Greetings to everyone in Preston and Tucker Counties, West Virginia, and beyond,

If you’re in need of food, childcare, medical assistance, mental health assistance, shelter, etc., the following sites have comprehensive lists of all these resources and more

Also, the Tucker County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), which is tasked with serving as a coordination and resource center for emergencies or potential emergencies has a Guide to Citizen Preparedness and an Emergency Operations Plan.
Here’s the link to the Preston County OEM.

This is a crisis on many levels: for some it is personal health, for others it is mental health, or even economic health. For some it is all of the above. As of 7/21/2020, the WV DHHR reports there are 5,199 confirmed cases and 101 deaths. This is a list of local resources and general information. This document will be updated and can be shared and printed. If you have questions, comments, or edits, please email Cory Chase at Here is a summary of what's included in case you’d like to skip to certain information:

  1. Medical information for Preston County and Tucker County residents
  2. What we know about the COVID-19 virus and best practices to slow the spread
  3. Disaster Relief: Workforce WV Unemployment and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) for self-employed/contract/gig workers.
  4. How to Vote in WV with an Absentee Ballot: WV Primary Election has been moved to 6/9/2020
  5. Real plans to help WVians and ask Governor Justice to respond effectively

While we should all err on the side of caution, we must also be aware that our medical system has a limited capacity and we can all take certain measures so that we do not overwhelm it. Being mindful of
CDC recommended best practices of handwashing for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water is a good first step. The CDC website says “Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily in household common areas (e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks).”  Here is a good video to explain how to shop safely and how to take precautions once you get home with your groceries.

This virus has shown just how fragile our world’s economy and our national and state healthcare system really is. Unfortunately,
WV is not prepared for this pandemic. If you do have to interact with people who have the virus, here are the best practices to follow.

1. Medical Information for Preston and Tucker County Residents

Anybody in Preston County can get screened for a test here: Kingwood Elementary School (outside). Mon-Fri  10am-12pm and 1pm-4pm

To pre-screen call 304-329-7285.

Preston Memorial Hospital in Kingwood: 150 Memorial Drive, Kingwood, WV 26537  Phone: 304-329-1400 

“If you are concerned about the possibility of having
COVID-19, please do not walk into a health department, hospital emergency department, urgent care or other health care facility to seek testing or (304) 285-3798, to schedule a time for your evaluation.”

Anybody in Tucker County should be aware that there is a process to get a test at St. George Medical Clinic (for people without symptoms) and the School Based Clinic (for people with symptoms). Please contact them prior to your visit to get specific instructions. The Hotline is 681-399-9311 and is open Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM. Medical providers are ready to assist you. Also, Mt. Top Health Clinic in Thomas is testing. You must call them first to do a triage (the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition) BEFORE you can get a test. Call 304-463-3331 to reach Mt. Top Clinic.

St. George Clinic: 8591 Holly Meadows Road, Parsons, WV 26287
Medical Clinic Phone: 304-478-3339

School-Based Health Clinic (SBHC): 81 Tucker Valley School Rd., Hambleton, WV 26269 Phone: 304.478.6000 opt. 2

2. What We Know

Everybody has an opinion on this, but we should fall back on medical practitioners, epidemiologists and scientists who study these diseases and practice what they recommend. The WV DHHR has updates daily and I recommend that you read them. There are more cases being confirmed as more testing happens in WV. To read more about the basic recommendations, please visit:


WV DHHR: WV Department of Health and Human Resources.

3. Disaster Relief

Workforce WV has options for unemployment here. They have opened up unemployment benefits to self-employed, contractors and gig economy workers. Sign up began Friday, April 24.. This is in addition to regular unemployment that’s provided to employees. Sign up here or call 800-252-JOBS (5627).

The recently passed federal CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) also provides additional assistance if you have been affected by COVID-19 in some way.
Learn more here.

4. How to Vote in WV with an Absentee Ballot

The Primary Election has been moved to June 9, 2020. Every voter in WV should be getting an absentee ballot in the mail. Or you can sign up online.  More information here. Voting by mail is highly recommended so that we aren’t putting our elderly poll workers into harm's way.

Here’s the paper application form. For Section 4a, please select the first box: “illness, injury or other medical reason which keeps me confined.”

County Clerk: Call your County Clerk and ask that an absentee ballot application be mailed to you. Submit your signed absentee ballot to your County Clerk by fax, US postal service or email.

You can also get an application from the County Clerk’s office:
Preston County: 106 W. Main St, Suite 103, Kingwood, WV 26537
304.329.007 // Linda Huggins, County Clerk –
Tucker County: 211 First Street, Suite 205, Parsons, WV 26287
304.478.2414 ext. 201 // Sherry Simmons, County Clerk

5. Real Plans to Help West Virginians

Urge WV Governor Justice to Support a Responsible Coronavirus Action Plan. I’m supporting Steven Smith for Governor’s plan to fight this pandemic and to better prepare us for any other public health disasters. He’s recommended the following plan be adopted by Governor Justice:

I encourage everyone living in WV to contact your representatives to express your concerns and needs. It’s their job to represent you, especially in times of crisis, and if they don’t hear from you then they can't properly represent you. Find you Senator(s) here // Find your House Delegate(s) here.


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