Notes of March 23, 2016 Meeting

Committee Members

Lorraine Moxey – Chair                 Attended        

June Bair                                

Sam Bryant Borough Manager        Attended

Bruce Burkart – Borough Historian        Attended        

Marie Esher Coia                         Attended

Jackie D’Agostino                        Attended                

Margaret Fabry                        Attended                

Donna Fisher        (Inactive)                        

Doug Fisher (Inactive)                

Mary Pat Hoveliinski                        Attended                        

Richard Moxey (Decretory                Attended

Malcolm Rollins                        Attended

Nancy Ulmen        (Inactive)                        

Peter Ulmen (Inactive)

  1. Minutes of the February 17, 2016 meeting were approved.
  2. Lorraine noted that the Land property and the Ricci property have been sold. The pool property is in play. There are renovations at the Augustine property. We should continue to keep being aware of sale signs and resulting sales.
  3. Art Conover was introduced as a member of the Borough Finance Committee. He is making the rounds of Committees to observe and get feedback on long term budget requirements. He was told that the $500.00 each year appeared to be enough. Special projects, such as the Wreaths and War Memorial reconstruction were handled by requesting special donations and volunteers.
  4. There was confirmation of the walk-through the Knoell site this for our May 18 meeting, 10:00 AM with a discussion at the Ad building Afterward. Sam indicated that the earliest groundbreaking is probably In July
  5. The Spring Program was discussed resulting in the following.
  1. Jackie presented 3 flyer designs. Most preferred the “top” One. Times of the events will be added to allow people to Schedule their day
  2. The driveway entrance will be closed, Sam will work with Mark and the Police for needed traffic control.
  3. Mary Pat, Marie and June will work on the Program, working with Bob Binkley. (See Item 7 below)
  4. Sam will determine and invite dignitaries. Lynn Bush cam not make it.
  5. Margaret will arrange for water, etc. It was suggested that maybe 100 would attend.
  1. The location of the artifacts that Lori has was discussed. Sam will contact Lori and coordinate with June for this transfer. The lower level of Burkart Hall was the location best suited for this purpose. Mary Pat suggested that perhaps someone would have to pick up the items from Lori.
  2. Lorraine has picked out a tree at Bucks Country Gardens. The memorial Dogwood tree will be planted April 2. Council approved payment from the tree fund. This dedication will be part of the program
  3. Malcolm asked about the timing of the walkway from Butler Ave to the railroad. Mary Pat said that there was still an easement issue with one property, Final design is not complete and work would probably not start next year, 2017.
  4. The next meeting is April 20, 2016 at 10:00 AM at the Ad Building, to finalize plans, etc.