The Anglo-American School (AAS) of Moscow was founded in 1949 by the American, British, and Canadian Embassies in Moscow. Today, AAS Moscow is an independent, nonprofit, coeducational day school with an international educational program from pre-Kindergarten (4-year-olds) through grade 12.

AAS Moscow has a strong and supportive community of individuals and teams that contribute to the high-quality learning experiences at the Anglo-American School (AAS) of Moscow. One such significant group of contributors is the AAS Board of Directors, who are the volunteer governing team at AAS. The Governing Board is composed of volunteer members from our community, including:

Our website’s Leadership and Governance page lists each of the members currently serving on the AAS Board and links to the AAS Board Policy Manual. The structure for AAS and the Board is noted in Policy 1.10 (Charter) and Policy 1.20 (By-laws).

The By-Laws established through Board policy state that the Board

The Board is supported by two standing sub-committees, Finance & Facilities and Policy & Governance. These Committees include both Board members as well as community members. This structure allows the school to maximize the diverse experience and expertise of each Board and committee member.

The Finance and Facilities Committee is chaired by the treasurer of the AAS Board, who is well-positioned to provide strategic direction and oversight on the school’s financial strategies. Other members of the Finance Committee include the AAS Director, Director of Finance and Operations, staff members from the AAS Business Office, as well as parents and other board members with financial or related experience.

Similarly, the Policy and Governance Committee focuses on the development and review of board policies at AAS. The committee is made up of AAS board members, parents, AAS leadership, and representatives from the founding Embassies with related experience.

The Director, along with schoolwide and division leadership, regularly reports to the Board of Directors on their work, challenges, accomplishments, priorities and goals, and related progress. Together with input from the broader community from data collected through surveys and student assessments, these reports inform the Board on the school’s progress in meeting the school’s Mission. AAS leadership appreciates the dedication and hard-working volunteer members on the Board and Board Committees.  

We are hopeful that this article highlights information on how the Anglo-American School of Moscow is governed. If you would like to learn more about Leadership and Governance at AAS Moscow, please see our Board policies as well as Board summarized minutes on the AAS website under Leadership and Governance.