-Urian CNM, Alumni, Midwifery

Miranda Ip, Alumni, Medical School

Kathleen Wallace, Student, School of Medicine

Karen Meyer, Alumni, School of Nursing

Natalia Jura, Faculty, CVRI

Julie Jacober, Alumni, Nursing / Midwifery

Anna Webster, Alumni, Nursing

David Aaronson, Staff, BIOS

Risa Kagan, Faculty, On/Gyn Reproductive Sciences

Sonja  Swenson , Student, SOM

Megan Bower, Alumni, Midwifery and Women's Health

Teresa Gomez-Bramble, Resident, Family and Community Medicine

Kathryn Houston, Alumni, OB/GYN

Holly Cost, Faculty, San Francisco General Hospital

Jamesina Harrick, Alumni, Nursing school

Sarah Nichols, Alumni, Women’s health

JAMIE LOEY, Staff, Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

Jacqueline Ho, Alumni, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Kathryn Newburn, Alumni, Nursing

Tori Stenmark, Alumni, OBGYN

Bridget Rochios, CNM, WHNP, Alumni, School of Nursing—Nurse-Midwife/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Marron Wong, Alumni, OB/GYN

Yael Silverberg-Urian CNM, Alumni, Midwifery

Miranda Ip, Alumni, Medical School

Kathleen Wallace, Student, School of Medicine

Karen Meyer, Alumni, School of Nursing

Natalia Jura, Faculty, CVRI

Julie Jacober, Alumni, Nursing / Midwifery

Anna Webster, Alumni, Nursing

David Aaronson, Staff, BIOS

Risa Kagan, Faculty, On/Gyn Reproductive Sciences

Sonja  Swenson , Student, SOM

Megan Bower, Alumni, Midwifery and Women's Health

Teresa Gomez-Bramble, Resident, Family and Community Medicine

Varsha Singh, Faculty, Nursing

Juliane Winkler, Postdoc, Anatomy

Sarah Prager, Alumni, OBGYN

Caitlin Miller, Alumni, Midwifery

Melissa Tondre, Alumni, OBGYN

Matt Bucknor, Faculty, Radiology

Christina Morris, Student, School of Medicine

David Potter, Alumni, None at present

Cass Sandoval, Staff, Interventional Cardiology

Mary Baracco, Alumni, Midwifery

Kaja LeWinn, Faculty, Psychiatry

Jill Foley, Alumni, OBGYN

Ilana Pearlman, Alumni, Midwifery & Women's Health

Malini Nijagal, Faculty, OBGYN

Deirdre Lum, Alumni, Ob Gyn

Irene Garden, Alumni, UCSF

Kevin Metcalf, Postdoc, Anatomy

djina ariel, Alumni, Nurse-midwifery

Cheri Van Hoover, Faculty, Faculty OB/GYN Group

Diana Rumbo, Student, UCSF School of Nursing

Rina Patel, Faculty, Radiology

Jennifer Stella, Faculty, Division of Hospital Medicine

Heather Milovina, Alumni, CNM/WHNP

Ashish Raj, Faculty, Radiology

Janine Lupo, Faculty, Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

David Saloner, Faculty, Radiology

Rebecca  McLeod-Waldo, Alumni, Nursing

Annie Richardson, PHN, CNM, MPH, Alumni, Nursing/Nurse-Midwifery Program

David DePoe, Staff, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

Emily Webb, Faculty, Radiology

Clinton Louie, Staff, Radiology - Campus

Marilyn Wong, Alumni, School of Medicine 1986

Deborah Karasek, Postdoc, OBGYN & RS

Monica Casper, Alumni, Graduate Division

Brett Elicker, Faculty, Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Arzou Ahsan, Alumni, OB/GYN

Jon Weil, Faculty, Department of Pediatrics - retired, Associate Adjunct Professor

Nhat Linh  Vo, Resident, Family Medicine

Tatiana Kelil, Faculty, Radiology

Avery Thompson, Student, School of medicine

Beth Berrean, Staff, School of Medicine, Dean's Office

Joanna Bronkema, Alumni, Nursing

Niki Nibbe-MacLeod, Alumni, Anthropology, History & Social Medicine

Kirk Read, Staff, SF GENERAL nurse

Lisa Stern, Alumni, History of health sciences

Simone Lance , Alumni, Women’s Health/Midwifery

liina poder, Faculty, Radiology/Obstetrics/Gynecology

irene Garden, Alumni, Nurse Midwifery

Kimberly Kallianos, Faculty, Radiology

Vinil Shah, Faculty, Radiology

Heather Kidde, Alumni, Midwifery

Sara Gallagher , Alumni, Nursing

Kevin McGill, Faculty, Radiology

Liz Cretti Oleson, Alumni, SFGH Nurse Practitioner

Rachel Ely, Alumni, School of Nursing

Alexa Glencer, Resident, General Surgery

Lorie Diaz, Alumni, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Rossan Chen, Alumni, Family medicine

Tracey McLean, Alumni, ObGyn

Maisha Correia, Alumni, School of Medicine

Meera Shah, Alumni, Ob/gyn

Ayanna Fritton, Staff, BCH QI

Stephen Allison, Faculty, Psychiatry

Jessica Motmrse, Alumni, ObGyn

John Mission, Alumni, School of Medicine

William Martinez, Faculty, Psychiatry - Division of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry

Annie Tan, Alumni, OB/GYN

Susan  Wang, Student, Medicine

Sierra Washington, Alumni, OBGYN

Pilar Bernal de Pheils, Faculty, Family Health Care Nursing

Leila Van Gelder, Alumni, Nursing

Dan Dohan, Faculty, Inst Health Policy Studies

Jonathan Prugh, Staff, SOM Tech

Katie Menzel Ellis, Alumni, School of Medicine

Ryan Huerto, Resident, Family Medicine

Alvin Teodoro, Alumni, Medicine

Robyn Sera, Alumni, School of Nursing

Michelle Barton, Resident, Psychiatry

Nola Hylton, Faculty, Radiology

Christine Glastonbury, Faculty, Radiology

Zakiya Luna, None of the above, Sociology-UC Santa Barbara

Florence Zink, Alumni, OB/GYN

Peter Kass, Resident, Psychiatry

Sage Bearman, Alumni, Nursing

Victoria Mancuso, Resident, Obgyn

Esperance Fitoussi, Staff, Birth Center

Hannah Bronsky Peña, Alumni, Midwifery

Lauren Ríos, Alumni, Gyn

Radhika Madhavan, Alumni, Ob/GYN

Orit Glenn, Faculty, Radiology

Alisa Amaral, Staff, Birth Center

Brandon Hickson, Staff, Nursing, Birth Center

Andrew Halls, Resident, Psychiatry

Alexandra Friedman, Student, School of Medicine

Alisa Goldberg, Alumni, OBGYN

Lisa Jean  Moore, Alumni, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Cynthia Adam, Alumni, Nursing

Diana LaFontaine, Alumni, Medicine

Cara McGuinness CNM WHNP, Alumni, Midwifery and Reproductive Health

Steph Herold, Staff, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health

Rita Wagner, Alumni, Nursing

Elizabeth Garcia, Alumni, Adult-Gerontology

Hannah Cranford, Staff, OHNS Facial Plastics

Claire Zukin, Staff, RN: Nursing. Labor and Delivery Nurse

Hannah Epstein, Alumni, School of Nursing

Olivia deBree, Alumni, SON, alum

Vanessa Evers, Alumni, Graduated from the nurse midwifery program

Alexis Papesh, Staff, SOM Deans Office

Karin Hilton , Alumni, Nursing

Jenna Breton, Alumni, Nursing

Camila Cribb Fabersunne, Resident, Pediatrics

Priscilla  Abercrombie, Alumni, Medicine, nursing

Miguel  Ibarra, Staff, HIV/AIDS

Martha Rea, Staff, EIS/Neonatal Follow up clinic

Susanna Cohen, Alumni, Nursing

Katie Gibson, Staff, Primary Care

Bryn Boslett, Faculty, Infectious diseases

Carolyn Sufrin, Alumni, SFGH- Ob/Gyn

Vidhi Doshi, Faculty, Internal Medicine

Cynthia Piontkowski, Staff, CTSI

Cadelba Lomeli-Loibl, Alumni, School of Nursing

Paola Lancellotti, Staff, GYN Clinic

Emma Claudeanos, Student, Pediatric Social Work

Haley McCalpin, Staff, Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI)

Hannah Obanni, Student, School of Nursing

Rachel Yanda, Alumni, School of Nursing - Midwifery

Rita Fahrner, Alumni, Nursing

Rani Mukherjee, Student, School of Medicine

Katherine Chan, Student, Medicine

Matthew Norstad, Staff, Bioethics Program

Wilson Hardcastle, Staff, Academic Affairs

Jamila Nightingale, Staff, Social Work

Katrina Nardini, Alumni, Nursing - Midwifery

Matthew Beld, Staff, Institute for Health & Aging

Michelle Orengo-McFarlane, Alumni, Family and Community Medicine

Shu-Chen  Cheng, Alumni, Nursing

Lori Strachowski, Faculty, Radiology

Leigh Kimberg, Faculty, Medicine

Brenly Rowland, Student, UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program

Eric Smith, Student, Medicine

Tara Benesch, Student, School of Medicine

Sandra Niemann, Staff, Community Health Systems

Merissa Ferrar, Student, Dental

Kate Bowland CNM, Alumni, retired

Jordan Eipper, Resident, Psychiatry

Jodi  Winemiller , Staff, OBGYN

Kim Nguyen, Alumni, Internal Medicine

Sindhura  Kodali , Faculty, Pediatrics

Caitlin Felder-Heim, Resident, Family and Community Medicine

Donna Peehl, Faculty, Radiology

Justin Wardell, Staff, Radiation Oncology

Eric Breedon, Staff, Radiation Oncology

Michael Mensah, Alumni, PRIME

Ariel Sklar, Alumni, UCSF PRIME school of medicine

Ashlie Buell, Alumni, School of Nursing

Naomi Friedling, Staff, Psychiatry

Jessica Valdez, Student, UCSF School of Medicine

Lila Louie, Alumni, Nursing

Cena Bass, Staff, Radiation Oncology

Maria Cardenas, Alumni, Nursing

Cynthia  Maldonado , Alumni, Emergency medicine MD

Heather Harris, Faculty, Medicine

Talia Borgo, Faculty, MFM at Mission Bay

Hannah Yemane, Student, School of Medicine

Hannah Yemane, Student, School of Medicine

Daniel Bernard, Student, School of Medicine

Nicole Bores, Faculty, Family Medicine

Neeta Kannan, Fellow, Radiology

Nick Johnson, Alumni, School of Medicine

Aurora Selpides, Alumni, School of Medicine Alumni

Bibhav  Acharya , Faculty, Department of Psychiatry

Abhinav Veerina, Staff, Institute for Global Health Sciences

Bonnie Johnson, Staff, SOM

Marcelle  Cedars, Faculty, obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences

Ava Hosseini, Student, Nursing

Jen Moffitt, Alumni, Nurse-Midwifery

Laurel Stephens, Student, Graduate department- Physical therapy

Teresa Keirns, Alumni, School of Nursing

Arun Burra, Student, School of Medicine

Rebecca Grant (Meads), Alumni, School of Nursing

 Caitlin Clarke, Alumni, School of Nursing

Ivette Vazquez-Lopez, Student, School of Nursing

Diana Bruno, Alumni, School of Medicine

Anand Iyer, Alumni, Psychiatry and Public Psychiatry

Julie  Resnik, Faculty, Social Work

New Latthivongskorn, Student, School of Medicine

Anand Iyer, Alumni, Psychiatry and Public Psychiatry

Madeline Grandy, Resident, FCM

Martín Escandón, Resident, Family and Community Medicine

Catherine Nash, Staff, Social Work

Jennifer Brodsky, Alumni, UCSF School of Nursing

Martín Escandón, Alumni, Medical School

Vishal Kumar, Faculty, Radiology

Kim Cardoso, Alumni, SON, Midwifery 1998 alum and preceptor

Gillian Zuckerman, Resident, Family Medicine at Community Hospital

Cailin Lechner, Staff, Neurology

Thomas Manley, Staff, School of Medicine, Dean's Office

Sahar Nouredini, Alumni, School of Nursing

Lily Stern, Resident, Hospital Medicine

Madeleine Kane, Student, UCB/UCSF Joint Medical Program

Rebecca Wolfe, Student, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Andrea Zengion, Alumni, School of Nursing

Sapphire Ear, Student, Medicine

Danielle  Casey Callaghan, Staff, Sponsored Research

Thu Tran, Student, School of Nursing

Heather Carrico, Staff, Innovation Ventures

Kristin  Casey Callaghan, Staff, School of Medicine

Priya Ramu, Staff, Innovation Ventures

Tanya Feldman, Staff, Office of Technology Management

Victoria So, Staff, SOM

Dan Abel, Staff, OTM

Johanna Luber, Faculty, Patient Financial Services

Elliot Wollner, Faculty, Anesthesia

Francesco Isolani, Faculty, Anesthesia

Gemma Rooney, Staff, IV

Paula Peters, Staff, Dean's Office SOM Technology Services

Adam Bazari, Student, Medical School

Mervyn Maze, Faculty, Anesthesia and Preoperative Care

Jane Jih, Faculty, Medicine

Catherine Smith, Faculty, Office of Technology Management

Francesco Sergi, Student, School of Medicine

Ellen Kats, Staff, Innovation Ventures

Annesa Flentje, Faculty, Community Health Systems

Deborah Kamali, Faculty, Ob/Gyn

John Markley, Faculty, Anesthesia

Mary Beth Canavan, Alumni, Nursing. CNM

Jennifer Leonard, Staff, Nursing

Benn Lancman, Faculty, Anesthesia

Courtney White, Staff, Anesthesia

Justin Williams, Student, SOM

Kevan Shokat, Faculty, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

Morrie Schambelan, Faculty, Medicine

Pratima Gupta, Alumni, OB/Gyn

Fiona Langley, Staff, Anesthesia

Katya Adachi Serrano, Alumni, Medicine

Melissa Kerr, Staff, CRNA Anesthesia

Julia Kirchner, Resident, Family Medicine

Catherine Nguyen, Student, School of Nursing

Amy Stewertson, Staff, Anesthesia

Adrienne Shatara, Staff, Family & Community Medicine

Tomi Warren, Alumni, School of Nursing

Vicky Bowyer, Staff, Family and Community Medicine

Elizabeth Johns, Alumni, School of Medicine

Brandon Cortez, Resident, Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency

Karen O'Rourke, Alumni, Family Nurse Practitioner

Reva Vrana Longacre, Alumni, Nursing

Christina Dang, Staff, Anesthesia

Jill Hollenbach, Faculty, Neurology

Sarah Reed, Staff, Anesthesia

Laeesha  Cornejo, Student, School of Medicine

Christina  Cicoletti, Staff, Medical Education

Marilen  Estacio, Staff, 3/5 Surgical

Jason Meeks, Alumni, School of Medicine

Brittney Lingo, Staff, 5 surgical

Christina Martindale, Staff, Anesthesia

Kara Harvill, Alumni, SOM

Rita Redberg, Faculty, Cardiology

Katie Woodruff, Staff, Asst Researcher, Dept of OB/Gyn & ReproSciences

Nancy Berglas, Staff,  Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences"

M. Antonia BIGGS, Staff, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Yvette Cuca Bromberger, Staff, School of Nursing

Sophia Zamudio-Haas, Staff, Division of Prevention Science

Elisabeth Bourdeau Duke, Staff, Division of Prevention Science

Shana Hughes, Staff, Division of Prevention Science

Diane Scarlet, Staff, ZSFG Critical Care

Sydney Meckler, Staff, PNP, DNP Pediatric orthopaedic Surgery

Alic Wilson, Staff, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Andrew Liao, Staff, Institute of Health Policy Studies

Lesther Papa, Fellow, Psychiatry

Sky Feuer, Staff, Ob/Gyn & RS

Karla Panameno, Resident, Family Medicine

Emily Scibetta, Resident, Obgyn

Kate Morgan-Chu, Alumni, School of nursing

Shelley Gierat, Staff, Anesthesiology

Claire Brindis, Faculty, Department of Pediatrics

Charles Miin, Staff, Medical Genetics

Gino Arcilla, Student, Medicine

Christine Dehlendorf, Faculty, Associate Professor

Beth Harleman, Faculty, Medicine and Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Heather Sheriff, Alumni, Nursing

Amanda Yeaton-Massey, Faculty, OBGYN

Kaitlin  Hale, Alumni, School of Nursing

Danielle  Polikoff, Student, School of Pharmacy

Cristina  Nigro , Student, DAHSM

Harini  Bhat, Student, Pharmacy

Devon  Vandewiele , Faculty, Birth Center

Emily Rodda, Alumni, School of Nursing

Debbie Frank, Alumni, Nursing

Nathan Koreie, Student, School of Pharmacy

Jennifer Millis, Alumni, School of Nursing

Hannah Russell-Goodson, Student, SON-MEPN

Richard Addison, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Joe Clement, Alumni, School of Nursing

Taryn Shappell, Staff, Social work

Diane Qi, Student, School of Medicine

Solmaz Manuel, Faculty, Anesthesiology

Carolina Jimenez, Student, Nursing

Thalia Mccann, Student, Pharmacy

Karen Smith-McCune, Faculty, Gynecologic Oncology

Michelle Park, Alumni, School of Nursing

Jennifer Despres, Alumni, Midwife

Naamah  Razon, Resident, Family and Community Medicine

Mike Potter, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Tegwyn Lewis-Pine, Alumni, School of nursing, pediatrics

Adeola Oni-Orisan, Resident, Family and Community Medicine

Shayne Erwin, Student, Nursing

Lauren van , Alumni, SON/OBS-GYN

Christian Okoye, Alumni, School of Medicine (alumni medical student)

Pamela Murnane, Fellow, Division of Prevention Science Department of Medicine

Maribeth Inturrisi, Alumni, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Maryam Moody, Staff, Pediatric Social Work

Consuelo Medina, Staff, Radiation Oncology

Stanley Vance, Jr., Faculty, Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Nancy Welling, Staff, Anesthesia

Veronica Bitz, Staff, UBCHO 3/5 Surgical

Peter Lupo, Staff, Medicine

Nerys Benfield, Alumni, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Jessie  Cohen, Staff, Social Work - Pediatric Endocrine - Pedi Gender Center

Pavan Gupta, Staff, Center for Digital Health Innovation

Cynthia Milionis, Staff, School of Medicine

Sean Thomas, Staff, School of Medicine, Dean's Office, Technical Services

Michelle Longa Karpin, Alumni, Nursing, Midwifery

Helen Galvin, Faculty, Radiology

Tuesday  de Longpre, Staff, Anesthesia

Alexandra Parrott, Staff, Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

Elyse Foster, Faculty, Medicine

Cara Pellegrini, Faculty, Cardiology

Willow Frye, Student, Department of Medicine

Laura Flink, Faculty, Cardiology

Bryan Greenhouse, Faculty, Medicine / HIV ID and Global Medicine

Rachel Rutishauser, Faculty, Medicine

Margaret Feeney, Faculty, Pediatrics and Medicine

Kathleen Land, Staff, Center for Faculty Educators

Amin Azzam, Faculty, Psychiatry

Shannon Vanley, Staff, Anesthesia

Alison Aronstam, Student, UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program

Joel Ernst, Faculty, Division of Experimental Medicine

Nora Goldschlager, Faculty, Cardiology

Daniel Asarnow, Student, Biochemistry and biophysics

Sandra Garcia, Staff, Social Work

Stephanie Holm, Faculty, Division of Occupational Medicine

Stephen Rosenthal, Faculty, Pediatric Endocrinology

Ralph Brindis, MD, MPH, MACC, FSCAI, FAHA, Faculty, Cardiology

Panna Lossy, Faculty, Family Medicine

Joey Chiang, Student, School of Medicine

Vincent Kwan, Staff, CVRI

Irina Gitlin, Staff, CVRI

Anu Agarwal, Faculty, Cardiology

Megan Daw, Alumni, OBGYN

Melisa Price, Staff, Institute for Health Policy Studies

David Derpich, Staff, Office of Sponsored Research/Research Management Services

Sara Woolf, Alumni, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Rebecca  Huggins , None of the above, NA

Elena Pozdniakova, Staff, Office of Sponsored Research

Catherine Dunn, Staff, Office of Sponsored Research

M  Albert, Faculty, Medicine

Shelley Mitchell, Staff, Anesthesia/ Nursing

Juan Raul  Gutierrez, Faculty, Pediatrics

Karen Seyranian, Staff, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

Ann Griego, Alumni, School of medicine

Kent Olson, Faculty, Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy

Meghan Tedesco, Staff, IRB

Madelyn Peterson, Student, School of Nursing

JoAnn Moschella, DO, Faculty, family & community  medicine

Eric Isaacs, Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Emerald Light, Staff, Academic Affairs

Mary Prahl, Faculty, Pediatrics

Kate Emerdello, Alumni, Nursing

Ruth Lesnewski, Alumni, school of medicine

Nooshin  Latour, Staff, SOM

Gustavo Valbuena, Faculty, UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program

Kay Walker, Student, Medical Student

Bradley Heinz, Student, JMP Medical Student

Joyce  Ronan, Staff, Anesthesia

Eveline Stock, Faculty, Medicine

Candacean Lansenderfer, Staff, Anesthesia

Dena Bushman, Staff, Center for Aids Prevention Studies

Rachelle Palkovsky, Staff, Orthopaedic Surgery

Winston Chiong, Faculty, Neurology

Megan Schwarzman, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Tenessa MacKenzie, Faculty, Family & Community Medicine

Luke  Emerdello, Student, School of Nursing

Suzan Goodman, Faculty, DFCM

Megan Henley, None of the above, NA

Susan Lau, Staff, Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine

Richard Fidler, Faculty, Anesthesiology

Sarah  Kim, Faculty, Medicine/Endocrine

Darby  Schouten , Staff, Medical Social Services

Felicia Lester, Faculty, Ob/Gyn & RS

Patricia Ambrose, Student, community health systems

Inna Gerlovina, Postdoc, Medicine

Suellen Miller, Faculty, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Lauren Rettberg, Alumni, Nursing

Sara Levin, Alumni, SFGH Internal Medicine - Primary Care

Lynn Yee, Alumni, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Miriam Sheinbein, Faculty, Family Medicine

Shokoufeh Dianat, Fellow, OBGYN & Reproductive Sciences and Family & Community Medicine

Megan Rathfon, Staff, Geriatrics

Victoria Self, Alumni, School of Nursing

Erin Kinmont, Student, Midwifery

Sophia Yen MD, Alumni, Adolescent Medicine

Marcio Melo, Student, School of Nursing

Sondra Miles, Alumni, Internal medicine

Andrea Alexander, Staff, Nursing

Diane Ehrensaft, Faculty, Pediatrics

Jamie Romani, Staff, Pediatrics

Aliza Adler, Staff, OB-Gyn/Bixby

Alison Hwong, Resident, Psychiatry

Rebecca Smith-Bindman, Faculty, Radiology

Sadie Barnard, Staff, UC/UCSF Leadership

Neil Zhang, Resident, Medicine

Erica Weiss, Alumni, OB/GYN

Nadine Pardee, Resident, Medicine

Miguel Linares, Student, SOM

Michael Thomashow, Resident, Internal Medicine

Michael Incze, Resident, Internal Medicine

Jillian Ginsberg, Staff, OBGYN

Alexander Mohapatra, Resident, Medicine

Cary Kraft, Resident, Internal Medicine

Arielle Klepper, Resident, Medicine

Sophia Tan, Student, Biophysics

Melton Smith, Staff, Nursing

Lily Kornbluth, Resident, Internal Medicine

John Orlando, Staff, nursing

Raphaela Lipinsky DeGette, Resident, Medicine

Laurel Estes, Student, iPQB/Bioinformatics

Arielle Bell, Student, MEPN - CNM/WHNP

David Schneider, Faculty, Sutter Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency

Ele Lozares-Lewis, Faculty, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Ilana Garcia-Grossman, Resident, Medicine

Roseann Day, Resident, Sutter Santa Rosa Family Medicine Resident

Sarah Cluff, AG-CNS, Alumni, Nursing

Alison Stuart, Alumni, School of Nursing - midwifery

Jamille Lee Cabacungan, Staff, Adult Acute Care

Randall  Howell, Staff, PACU

Jennifer  James, Institute for Health and Aging

Kier Van Remoortere, Alumni, Ob-Gyn

Bennett Caughey, Resident, Medicine

Kurt Wharton, Alumni, OB/GYN and Reproductive Sciences

Julie Livingston, Alumni, OBGYN

Sonia Van Braden, Alumni, Ob/gyn

Lina Khoeur, Student, SoM

Emma Cermak, Alumni, Ob/Gyn

Laurel Bernstein, Alumni, OB/GYN

Emilio Esquivel, Student, UCSF SOM

Nicole Brach , Staff, Birth center

Katherine Wei, Resident, family medicine

Montida Fleming, Resident, Family and Community Medicine

Grace Hunter, Resident, Internal Medicine

Grace Shih, Alumni, Family Medicine

Jamey Moore, Staff, Parnassus

Lealah Pollock, Faculty, Family & Community Medicine

Antonio Gomez, Faculty, Medicine, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Cameron Donald, Student, School of Medicine

Anne Montgomery, Resident, Medicine

Gul Iram Qidwai, Alumni, OB GYN

Kellie Miner, Staff, Parnassus 15 Long

Beth Anne Chapin, Staff, Birth Center, MB3

Danny Toub, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Maria Rodriguez, Alumni, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Simon Chu, Student, School of Medicine

Angela Dawn Lawson, Alumni, School of medicine and OBGYN residency

Yefim Zaltsman, Postdoc, IND

Brett Dietz, Resident, Medicine

Amanda Peters, Staff, Birth Center

Will  Lyo, Student, Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences

Riley Bove, Faculty, Neurology

David Schneider, MD, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Jae Sevelius, Faculty, CAPS/Medicine

Nile Nash, Alumni, Masters Nursing

Suzy Brady, Staff, Dept. of Psychiatry

Whitney  Wilson, Staff, Family and Community Medicine

Jinoos Yazdany, Faculty, Rheumatology

Michelle Sanchez, Alumni, Medical School

Janet Lee, Fellow, Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology

harold hardin, Staff, UCSF Library Archives & Special collections

Jill Thomas, Staff, Family & Community Medicine

Linda Remy, Staff, Family and Community Medicine

Jonathan  Rapp, Faculty, Family and Community Medicine

Tomas Aragon, Alumni, Medicine -- Primary Care Residency

Yoseph Murtanu, None of the above, N/a

Paul Urban, None of the above, I am a patient.

Douglas  Wampler, Staff, CTSI

Sara crawford, Staff, 10 CVT

Joseph Hiatt, Student, School of Medicine and Medical scientist training program

Suzanne Schwartz, Staff, Emergency Medicine

Julia Faucett, Faculty, School of Nursing

Beth  Phoenix, Faculty, School of Nursing, Community Health Systems

Megha Parekh, Faculty, Anesthesiology

Lynn Kane, Staff, CTSI

Aneesh Nandam, Resident, Psychiatry

Tianyi Zhang, Resident, Psychiatry

Lynn Kane, Staff, CTSI

Stacey Anderson, Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Eveline Stock, Faculty, Medicine

An-nhien Le, None of the above, Department of nursing

Shelle Libberton, Staff, Ophthalmology

Previn Ganesan, Student, School of Medicine

Lia Akhilanda, Staff, heme onc

Max Ferman, Staff, Learning & Organization Development

June Cooperman MD, Alumni, Medical School

Sarah Royce, Alumni, UCSF School of Medicine, class of 1984

Debra Witter, Alumni, Alumni Pediatrician

Beth Horowitz, Alumni, Internal Medicine

Cheri  Forrester , Alumni, Family Medicine Prima Medical Group

Gretchen Sisson, Faculty, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Regina Horton, Alumni, Graduate Division - Health Law & Policy

Jonelle Malloy, Alumni, School of Dentistry/Dental Hygiene '71

Eric LaMotte, Alumni, School of Medicine

Beth Pirkle, Staff, RN Student Health and Counseling Services

Julia Janssen, Resident, Internal Medicine

Karen Hamblett, Staff, Clinical Pharmacy

Hildy Meyers, Alumni, Medicine

Comments in Response to the Question:

Why is UCSF's commitment to LGBTQ or reproductive health important to you?

UCSF should not be facilitating the survival and expansion of theologically based, restrictive health care that oppresses women and LGBTQ individuals by denying them legal, evidence based, life affirming care that respects the rights and dignity of all persons. Let us not turn a blind eye to the strategy of the Catholic Church to impose its religious beliefs on others through politics and laws as well as the restrictions of its vast healthcare enterprise (which now comprise a sixth of all hospital beds in the nation). Let us not be foolish enough to believe that we can change this if we partner with CHI. If we go forward, we will not have more leverage but less because of our sunk costs and increasing reliance on their resources. Partnering and sharing our brand with CHI will diminish our ability to be Professional and Respectful with patients, maintain Integrity, promote Diversity and achieve true Excellence. It deeply pains me that UCSF and UC are not taking a principled stand for the rights and healthcare for women and LGBTQ persons as it has in other important instances eg divesting from South Africa and challenging the tobacco industry to name 2. I trust we can find better solutions that fully value and support women and LGBTQ communities, locally and nationally and globally, which has been our proud UCSF legacy

Denial of reproductive services and gender affirming care to LGBTQ+ patients is an affront to human dignity. UCSF has historically been a strong ally to the LGBTQ+ community, I hope that UCSF leadership will honor this legacy by severing ties with Dignity/CHI.

A major part of what makes UCSF great is its commitment to working with underserved populations, and providing necessary health care.  LGBTQIA people deserve high-quality health care.  Abortion care, contraception, and reproductive health care -- all reproductive health care -- is necessary and important.  I have seen the damaging effects of a predominantly Catholic healthcare system in other regions of the country, and how such alliances can decimate a university health care system's commitment to providing quality reproductive health care.  UCSF is better than the narrow-minded, harmful restrictions imposed by the Bishops' Directives.  Reject these affiliations.

I chose UCSF because of the school's commitment to social justice, and because as a queer student, I feel safe here. This merger would put money over UCSF's commitment to equality and is antithetical to the school's mission.

Health care should not be discriminatory

In light of the the growing market dominance of religious institutions in healthcare, UCSF's commitment to LGBTQ health and reproductive health is critical for assuring access to safe and legal procedures and health care, and quality health care experiences to women and individuals who are marginalized, stigmatized, and vulnerable, esp in these increasingly polarized times.

Because anything other than demonstrating commitment to LGBTQ+ folks and reproductive health services is absolutely antithetical to UCSF's stated values, and if UCSF decides to go through with this deal, I will let all of my friends and family, as well as members of the general public, know that this is a hypocritical institution with a meaningless mission statement ("UCSF Health treats all patients who require our services, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship or other protected characteristics").

Because as a social worker it is my ethical obligation to work towards.equality and strive to make setiveces.available to all, even most marginalized community

As a queer person involved in LGBTQ+ global health research, this is important to me as it directly affects the work I do and my community.

Regardless of one's beliefs, everyone should have adequate access to care that meets their basic needs, and reproductive health and LGBTQ care is essential. Specifically excluding one group from care devalues and dehumanizes them- which should be against everyone's beliefs.

Professionalism is about care of patients, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity

Because we are committed to become the most diverse, equitable and inclusive academic center in the US and that can only happen when we provide equal access to care and stand by our principles

I am a queer woman, but I also just believe this is a human right.

These are universally neglected fields of healthcare that UCSF taught me to value. Its actions show the opposite.

Personal values and needs

Because I am an LGBTQ staff member.

No one should be marginalized in the healthcare setting for any reason

Reproductive health is an integral component of health care and should not be withheld on ideological or religious grounds.

Because it is morally the right thing to do.  Lack of access to contraception & abortion increases risk of maternal mortality, poverty & general unhappiness.  Treating LGBTQ people as second class citizens is morally wrong.

Health equity and equality!

equality is equality is equality. No services should ever be denied to any person based on their particular expression of personhood. These actions are oppressive

To not provide such care is discrimination under the law.

Reproductive and sexual health care is health care and health care is a human right.

Health is a human right.

Reproductive health is under attack from all sides right now.

It is our duty to equally serve the needs of every individual in our community and care.

This is a basic human right. Period.

I am proud to work at an institution that does groundbreaking research to advance the rights of LGBTQ communities and advances reproductive health.

Access to the full spectrum of reproductive care for everyone is vital to quality healthcare. Many people come to San Francisco to be accepted as they are and if this hospital takes away some access it will not be the welcoming and support San Francisco is known for.

Because healthcare needs to be accessible for ALL.

It’s part of our PRIDE values.

All humans deserve health care, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or cause of their health care needs

Equal access to healthcare for all.  No judgment on reproductive decisions.

All people rights are important. The catholic hospital denies rights for LGBTQ & Women’s health choices!

We cannot call ourselves advocates for women unless we oppose this.

Personal choice should not be restricted.

Commitment to health is our priority, no matter who we are serving, and affiliations with religious organizations should not interfere with providing optimal care

The international consensus guidelines for transgender health standards of care improve quality of life and save lives!!!

Human rights

All people's deserve reproductive rights that are specific to them and chosen by them.

As a queer member of faculty this affiliation is concerning on personal grounds. As a clinician who provides reproductive health care and abortion, I believe these health needs are basic patient rights and stand against UCSF goals of equity and fairness.

This is part of a woman's basic right to medical care and reproductive health. It should not be limited by religious beliefs.

Respect ALL humans rights to health irrespective of religion, gender, or sexual orientation

The core of UCSF's mission is health equity and LGBTQ and women's health are central health equity foci.

I went to UCSF for the high quality evidence based care it stands for - not providing equitable reproductive health care for women and the LGBTQ community would be deeply disturbing and ethically wrong.

I am a patient of UCSF's reproductive health and identify as a queer person. UCSF and UCSF alliates should provide healthcare equitably to LGBTQ identifying patients.

Human right

Unrestricted access to health care is a basic human right

To ensure better reproductive health for all!

As a public health care system, UCSF should provide all kinds of health care to everyone who needs it.

UCSF is a leader in healthcare and healthcare practices, and letting a religious organization dictate contraception and conception practices for people who haven't specifically affiliated themselves with that religion is a form of oppression and discrimination.

It is unacceptable to allow religious values to obstruct the ethical delivery of comprehensive healthcare to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality or any other group of people.

We cannot be a party to discrimination based on any grounds. Its just a matter of fairness and equality.

Equal care for everyone!

It is wrong to publicly stand as an ally to the lgbtq+ community while privately supporting/collaborating with institutions that discriminate against the community

Placing restrictions on LGBTQ health and reproductive care is antithetical to the commitment to practice good medicine and place patients needs first.

I believe in caring for and providing access and treatment to everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs. That's one of the reasons I work at UCSF.

This is so basic it should not even be a question.  Reproductive health affects every human, with the disproportionate burden falling on women--50% of the population! It is inconceivable (pun not intended) that UCSF could align with an organization that denies people reproductive health services and discriminates against women as well as LGTBQ folks.  

In this deeply reactionary political period, as threats to our safety and freedom feel constant, it is vital to know that we are protected and supported by systems that hold power over us.

We have an obligation to use our leverage to improve the situation of our community in every way possible.

We should maintain high quality health care that serves all patients, especially those who have historically been marginalized.

UCSF must uphold its claims to uplift the voices and concerns of underserved communities in the face of a charged and hostile political environment.

Ensuring quality, comprehensive reproductive health care for all people is a human right!

it is needed for all

UCSF's PRIDE values include excellence in care for everyone

Our mission is to provide care without discrimination.

I am a member of the LGBTQ community

My body my choice.

Equality for all should be important to all.

I’m a gay, aspiring fertility doctor that came here solely to care for queer populations

I do not so much want to 'end' collaboration but rather to shift the policy

I’m queer and I support queer rights

I find the doctrines of the Catholic church oppressive and punitive of women and LGBTQ persons. A product of pure patriarchy and not consistent with current moral norms.  

Human rights matter

Many of my patients identify as LGBTQ

It is extremely important to me, especially in this political climate that UCSF support reproductive rights, both of anyone seeking contraception and abortion as well as those seeking to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization or other method.  This is basic reproductive justice and as an alumni of the school and practicing family nurse practitioner I expect the highest standards from UCSF

People should be able to receive the care and services appropriate for their health and wellness, regardless of labels, and institutions have an opportunity and obligation to uphold public health best practices, including broad access to reproductive health

UCSF prides itself on evidence-based practice and being influenced by anti- LGBT, anti-choice organizations is not consistent with this goal.

Equal rights, equal opportunity and access for all

I chose to study at UCSF because of their supposed commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equitable care for all people. This affiliation would actively discriminate against LGBTQ people, provide inferior care, and directly undermine a commitment to health equity. This is an unacceptable action from UCSF.  

UCSF should be associated with the highest standard of care; this association demeans  UCSF and is counter to the values of the institution

It is part of our commitment to provide compassionate care to EVERYONE

Commitment to repro health and LGBTQ health are "signature issues" for UCSF, for many years, and a relationship with Dignity compromises these values

Because we are a publicly funded organization committed to serving the most vulnerable populations who are otherwised marginalized in health care settings. We must not and can not discriminate against any population. Equity of care for all is fundamental to our mission and values.

Because if some of us are not well care for, we are all not cared for.

Commitment to providing excellent and comprehensive access to health care for members of the LGTBQ community is essential to promoting diversity and equality in the communities we serve.  

All people deserve respectful, comprehensive health care.

LGBTQ rights are human rights.  No one should be denied quality healthcare because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Everyone should have equal rights, and especially rights to make their own decisions regarding their own body

I am lgbtq

UCSF honors both diversity.

Reproductive health should be determined by a patient's wishes and the pertinent health recommendations of their healthcare provider. Not by broad religious beliefs that are not shared by all.

because all should be treated the same

Equality and choice of health are to all citizens

This is a human rights issue. UCSF has always been a bastion of patient-centered, evidence-based. enlightened healthcare that respects the dignity of all persons. To have this outstanding legacy besmirched by religious extremism would be a travesty.


All of us deserve equitable treatment.

Any discrimination against minority groups propels us further into the nightmare dystopian conservative agenda.  ALL PEOPLE deserve the same rights to reproductive health care and options.

As a gay male it is important to me that everyone receives equal treatment and services regardless of their background or circumstance.

Diversity is our greatest asset

I am human

this is against the University of California clearly articulated values of respect and dignity for all.  What appears to be a clear compromise of our core values for the purpose of making money is so abhorrent here.

We are a standard bearer. If we compromise on our values we are abandoning communities and patients who often have no one else upon whom to rely. In this time of eroding rights, we cannot tacitly Endorse discrimination, even if the conditions may be tempting.

Maintaining a culture of respect, inclusion, and equal treatment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning patients is critical to establishing the best health care for individual patients and the diverse community we serve. Moreover, reproductive health is one of the most important ways we preserve independence, foster individual decision-making, and preserve equality between genders.

It’s why I’m a nurse here instead of elsewhere

I feel everyone should be able to receive quality care. I feel Dignity health will not be able to provide all our patients with the care they need and deserve.

This issue is personal and professional. Access to care is for everybody. While Catholic institutions often provide needed services, any affiliation agreement with UCSF should be contingent on the organization's willingness to agree to provide access to a full range of reproductive health options for all patients without discrimination or limitation..

Because I’m a queer person whose life has been enriched through assisted reproductive technology, and all of our patients deserve the same opportunity

This is San Francisco. We're a mecca for LGBTQ people and we should uphold that reputation

Limits on reproductive, LGBT and end-of-life care are in conflict with UCSF ideals of high quality, evidence-based, equitable care.

Women and transgender or non-gender conforming patients have as much a right to medical care as do other people. It is discriminatory to selectively not offer them basic medical care, including family planning, a human right.

UCSF needs to continue to provide a diverse and inclusive campus/hospital for ALL.

Because these are critical elements of the heathcare our patients need

It ensures we continue to promote health equity by providing care to our most vulnerable populations.

My daughter was conceived via IUI using a sperm donor and I would feel severly discriminated against were this (my only option) eliminated from coverage.

Because reproductive health is a human right, akin to receiving medication for blood pressure, having equal access to preventative services, that ultimately decreases the cost burden on hospitals (since we are a capitalist driven society 🙄).

I identify as a feminist, queer person of color

The patients we see at ZSFG feel welcome and comfortable regardless of their sexual orientation, and they can receive confidential care for any health problem they confront. It is against the values of our facility and department to limit care to any person based on their gender identity, and it is our view that withholding reproductive care from anyone for any reason is a violation of that person's human rights.

Our values reflect our community's values--inclusion, diversity, and choice

Because all people deserve access to individualized healthcare regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or sexual identity.  We are all human and deserve to be treated as such.

It's the right thing to do.

It aligns with my values for equality and equity. It aligns with our hospital's mission for social justice and providing care for underprivileged, marginalized communities.

Reproductive health is basic care for women

It makes UCSF a leader in this field and is THE reason i work here.

Everyone deserves reproductive rights!

It is part of our role to support all individuals in all settings. This is a disgrace.

Because I hope to serve all patients devoid of unsubstantiated influence by systems, laws, and barriers that are based on personal opinion and not evidence.  

LGBTQI is part of reproductive health period. I will not stand by an allow restrictions to care for members of our community. That I why I stand against this merge of UCSF to Dignity.

It’s our responsibility as doctors to care for all of our patients, no matter what their life style choices, religion, sexual orientation or background is. Merging with faith based systems will negatively affect that ability & prevent us from providing standard & even excellent care to all of our patients. Religion has zero place in medical decision making

We have an ethical responsibility to provide comprehensive reproductive health care to all people, without discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Firm commitment to LGBTG and reproductive rights

I believe everyone should have equal access to healthcare options

Health care needs to be more accessible not less.

Why do I care about women's health, I can't imagine a more obvious question.

Becasue I am part of the LGBTQ community

Everyone deserves access to health care

I am pro-choice and pro-contraception. these are very important values to me.

It impacts me directly and many of the people I know and don't know that I love and care for. It also is the population of folx I am hired to work with here at UCSF.

The impact of limiting reproductive health affects low-income women more then someone who has the funds and means to go elsewhere for her care.  

It is important to provide equitable care to all of our patients regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, etcetera

UCSF's values include respecting dignity and evidence-based science, which this affiliation would tarnish

UCSF's reputation as a national leader in evidence-based healcare, informed by principles of equity and social justice should not be tarnished.

Justice! Fairness! Reality of the world!

As a queer person I want to believe that my school and now workplace supports me.

UCSF is seen as a leader in patient-centered care and is at the forefront promoting quality reproductive healthcare. Training at UCSF instilled in me the value that patient-centered-ness must be at the core of what we do.

to ensure that UCSF is able to meet the healthcare needs of all people.

This commitment was a fundamental part of my education and allowed me to develop clinical skills and empathy that have informed my work every day for the past 10 years. I am saddened and alarmed to learn of affiliation with groups that might make things like learning about abortion or how to care for members of the LGBTQ community into challenges instead of fundamental curriculum.

It's an issue of equitable access to services, especially for women and underserved

It is both crucial and ethical that we as healthcare providers to provide all care to all people.

As both a queer woman and a human being I find the consideration of such a partnership appalling.

Human rightS, equitable access, justice in healthcare, commitment to end of life care and palliative care, womens rights

As a woman, we need to make sure that UCSF contracts with institutions that safeguard the entire spectrum of choices for reproductive and sexual health, including abortion, available to women.  Furthermore, as a faculty member who works with transgender populations, I find it incredibly disturbing that UCSF would contract with institutions that will not offer affirming and appropriate care to our trans community members.  Please reconsider this institutional affiliation and stand for UCSF values of diversity and inclusion.

UCSF is the leading medical institution in Northern California. I came to UCSF for residency because I wanted to be part of an organization that showed leadership in science-based medical education and provided the highest quality care to all its patients. Affiliation with Dignity erodes those values and erodes UCSF's leadership.

Access to contraception and abortion are human rights.

Abortions are health care and health care is a right. So is access to LGBT-competent health care services.

Reproductive healthcare is essential for the basic health care and well being of all people and should be a fundamental part of UCSF's mission.  Access to reproductive care and care for LGBTQ people, is why I am proud to work at UCSF.

Because I serve everyone and anyone as a nurse, it is the work that I do to serve EVERYONE, from abortion care to labor and delivery. I am not at peace with the idea that UCSF could be affiliated with an organization that would not recognize women, their health from both end of the spectrum and the LGBTQ community.  Please do not allow this to happens, it will definitely go against our UC and UCSF values

everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect

Equal access for all

Its crucial healthcare that should be available free from stigma.

The reproductive care restricted at the dignity hospitals is an essential part of healthcare.

I belong to the community

Serve and support all free of judgement

To serve all people, no discrimination

I am queer. I am a woman.

LGBTQ and reproductive rights are essential for all human beings, especially an institution like UCSF who should be a leader in these issues.

Discrimination and healthcare inequities in the name of religious beliefs is unacceptable as a healthcare provider

Inclusion of the interests of marginalized communities > inclusion of "Dignity" Health

I believe in equal rights for all.  UCSF is known for its stance on equality.  Given that Dignity/CHI doesn't share the same values in terms of equality, entering into a partnership with them could tarnish UCSF's image.

I am committed to UCSF's stance on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

It is important to provide the best care to ALL of our patients and community members.  Patients who have historically felt discrimination in their lives should be treated as the same respect as everyone else.

Our clients should have the right to decide.

It is critical that UCSF remain a source of reliable and exceptional health care for everyone--especially those whose health and health care is most precarious. Especially as a health care provider associated with the University of California--a publicly funded institution I would expect that their medical care would take into account the needs and care of all.    

This issue is important to me personally (as a queer person) as well as professionally (as a UCSF student) because I want my school to show leadership on this important issue.

I am a community member and this huge entity which provides services to whole community should not limit access to services which perpetuate poverty and are harmful to specific groups of people. Healthcare is a right and should be provided without restrictions.

UCSF should represent the full spectrum of human experience. Limiting people to binary relationships or limiting pregnancy care to carrying to term is not reflective of actual human experience. UCSF should be inclusive not divisive.

We should not limit anyone’s right to choose. Their are so many personal factors that affect a persons choice.

Care for everyone!

It’s a leading university and sets an example. We are committed to serving ALL people not just a subset. We happen to live in a place with a large LGBTQIA+ community and it seems outrageous that we would limit access.  

Protect human rights

It is an essential right

I think all women and men should have equal access to all healthcare including reproductive rights, it is a CORE component of our values at UCSF

Because I care for all people with reproductive capabilities


Central to our core mission around enhancing diversity and inclusion.

As a queer woman, nurse-midwife, and advocate for LGBTQI+ inclusive care and reproductive justice, these shared values drew me to UCSF. The university aligning itself with groups that are fundamentally at odds with these values makes me question my own association with UCSF and my continued participation with the school. We are better than this!

These are basic rights that should not be withheld based on any doctrine. Healthcare providers have a simple mission of prioritizing the best possible healthcare.

Access to all FDA-approved contraception and contraceptive counseling at delivery in the hospital and in ALL primary outpatient is crucial to ensure women's health and to prevent unintended pregnancies and pregnancy terminations. I have been advocating for access to family planning internationally (including in countries where abortion is illegal) and it would be ironic that this type of counseling is restricted in a setting that is at the forefront of reproductive health research and service delivery. .

I am OK with collaboration, if it means working to improve access to care for ALL. If UCSF set a higher standard and influence policies that will improve access to care, then perhaps working together may be effective. However, I am not in support of students training under policies/condoning practice that is inherently homophobic and sexist.  

It is the right thing to do, as a prestigious institution with the power, funding and resources to help people in need. Plus, being part of the LGBTQ+ community, it directly concerns me.  

I currently work for a Catholic hospital and am resigning shortly due to the total lack of reproductive health care (read = lack of medical care) that they offer to female-identified folks and their families/partners. I can't place IUDs or Nexplanons, I can't schedule a c/s with a tubal for a patient who desires or needs it, and I can't even mention pregnancy options including abortion. It is a TERRIBLE disservice to our entire patient population.

This is the backbone of our work, to insure reproductive justice for all persons

Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable.

We can't claim to be leaders and evidence-based while simultaneously going backwards in time; with an emphasis on margenalized communities, UCSF has no business affiliating with groups that decrease healthcare options.

Reproductive or LGBT health should be the choice of the patient and not of any partisan organization.

equal respect for all

because it is right to respect all peoples no matter their sexual orientation or race or creed

As a family physician who believes strongly that providing family care must include comprehensive reproductive health care and care for all types of families, I have always appreciated UCSF's support in its anti-discrimination policies and commitment to reproductive health.  Affiliating with an institution whose policies are in opposition to all of that undermines our core values.

There is no place in medicine to discriminate. We came into healthcare to provide quality and compassionate care to everyone, without exception.

I am a part of both communities. I have professional and personal connections.

It is important that we as an institution stand up for access to quality medical care for all people and not discriminate based on religous beliefs. This is part of the UCSF Code of Ethics. As a member of the LGBTQ community I would be personally affected and distressed by limiting care to one ofmy family or co-workers.

I choose to work at UCSF because it reflects my values of promoting health worldwide.

Equal rights for all and universal access to full scope reproductive health services

People should have a choice

As an OBGYN, I am committed to serving all patients and supporting their full reproductive rights. The LGBTQ community is particularly susceptible to discrimination and is already a community who is neglected in the reproductive health world.  

This is our community - we must support them without bias.

Improving LGBTQ health has been a core effort of my career at UCSF.  The health disparities experienced by LGBTQ people historically is exemplified here and is unacceptable especially in the 21st century.  UCSF has long been a model of standing against this kind of bigotry.  It only makes sense this should continue.  

If it is part of UCSF’s mission to strive for diversity then it is important for the university to stay true to providing equitable care to all people, including populations that are highly marginalized and stigmatized.

these are basic rights and all people need to be able to access this care without prejudice

Absolutely, both.

Everyone should be treated equally and have rights

It allows UCSF to be an accepting and safe place to provide long term and equitable care

Vulnerable populations deserve access to inclusive reproductive health care than maintains their autonomy and respects who they are

Vulnerable populations deserve access to inclusive reproductive health care than maintains their autonomy and respects who they are


It is their mission in San Francisco’s and should be honored

I am part of the LGBTQ community.  Care should be evidence-based, not religion based.  People deserve access to care that is free from discrimination.

Basic human rights!

Healthcare institutions should not impose religious beliefs on the masses. As a public entity in one of the most progressive cities and states in the nation, UCSF should think carefully about what this partnership would signal to the national effort against reproductive and LGBTQ rights.

All our patients deserve full and equal care. This is protected under the Consitution.

It is imperative that UCSF continue to provide fair, equitable, evidenced-based reproductive care for all people. Religion should never play a role in determining access to appropriate health care.

Because I am surrounded by amazing LGBTQ parents and I can't imagine seeing this rich part of our community go away!!

I counsel many patients about reproductive health options in my practice. I also have a number of patients, colleagues, and friends (straight and LGBTQ) who have chidren conceived through reproductive health options and believe that these patients deserve our support and care.

Because all people should be able to receive the care that they are looking for, especially when they involves issues as essential (and life-threatening) as reproductive health and hormone therapy. These are tied to respecting all patients, and more importantly all groups of people.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, it is important to me that UCSF supports evidence-based medicine for all.

reproductive health is a cornerstone of good healthcare, period. UCSF has been a national leader in LGBTQ Health and our community counts on UCSF for this service.

LGBTQ health care is a human right, as all other care of individuals. UCSF stands for this, and should not stand for substandard care for any group of individuals.

As a leader in medicine, it is absolutely essential that UCSF continue to practice evidence-based medicine and medicine of the highest moral and professional standard. This includes being proactive in LGBTQ and reproductive health care.

We support a culture of inclusion

I work for UCSF because of its commitment to access to high quality healthcare for all, diversity and equality, and reproductive rights.  Partnering with Dignity goes directly against the mission of our organization and I will not support it.

I work with young LGBTQ patients and want to provide them the best care possible-- the same care that is available to non-LGBTQ patients

How can UCSF provide services if many areas of reproductive health are limited or restricted?  This violates informed consent and the physician-patient relationship.

Women deserve the right to be well informed and have access to the best healthcare for their bodies, not dictated by an archaic rule.

Everyone should receive equal care

We need to prioritize protection of the health of each member of our communities. Sexual identity is an important aspect of health and the healthcare disparities of our LGBTQ communities need to be addressed, not promoted. We need to focus on those that are left most vulnerable by our systems, not to reinforce the systemic oppression that makes them more vulnerable. This is our duty as physicians.


How could it not be?

Because it is not consistent with our mission to provide equitable and just care for all patients, regardless of where we practice.

healthcare for all

As a member of the LGBTQ community and a mother, having access to equitable healthcare free of bias and discrimination is important to me personally and professionally.

As a queer woman, I know what it feels like to be discriminated against in a health care setting and the deleterious effects this has on health. The LGBTQ population has some of the worst health outcomes of any group, and organizations like DHCHS contribute to this harm. It goes against everything UCSF claims to stand for.

Because we want to provide compassionate care, no matter someone’s circumstances

Because equitable healthcare is a human right. As a leading institution, UCSF should take this opportunity to improve the human condition, not aid in exacerbating inequity.

Leader in Bay Area in this work

They're human rights. I don't want children, but I want policies that are inclusive and supportive of families.

As healthcare professionals, it is our job to separate our own values from providing evidence-based nonjudgmental medical services.

Equality for all.

Basic human rights

Discrimination is medical care is unacceptable. Especially when concerning UCSF collaborations.

I came to UCSF as an LGBTQ student and chose to pursue a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology. UCSF's commitment to reproductive health and the LGBTQ community is very important to me in that UCSF fostered within me a sense of the importance for caring for both communities.

Everyone deserves access to quality comprehensive health services.  We should not discriminate based on religious beliefs.  Health is health, regardless of who it is.  It is every medical institution to serve the needs of the community--no matter who is in that community.

UCSF has been improving it's stance on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and should continue to strive to improve in these areas.

Because these are vital health care services and it's important to me that my institution offer broad, bias-free care

I work in a Catholic health care system currently and it restricts even useful conversation about topics it doesn't agree with ie death with dignity, abortion, permanent sterilization.  These beliefs really should have no place in medicine and infringe on the rights of patients.

This is a cornerstone of UCSF. Religion should be up to the patient and not imposed on providers ability to help all people.

Reproductive health is a human right

Healthcare equity includes everyone -- LGBTQ, too. We all deserve equitable care -- across the board.

I believe in Universal and Equal rights

I am caring for my fellows and fighting for an open society.

To be answering such an obvious question at this point in time is a bit unnerving.  My questions is why is it NOT important to UCSF? How can UCSF Leadership defend their greed over the rights of and the access to care and services to communities they profess to support?

UCSF is a leader in LGBTQ health, equity, and inclusion. This aliance jeopardizes our leadership and reputation.

To be on the right side of history!!!

I pride myself on being an Alumni or UCSF, where our curriculum gave us the opportunity to place laminaria, learn how to place IUDs, and focus our didactic on reproductive justice. This affiliation would be a blight on the university and a disappointment to many of us proud Alumni.

I spent almost 9 years in training and as faculty at UCSF. I am proud of the training I received and how open it was to providing the needed care compassionately for ALL people. I am deeply concerned about growing financial relationships with Dignity Health as they stand is STARK and GLARING contrast to the principles of UCSF. How can this even be contemplated? This will bring nothing but ill-repute on the principles and communities that UCSF community has fought so hard for.

Everyone should have equal access to health including reproductive health.  This merger goes directly against UCSF's mission statement.

I believe that LBGTQ rights should be affirmed and honored

It is imperative that UCSF continue to serve as a leader and advocate for equity regarding LGBTQ patients as well as reproductive health rights for all.

moral imperative

Isn't it obvious? Women and LGBTQ health and independence should be top priority and people need to have choice and care always. No religious affiliations!

human rights, best practices in medical care

Because the rights of vulnerable populations, including straight women, are the first to get trampled on when health care access is limited

In my opinion, reproductive rights are basic human rights, and UCSF must advocate for these rights for all people. As an employee of UCSF or nearly 20 years, I am proud of what UCSF represents overall. But affiliations with organizations like Dignity/CHI betray the community and what UCSF should stand for. Disassociating with all organizations that do not respect basic human rights for all (including reproductive rights) is a must!  

We should serve everyone equally

they are all human

It is a public institution that should serve all groups protected by the law equally

Comprehensive reproductive health care for a diverse range of patients meets a high standard of quality health care and "advancing health worldwide".

Basic human rights

I really have to answer this ?

I am a woman and women should control their own bodies, not be dictated unto by others. Also, UCSF is a research organization that follows evidence-based science, and should associate with others who share the same values. My research and the results of it are for everyone, not those the Catholic Church seems worthy. Everyone is worthy and deserving of the healthcare discoveries made here.

LGBTQ and womens rights are HUMAN RIGHTS. UCSF shoudl be ashamed to be collaborating with organization that endangers patient health!!!!

Ethical reasons, civil rights, etc.

1) Fundamental human rights and 2) we have a responsibility to avoid misleading healthcare

UCSF is a leader in healthcare and has always been a beacon for equality and inclusivity. Allowing the regressive policies of faith-based organizations to become part of UCSF's operation is a betrayal of everything UCSF stands for. UCSF should continue to promote equality for all communities by rejecting these discriminatory institutions and their beliefs, which have no place in medicine.

I provider gender affirming hormones to transgender patients, as well as providing reproductive health services

My brother is trans.  I will not be part of institutions that do not value him as a whole person, deserving of the highest standard of medical care.

Commitment to equitable and accessible reproductive health is a vital component of UCSF's PRIDE values.

By collaborating with Dignity to expand the number of obstetrics beds, we are stratifying our care and sending some patients to a place where they will not be entitled to comprehensive health care. It is abandoning our values to decide that we're okay with some of our patients receiving care that discriminates against LGBTQ individuals or people who seek out procedures that are best for them. I am proud to be a part of UCSF, an institution that shares my values of inclusivity, diversity, respect, and pride. I don't think we can claim these values if we partner with Dignity.

I’m a human being

All people deserve access to reproductive care that satisfies their needs. It is necessary for an individual to realize their full potential, lead healthy lives and achieve their goals.

human rights and equity

We can't state UCSF has specific values and then not live up to them out of inconvenience to some momentary inconvenience.  Are these values just words or will UCSF strive to be an institution that is a symbol for values and ethics?

All patients are created equal and we should treat them as such

I trained at UCSF for its commitment to vulnerable populations.  With its resources and talented staff, UCSF has a social obligation to care for everyone and promote equity.

As a global leader in reproductive and LGBTQ health, it is imperative that, working with any partner, UCSF does not lose any medical freedom or risk giving a message other than one of evidence-based, safe, inclusiveness.

 Out of respect for our diverse patients,  and in support of patient autonomy

This is absolutely essential and core to our values as an institution!

It's important to protect people's human rights and a large institution like UCSF needs to also commit to protecting these rights.

I am a gay man who works with women accessing  reproductive health care including first and second trimester abortions. We should all be doing everything in our power to ensure that women are in total control of their bodies and lives. The catholic church is a site of historical and present day abuse and genocide. The church has no business being in the healing arts.

Because everyone is important and deserves to have the family they want.


As Co-Director of the Center for Health Equity, I believe that everyone deserves equal and fair access to the services they need and/or desire, with no discrimination.

Everyone deserves access to healthcare

Because we serve ALL patients, and because reproductive rights are protected by law and are crucial to women's health.

Equal rights for all

Equitable access to non-biased, evidence-based care is critical for every human being.  Personally, this affiliation will impact my family: I am in a same-sex marriage and through the conception and birth of our first child, we received compassionate, inclusive care from UCSF Health - this included procedures not permitted at CHI/Dignity hospitals.  We hope to grow our family and never imagined that UCSF would not be able to provide us the care we need to do so.  I remain committed to the UCSF PRIDE values in my daily work at UCSf, and I hope that these values will be reflected in any decisions made regarding collaboration with CHI/Dignity Health.

I believe it is EVERYONE’S right to access to healthcare irrespective of heritage, gender, sexual preference, income, health status, or otherwise.

I believe it is EVERYONE’S right to access to healthcare irrespective of heritage, gender, sexual preference, income, health status, or otherwise.

Discrimination in any form is unacceptable


Equal care and support for all people

Because I support a diverse and no discriminatory community at UCSF.

It’s part of our mission.

We are too well-educated to continue to systematically deny people access to basic health care. Reproductive health is basic health.

I believe that all women have a right to control what happens to their own bodies.

For a decade I ran a history and social studies of medicine working group at Berkeley (the "Medheads") that had many UCSF faculty and students among its members. UCSF is a research leader nationally and internationally, in many fields. It sets the standard for medically-appropriate treatment of reproductive health. Having UCSF abdicate this leadership would be a terrible loss, not just to patients served by the hospital, but by those served by hospitals and clinics that follow UCSF's lead. Please do not give up this important leadership role by agreeing to suppress medically-appropriate reproductive and sexual care.

How could it not be?? At this PIVOTAL time in our country's history, we CANNOT take these decisions lightly and need to be intentional about doing the right thing. I cannot tolerate patient care at a facility that places ANY limits on reproductive or LGBTQ rights, period.

Everyone, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, has the right to make decision for themselves that impact their health and well-being. These decisions should not be made for them.

Human rights

I am proud to work for an organization that has proudly stated that Diversity is a core organizational value, and I think it is important that we remain committed to our values

Control of one’s own body is a fundamental human right and women should not be subjected to the patriarchal inequitable regulations of the Catholic Church

Being able to make choices about your own body is crucial to me.

Limiting reproductive services is not acceptable.

Impt to care for ALL patients

Reproductive care is medical care and should not be minutely legislated

It is about human dignity and access to care for all people regardless of identification or status in our communities

UCSF is on the forefront of providing excellent health care and engaging in research to support those most marginalized in our national and international community. UCSF's commitment to ensuring that all identities are valued and cared for is one of the main reasons why I feel deep pride working in here.

My parents are gay, and so are many of my close friends. Everyone has the same rights thus everyone deserves the same access to reproductive health.

UCSF should be leading in the area of diversity and true incusiveness in health and healthcare. Reproductive health is what allows women to be in charge of their own lives and fulfill their dreams and potential for themselves, their families and their communities.

I am transgender, and find it very difficult that UCSF is collaborating with an organization that would not support my fundamental rights to be who I am. Moreover, it is against the mission of UCSF to support discrimination in healthcare, including against women seeking the full range of reproductive health services they need.

A commitment to equity requires making sure that all people have access to the full range of reproductive healthcare services. Dignity Health does not provide the full range of reproductive healthcare--including abortion, gender-affirming surgeries, fertility/reproductive healthcare for LGBTQ--to all people including LGBTQ.  Their discriminatory healthcare practices which are unethical and harmful.

Reproductive equity is key to health equity

This affects me and people who are closest to me.

I'm a transgender registered nurse. Health care shouldn't be a violent that to LGBTQ people, that's called structural violence and systematic extinction just because people are different from a cis/hetero norm. Health is a human right.

This affects society and everyone in it. It is vital and important.

I believe every patient has the choice of whether or not to choose reproductive prevention, care, etc. We should be advocating for our patients needs, not restricting them

Because it is important that EVERYONE feel safe and have access to equal healthcare.

Equality for all is important

Because LGBTQ people are human beings  and as doctors we should be committed to caring for all people with the best care we can provide. These religious restrictions have no place ina public academic institution! Also, as a doctor who takes call for UCSF, I do not want these ki GMS of restrictions placed on my doctor patient relationship!

It’s discrimination and Violates all of UCSF’s code of ethics and co traduces the mission statement

As a queer person, it is deeply concerning to me that an institution I trust would affiliate with a hospital system that would refuse me needed care. As a reproductive health clinician, I’ve experienced the in-dignity of trying to refer patients, even in emergent situations, to dignity hospitals unsuccessfully.

Because it is imperative to treat all people.

As a midwife responsible, evidence-based, patient-centered and non-judgmental care is at the heart of what I do. I recogize that all people deserve access to heathcare that honors their needs and respects their humanity. As a queer person, with the capacity to get pregnant I myself need access to the kind of care that dignity routinely refuses patients.

We believe in equal access and healthcare to all without discrimination

Because it denies a segment of the population care

I want to work in a place that uses science, rather than religion to govern medical decisions.

All people should have access to health care without discrimination.

UCSF's commitment to LGBTQ and reproductive health is important to me as a matter of diversity, inclusion and fundamental human rights. It is concerning to me that these UCSF affiliates do not support contraceptive use, IVF, sperm/ egg donors, etc  as I have many friends and family members ( including myself) who have used these services in order to have a family. I am also not in support of practices that are discriminatory to any subset of our population, one of the reasons I am proud to be part of the UCSF community is that I feel our differences are celebrated here and we should demonstrate this in our actions and our values.      

As part of the LGBTQ community, it’s unconscionable to me that the premier academic institution in the LGBTQ capital of the world would set itself up to limit care for LGBTQ community members. UCSF has been a pioneer in supporting my community and any shift towards anti-LGBTQ is not only inequitable but also deeply horrifying. Furthermore it scares me that this would limit trainee and faculty ability to learn to care for the LGBTQ (rather than pioneer care as we have done for decades).

My campus' environment of acceptance and forward thinking is a major reason I am proud to stay at this university. The values align with my own and so many of my coworker's. A partnership with Dignity Health will force me to question the integrity and commitment to acceptance that has been established at our university.

Religion should never be imposed on other people

Because all our patients deserve quality care.

B/c everyone should have access to quality healthcare

I'm queer and 2Spirit so it is fundamental to my learning that the institution only partners with clinical locations that maintain commitments to these communities.

all of reproductive care is important - across the spectrum.  this should not be limited

civil and human rights issue

I work at ZSDFH and UCSF and we provide care for everyone

I’m a full spectrum doula who has supported many people through care at UCSF from conception to birth to termination. My clients choose UCSF because it is a welcoming and non-discriminatory facility ready and willing to meet their needs

It is important, duh.

Humane care for ALL.

Pro Choice,  equal access

it is a social justice issue

UCSF positions and promotes itself as a champion of diversity and inclusion. UCSF must refuse to collude discrimination against LGBTQ patients

LGBTQ reproductive health is no different than normal reproductive health...

Empathetic reproductive care for ALL people

health equity and inclusion should be at the forefront of health care.  

Everyone deserves equal medical care.

Because I am a part of the LBGTQ community as a bisexual woman and I / my community deserves equal access to patient care just as other human being.

reproductive health that is available to all individuals is imperative in the health and wellbeing of all children and families. This is a basic human rights issue and one which should be addressed with keeping the livelihood of humans first and foremost above any gains to the university or Dignity/CHI hospitals.

I believe individual choice is paramount in healthcare as in life.

UCSFUCSF is a clinical and research leader in sexual and reproductive health

This is a fundamentally about justice, and UCSF needs to stay true to it’s stated values and mission.

Because health EQUITY should be afforded to all, regardless of ethinic, race, or gender

Equality in all health related matters. The Catholic church does not belong making decisions at UCSF

Its about human rights

Everyone should be included to fair and equal health care rights.

Living PRI*D*E

Our own research demonstrates the negative health consequences of these very types of discrimination in healthcare.  It is our responsibility to ensure that our actions as a public health organization reflect the values and uphold the rights of the community we serve.

UCSF is a leader in both reproductive health and LGBTQ health--it's informed my decision to go into family practice.

UCSF is a public institution and so should be free from religious restrictions on care. It is antithetical to our remit.

UCSF is committed to providing high quality reproductive health care to all people, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Doctrine of the Catholic Church are in direct opposition to these values. I will not stand for “working around” Catholic policies to provide basic medical care, such as contraception, to our patients. As a public institution, I don’t agree with UCSF’s affiliation to a religious hospital.

UCSF is committed to providing high quality reproductive health care to all people, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Doctrine of the Catholic Church are in direct opposition to these values. I will not stand for “working around” Catholic policies to provide basic medical care, such as contraception, to our patients. As a public institution, I don’t agree with UCSF’s affiliation to a religious hospital.

It's essential for UCSF to be inclusive and provide the highest quality care, and to set an example for other health care providers and the community.

Abortion care and access are a basic human right and part of health care that should not be restricted by religious affiliation. As a catholic and PRO CHOICES and PRO OPTIONS woman-identified individual, i understand the duality and complexity of women's health options and its important that the institution i am paying tuition to does the same. It's one of the reasons why i chose to come to UCSF. All individuals deserve respect and dignity in every health visit in this institution.

It should be important to everyone!

Providers are obligated to provide equal care to individuals of all backgrounds and sexual orientation.

Because healthcare should not be dictated by religion

Restricting access to reproductive health services is deeply disrespectful and upsetting. If UCSF claims to support and honor LGBTQ community members, it will not maintain this collaboration with Dignity Health/CHI.

It’s about health equity. It’s about doing the right thing. Simply put its a human right we have an obligation as healthcare providers to uphold.


I came to UCSF because of the progressive nature of the institution.  Reproductive rights are at the foundation of health care, and an institution that excludes reproductive health does not provide health care.  UCSF is better than this - we have an obligation to defend reproductive health as a crucial part of health care, and cannot allow it to be marginalized as these institutions have done.

Religion should not be allowed to dictate access to health care or individual choices

Counter to UCSF's commitment to Diversity

As a leading research university we should be committed to evidence based patient centered care

I came to UCSF because of the institution's unabashed commitment to LGBTQ and reproductive health. In a country where reproductive health is constantly under attack, the image of an institution committed to reproductive justice is powerful. UCSF's partnership with institutions where practitioners are not allowed to prescribe birth control for contraceptive purposes, let alone perform standard of care abortion and pregnancy termination procedures, is disrespectful and a betrayal of the students and faculty who chose to come to this institution because of it's commitment to those rights.  

Please reference UCSF's Principles of Community


Institutional religious policies, regardless of which religion, must have NO place at all in public healthcare institutions.

Adequate health care is a fundamental human right. I am proud to be part of a community here at UCSF which takes seriously its responsibility to provide world-class healthcare to all patients, particularly those from minority populations who are often disproportionally underserved. I believe that UCSF's commitment to LGBTQ+ and reproductive health squarely falls under that responsibility. I see UCSF's actions in these areas as fundamental in both living up to our obligations as leaders in biomedicine and health, and to reaching the goals and standards we have set for ourselves and our trainees as a community. I hope by signing this petition I can not only show my concern with UCSF affiliation with Dignity Health, but also my support for UCSF's continued commitment LGBTQ+ health, reproductive health, and the health and wellbeing of all members of our communities.

All LGBTQ issues are important to because all people no matter their race or gender or orientation should be discriminated against.

A lage part of UCSF's role is to provide healthcare services to all peoples of the SF/Bay Area. Supporting ideas that conflict strongly with the LGBTQ comminuty can lead to feelings of alienation, which could prevent LGBTQ-identifying individuals from seeking healthcare from us.  

I am apart of the LGBTQ community.

I strongly believe in equality for al regardless of sexual affiliation

UCSF claims to be a leader in equitable health care that provides essential services to low-resource and under-served communities. This collaboration acts directly against UCSF’s core values and undermines reproductive and sexual autonomy.

Reproductive health care is a human right!

Human rights

Because I am a proud member of the LGBTQ community. This is personal for me.

Critical for acceptable pt and staff conditions

Because we are deserving of reproductive health options and respect as human beings. Bigotry and hate hoes against the oath to first, do no harm. UCSF has a responsibility to make their services accessible to the people !!

Because I am an LGBTQ individual and believe that my partner and I (and others like us) should have access to healthcare for ourselves and our growing family. Additionally healthcare is a human right and reproductive health is basic health care and that the University is partnering with these institutions is ridiculous.  

UCSF is a national leader in reproductive health care and sets the standard for the rest of the country in many ways

I wouldn't have my beloved daughter without access to fertility treatment.

This is a fundamental human rights issue, not just a health issue.

It's a human right

because that is our mission.  it is why I work here.

LGBQT rights are human rights

If we really care about being "patient-centered", we must insist on eliciting patient concerns and preferences and allowing them, within the limits of evidence and science, to organize our care.  Just as we must resist/persuade and perhaps decline to care for "anti-vaxxers"(not evidence-based), as an institution we must resist/persuade and ultimately decline to participate in relationships with facililties that do not/will not provide the full range of appropriate care for all people, women, transgender, LGBTI.  To fail to do so, undermines our core values and erodes the strong bonds that should connect us as a community.  

It personally affects my care and care of those I serve.

I identify as a member of the LGBTQ community, and I will always support the equality of LGBTQ individuals to conceive, as well as support the reproductive rights of women everywhere.

UCSF's core values include professionalism, respect, dignity, integrity, and excellence.  We cannot achieve these values without respecting the dignity of all of our patients and ensuring fully informed consent and access to needed and affirming healthcare.  All of our providers must be free to provide clinically relevant, evidence based, informed health care for women and members of the LGBTQ community.

It's up to a woman to make her own choices - no one else.

Come on now, do I have to say why?

Because it is about my rights and those of my child.

contraception is essential for women's empowerment and global health

UCSF should not be facilitating the survival and expansion of theologically based, restrictive health care that oppresses women and LGBTQ individuals by denying them legal, evidence based, life affirming care that respects the rights and dignity of all persons. Let us not turn a blind eye to the strategy of the Catholic Church to impose its religious beliefs on others through politics and laws as well as the restrictions of its vast healthcare enterprise (which now comprise a sixth of all hospital beds in the nation). Let us not be foolish enough to believe that we can change this if we partner with CHI. If we go forward, we will not have more leverage but less because of our sunk costs and increasing reliance on their resources. Partnering and sharing our brand with CHI will diminish our ability to be Professional and Respectful with patients, maintain Integrity, promote Diversity and achieve true Excellence. It deeply pains me that UCSF and UC are not taking a principled stand for the rights and healthcare for women and LGBTQ persons as it has in other important instances eg divesting from South Africa and challenging the tobacco industry to name 2. I trust we can find better solutions that fully value and support women and LGBTQ communities, locally and nationally and globally, which has been our proud UCSF legacy.

We serve everyone. We do not discriminate. Reproductive health is essential.

my work is in reproductive care with adolescents and partnering with Dignity, which excludes LGBTQ care is a direct blow to me and my family. We are a state institution and this kind of partnership is a slap in the face of California's full commitment to reproductive care and equity for LGBTQ population

Human rights, social well being

This is for women's rights and human rights. We should absolutely not collaborate with health care systems that are oppressive.

We are a public institution with a mission of serving all members of the public, regardless of sexual orientation or religious beliefs

LGBTQ and reproductive health are important to me because I believe individuals should have the choice to feel comfortable in their own body.

LGBTQ health and reproductive health are key components of health care. UCSF cannot call themselves a leader in medicine if they compromise on these commitments.

LGBTQ and reproductive rights are human rights.

Without this we cannot deliver high quality, effective, equitable care for our patients.

As a health institution, we have a right to provide equal access to all treatment and preventive health. This should not be restricted because of religious beliefs, which will likely widen health disparities.

access to healthcare should not be dictated by a faciltiies religious practices. I was a medical student at an institution that acquired a religiously affiliated hospital at one of its sites and the methods of practice (particularly in the OB/Gyn department) was completely disparate and, sometimes, dangerous, without patients aware of the differential approach since they assumed it was under the same institution name.

As a leading healthcare institution in the world, UCSF has a responsibility to model health equity for all--most definitely in regards to LGBTQ communities and reproductive health.

As Catholic hospitals presence grows in the United States and discrimination protections for LGBTQ people on the national level is up for debate or under direct threat, it is important for large institutions like UCSF to stand with LGBTQ people to affirm our health and families.

A loved one is LGBTQ

justice, equity, access, personal, and professional

All people deserve access to unbiased, compassionate healthcare that allows them to live their truth and make decisions that are best for them. By partnering with Dignity Healthcare system, UCSF is prioritizing profits over our values and contributing to the perpetuation of harmful norms around who does and doesn’t deserve access to quality healthcare. Our commitment to reproductive justice and LGBTQIA+ health is an important step in decreasing disparities and ensuring quality healthcare for all.

I entered medical school with an interest in women's reproductive health and have benefited from mentorship, teaching, and clinical experiences that have helped me to appreciate how impactful and life-changing comprehensive women's health care can be. I have benefited directly by UCSF's commitment to evidence-based practice in the realm of reproductive health and I know that it has benefited my patients.

My friends may be directly affected by this. People should have access to the latest scientific advances that help them lead full, productive and happy  lives.

It is the standard of care.  I do not want UCSF to affiliate with organizations that do not follow the standard of care. It would diminish our institution

It is the standard of care.  I do not want UCSF to affiliate with organizations that do not follow the standard of care. It would diminish our institution

More work regarding equity/access to healthcare needs to be done in this area.  everyone has basic rights regarding making their own healthcare decisions which starts w/ reproductive health

It is absolutely consistent with our values

Simple human rights

Such a commitment is integral to justice for all

Why would it not be?  All women deserve reproductive health care.

Health Equity

It's the right thing to do.

Discriminatory health care is harmful to the mental and physical health of women and gender/sexual-orientation minorities. The Catholic Church is not a medical authority and allowing it to restrict treatments that can literally save lives makes a mockery of UCSF's values.

It’s a human rights issue

It is the reason I trained at UCSF over Harvard and the strongest aspect of my training post is ability to offer services that others from other programs don’t.

Because is a right!

As a queer woman and a future provider for communities that are impacted by religious restrictions on sexual and reproductive healthcare access, I feel a personal and professional obligation to oppose UCSF's partnership with Dignity Health/Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI).

As a medical care provider in training I hold that the ethics of the medical profession categorically opposes depriving patients of access to evidence-based reproductive healthcare. As a queer woman I hold that it is immoral to deprive another person of the human rights of personal bodily autonomy and the rights to have or not have children. I am opposed to UCSF’s partnership with healthcare providers that seek to control patients’ bodies in this way. Furthermore, the argument that patients can simply seek healthcare outside of Dignity Health/Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) for these services is completely naiive to the well-studied systemic barriers low-income people, people of color, and queer, trans, and non-binary people face to access medical care of any kind.

Maintaining UCSF’s commitment to serving the LGBTQ community and providing comprehensive reproductive healthcare is core to UCSF’s mission. Any merger with a Catholic should not compromise these values.

Reproductive health is a core healthcare right- for everyone.

UCSF plays a vital role in providing care for LGBTQI folks and given people fundamental reproductive choices. Any partnership that would jeopardize this care goes against the values of our community and would be exceptionally harmful. In my home state of NM I have seen the damage done to reproductive care by partnerships with Catholic organizations. We cannot let this take place here.

Everyone should have equal access to reproductive health. Period.

All people deserve dignified, comprehensive access to care. Catholic hospitals operate in direct opposition to those principles.

Quality reproductive health care is a right for all people regardless of sex, gender identification, race, religion, political status, ability to pay

UCSF is a state hospital whose mission is to serve all patients. UCSF is also known for its diversity and there have been huge efforts at the university and health system to further that mission. This seems as though it would be a big step backwards and against the UCSF mission.

We serve everyone. I’m a queer woman and I want my organization to represent me as well as serve he community that I belong to.

I am an abortion provider and trainer in the TEACH program. I feel it is critical that all learners, but most especially future primary care providers, receive comprehensive and thoughtful training in all aspects of reproductive health without restrictions. The provider-patient relationship is built on a foundation of trust and open dialogue. If providers are not trained to provide the full range of available services, or at least discuss them thoughtfully and intelligently, then patients cannot make an informed decision about their healthcare and/or reproductive needs. This erodes and restricts the ability of a clinician to effectively do his or her job.

As an LGBT WOMAN, this is vital to healthcare equality.

my clients are women and people affected by HIV- I feel both of these groups are well served only in an insitution that values reproductive freedom and LGBTQ rights. As a queer woman I would not continue to work at UCSF if the institution gave up it's commitment to reproductive freedom and LGBTQ rights.

It is what is best for all.

This is how real people live.  When healthcare gets political, we limit what we offer to people and limit their life choices.

All of our patients as well as employees deserve equitable treatment and the right to choose when and how they have a family.

I agree that UCSF is currently unsafe with its limited capacity. I've seen patients rushed through L&D there and it's a terrible model for childbirth. That said, the solution cannot be to partner with an organization that discriminates against LGBTQ folks, or who uses religious doctrine as the basis of their practice. This does NOT uphold the medical community's commitment to "Do no harm".  

Because I am a queer employee at UCSF and I care about LGBTQ rights to healthcare

Choice for all individuals

Womens' rights must be upheld.

All gynecological services should be available to all women

UCSF's values and mission are all about PRIDE and offering health care and respect to all groups!

I am an ally to my queer family, friends and community, and will not tolerate discrimination against them!

I've worked in Women's Health for more than 20 years and advocated for rights for LGBTQ and women. These rights need to be protected and valued from organizations that do not support them.

No discrimination in health care

UCSF must be the leader and set the standard for others to follow.


UCSF's commitment to equitable and evidence-based health care is the reason I chose to attend.

This is one of the main reasons I chose to study at UCSF

I beleive in informed choice and equity in healthcare for all.

Because anything less is oppression.

Preventing pregnancy saves billions of dollars in social services and healthcare costs later in life if women are unable to prevent pregnancy and have abortions. Women's and LGBTQ's rights are taken away by these hospitals so it is eminent UCSF does not partner with organizations who stand for these inhumane practices.

Because everyone deserves complete care, free from political agenda.

as an HIV service provider the LGBTQ community is extremely important to us

It’s a human right and the right thing to do

Good care for all, all people have rights

This is a basic right in my opinion. I refuse to support any type of collaboration with anywhere that does not support LGBTQ persons

Human rights.

access to health care is a basic right for all people, reproductive health would also apply under this umbrella

UCSF is where my babies were conceived and delivered. Our whole family has received exceptional care at UCSF and I feel strongly that other gay families should have the same access.  

Human Rights

As an OBGYN and family planning specialist, it’s critical that all reproductive health options are available to all people. Additionally, sensitive  and complete care for my LGBTQ patients is also a priority.

Our patients deserve the comprehensive, medically indicated range of treatment options. I believe that Dignity/CHI hospitals are discriminating based on sexual orientation and religious beliefs by restricting healthcare options.

I am gay.

Protecting LGBTQ health and reproductive health protects the health of everyone.

As a public institution of higher education, I believe UCSF has a moral obligation to teach and stand for the provision of evidence-based medicine that facilitates the safety and wellness of all patients. Reproductive health and services for individuals who identify as LGBTQIA are an integral part of that commitment.

health equity key principle

I am a nursing student and i believe in equal care for everyone

Equality and Just care for ALL

It’s an individual choice - not religion

 Upholding access to care for women, regardless of religious affiliation and to men and women regardless of sexual affiliation is a core value of UCSF and is personally important to me.  This is an issue too important to brush aside, in the name of financial gains.   I am deeply concerned that the merger of Dignity with CHI means that the values of CHI will comprimise our commitment to providing care to everyone.  

Reproductive health is a basic human right.

Our responsibility is to provide quality care to all of our patients w/o backgound discrimination.

Health care is a human right. Everyone is entitled to safe, accessible, patient-centered health care that is non-judgmental and compassionate. Reproductive health care and LGBTQ health care is primary care.

This commitment is critical based on our mission to deliver world class health care in an equitable way

I am not only a provider I am also a queer mom who had an IVF pregnancy

Because LGBTQ rights are fundamental to human rights. And as the Academic institution in the city of San Francisco, we have a responsibility to lead by example in the care we provide patients and the principles we demand of our affiliates. Additionally, UCSF as a public institution should not uphold the principles of any one religious community over another.

As a mother, ally of LGBTQ community and future provider I see this kind of discrimination and exclusive and dangerous practices as unacceptable and completely contrary to the inclusive and patient-centered work that we are doing at UCSF.  

Health equity


It is the right thing to do.

UCSF should serve all patients regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Our mission is to serve the underserved without prejudice.


As a Bi woman and a physician caring for LGBTQA individuals I am concerned about equitable sexual and reproductive health care

We believe in human rights. We would not have children if not for IVF.

Health care should be equitable and evidence based, not judgemental

It is contrary to our mission to support partial, biased health care

Seems crazy that I even have to justify this - important because EVERYONE deserves equal rights and treatment

Because I am a member of the LGBTQ community

It’s important for us make every effort to treat all patients - and all aspects of their health - with equality, respect and objectivity.

UCSF is supposed to be the most cutting edge and progressive place to study medicine and nursing in the country, don't compromise this legacy!

Because committing ourselves to evidence-based care is a defining characteristic of UCSF's brand.  Lowering our standards of care in the name of capital gains will eventually shift the brand away from scientifically sound, evidence-based care towards profit-based first, science and evidence second.  

As alumni, I hope this institution continues to honor its mission to serve all. In a time when reproductive rights are in jeopardy, UCSF has a responsibility to hold on strong to its values

Currently, UCSF is a national leader in LGBTQ and reproductive healthcare research and patient care. Entering into a partnership with an organization like Dignity Health that invalidates the importance of that care and its advancement would be a gross misstep and a betrayal to communities that UCSF claimed to be proud to serve. One of the main reasons that I proudly pursued a job with this organization was because UCSF embodied what holistic healthcare focused on patient centered care could look like. This alliance would be far more harmful to UCSF's credibility and integrity than any prospective benefits it might have. I urge UCSF leadership to rethink and ultimately opt out of such an agreement. Continue to be one of the few examples in this country of what an institution that is conscious of its role, impact and power in a community looks like.

Because LGBTQ rights are human rights and should matter to every single person regardless of their orientation, gender, lifestyle or reproductive choices

UCSF is a leader in LGBTQ health, and has consistently championed policies that are inclusive of queer students like me. While Dignity Health shares many of the same values as UCSF, the glaring inequities when it comes to LGBTQ health that occur at Catholic Hospitals are at odds with some of the things I love most about UCSF: a commitment to inclusivity and equitable treatment of all patients, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, or biological sex.

We exist to serve the WHOLE city, everyone in it, and that equity has helped make me proud to work as UCSF. I am a deeply religious person in my personal life, but when it comes to what we offer our community for healthcare, it is absolutely immoral and wrong to deny people treatments due to personal or religious affiliations.

In light of the the growing market dominance of religious institutions in healthcare, UCSF's commitment to LGBTQ health and reproductive health is critical for assuring access to safe and legal procedures and health care, and quality health care experiences to women and individuals who are marginalized, stigmatized, and vulnerable, esp in these increasingly polarized times.

EVERYONE desrves proper medical care and RESPECT.  This collaboration is backwards. It goes against what UCSF stands for and advocates for.  This is horrible and a wrong step.

You must be committed to providing equitable healthcare for ALL

I want to work for a place that is aligned with my ideals. UCSF is a leader in science and research, internationally, they should be a leader in social change as well. Others will look to them to see how to be.  

As a gay man I feel that this is a giant slap in the face and is being done for purely financial reasons.  It's completely hypocritical for UCSF to follow the rules of  Catholic hospital with regards to patient care decisions.  This "merger" sets up a two tier system where certain rules apply at certain places.  I am glad that I'm "good enough" to work at UCSF but would not be "good enough" to work at a Catholic hospital because I am gay.

We need to serve the needs of patients and their families. It is our purpose as healthcare providers!

AS a faculty educator serving LGBTQ adolescents and young adults and who providers reprductive clinical care, I share in UCSF's core values of providing high quality, evidence-based care in an environment free of bias and discrimination.

UCSF commitment to non-discrimination

One of the reasons I most valued my experience at UCSF was because of their commitment to social justice and inclusivity. This partnership goes directly against those principles and is deeply disappointing.

it is at the core of our ethics, beliefs and commitment to social justice

Access to the full range of reproductive options for all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender is very much aligned with our values and supports the reduction of preterm birth.

it is a human right

Everyone deserves care.

I know patients who rely on UCSF for their, non-judgemental, gender non-conforming healthcare. Access to reproductive health care and options is a non-denominational, nothing to do with religion, RIGHT

I am a lesbian. I am a woman. Dignity should not be allowed to continue their discrimination against half the human race, and UCSF should not be complicit in the process.

Access to health care is a human right that too often is denied to marginalized communities. As a world leader in the medical and research fields UCSF has been instrumental in advancing equitable health care outcomes and access, as well as making sure patients from all backgrounds and identities feel safe and respected. Please don’t jeopardize UCSF credibility with the community and leadership role.  

Promoting health world wide should not be religiously discriminatory.  To do so is contrary to our stated mission.

Promoting health world wide should not be religiously discriminatory.  To do so is contrary to our stated mission.

The university must carry forward the legacy of this city - which has always strived for inclusiveness and provided a safe haven for LGBTQ communities. UCSF must strive to be a model employer in the region and globally.  

As a provider of both Reproductive and care to the LGBT communities, I am alarmed to hear of UCSFs willingness to trade some of its core principles of offering high quality healthcare to all in need. PLEASE reconsider. UCSF is an institution of the highest quality and one I am proud to call my Alma mater. Rethink the significance of frightful

UCSF is a leader in health care, education, and research. Our actions should reflect our commitment to lead in the areas of LGBTQ and reproductive health.

Access to health care is a right regardless of one’s race, gender, religion or sexual identity

University of California is opposed to discrimination--we cannot even have travel reimbursed to anti-LGBT states! Repro health care is critical and UCSF provides a valuable service to many community members. It is not part of UC or California values to discriminate again women and LGBT people like this

Because it is at the core of patient-centered care

I think commitment to LGBTQ health and reprodutive health is a foundational part of providing quality care. I do not see it as a choice if we want to provide patients with the care they have the right to access, we would be denying care to people who need it and this would be a huge conflict with the values of this institution.

I feel that no person, regardless if they are queer, should be denied reproductive health access. It is a fundamental component of personal rights, gender equality, and public health.

It is a core mission of UCSF to provide comprehensive evidence-based care to all our patients.

Women and the LGBTQ deserve equity in health care, and the care of our bodies should not be dictated by another person religious beliefs.

As a queer mom, alumni, who used a sperm donor to conceive my child, I find this disappointing. I sought out UCSF for its commitment to the LGBTQ community and diversity and this changes what it represents.

This is a human rights issue

Basic human rights should be respected

Our community deserves inclusive care. Religion should only be used in the healthcare setting as a way to provide comfort to patients at the patients' request. It should not be used to deny rights to patients.

Seperation of Church and State. No individual should be denied to extremely personal decision have or reject a pregnancy

Not supporting all populations is against our mission at UCSF; my patients are directly effected as a transgender population; i am part of the lgbt community; the population is known to have high rates of suicide when not supporte

Discrimination is yesterday. UCSF is today.

It is my obligation and privilege to support the health of all

It's an important right for everyone we serve

Equal Rights

I take care of adults with congenital heart disease who have complex reproductive needs.

Our deserve access to reproductive health services free from religious restrictions.  Additionally, the LGBTQ is an essential component of SF community.  We can not partner w organizations that oppose LGBTQ equality.