after Allen Ginsburg

Moloch!  The disembodied mind

Empty handed

Conjuring visions


Meaning without sensation

Life without risk

Moloch! The vast machine

Dopamine farming

Algorithms gripping, eyes to the screen

Mining attention

Discarding bodies useless

As husks and tailings

Moloch! The arch manipulator

Purveyor of short-cuts

& magic bullets

Sales funnels


Through a million landing pages

Moloch! The signaller

Connection without meeting

Clawing, avoidant eyes

Controlled by after-thoughts

Afraid of consequences

Residual shame

Moloch! The rapist

Vengeful to woman

College fees earned

Shackled to webcams

Insatiable hunger for images of flesh

Sex without feeling

Moloch! The rational

Guided by science

Using the measurable

To drive out the unmeasurable

Demanding endlessly

Evidence, evidence

Moloch! The Parent

Generations of unloving fathers

Overworked mothers

Starving kids of appreciation

Pushing sociopathy

Show me you can do it

Be self-reliant

Trust no one

But yourself

Moloch! Vicarious

Moloch! Victorious

Moloch! I gave up my life

To raise you to Heaven

The blind conquering urge

Of barren masculinity

Moloch! Moloch! Forever Moloch!

Until there is no one left to see you

Moloch! The Challenger

Living in shadows

The blind force

Each soul must conquer


Devaraj 2020    


Allen Ginsburg

Eliphas Levi

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