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local apple + crispy pancetta served over fresh local greens served with a light gorgonzola vinaigrette


panzanella salad with heirloom tomatoes + cornbread croutons

served with buttermilk basil vinaigrette


farm greens + ricotta salata + roasted butternut squash +

hazelnuts served with a tarragon vinaigrette


fried green tomato napoleon with fresh goat cheese + pecan wood smoked trout + wild rocket greens drizzled with green goddess dressing


mixed field greens with local tomatoes + fried vidalia onions tossed with a dijon vinaigrette


baby spinach salad with medjool dates + goat cheese timbale

drizzled with sherry vinaigrette


fanta se salad with butter lettuces + haas avocado + Valencia oranges + spicy pecans + jicama with ancho chile vinaigrette


venus salad of baby field greens with lemon scented artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, crumbled gorgonzola, black walnuts drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette


plum tomato napoleon with fresh basil + buffalo mozzarella +

drizzled with green goddess vinaigrette



miso-glazed salmon finished with a blueberry compote


grilled free range chicken breast with bourbon + pecan butter sauce


buttermilk southern fried free range chicken


juniper + fig roasted pork tenderloin


horseradish encrusted salmon with persimmon salsa


crispy duck lasagne


updated chicken casserole with tarragon mustard béchamel


orzo chicken jambalaya with a tomato cajun cream sauce


slow roasted organic chicken with meyer lemon jus


blood orange + honey glazed chicken with autumn succotash


chicken roulade stuffed with speck ham + farro served with Georgia fig preserves

coq au champagne with caramelized root vegetables


balsamic glazed free range chicken breast with caramelized vidalia onions chutney + fresh rosemary


fresh mountain trout with pecans + fresh basil with yellow tomato beurre blanc


barbeque shrimp “po boy” platter with piquant shrimp and pickled onion + caper slaw served with split soft french rolls


grain mustard + aged balsamic roasted pork tenderloin


wild mushroom ravioli + truffled mushrooms + brown butter sauce




The following options may be selected for supplemental charge



pan seared sea scallops with wasabi + ginger glaze


provencal ratatouille vegetable stew served with toasted baguette and endive cups

espresso braised beef brisket


lemon + rosemary roasted turkey breast with orange marmalade and garlic aioli spreads served with foccacia buns


zinfandel + rosemary marinated filet of beef tenderloin with gorgonzola cream sauce


blood orange + honey glazed halibut with autumn succotash


aged lamb chop with mint + rosemary crust


pistachio crusted grouper drizzled with orange beurre blanc


coriander + cumin grilled jumbo shrimp drizzled with curried mango sauce


pepper seared filet of beef with burgundy demi glaze


paella valenciana with scallops + shrimp + squid + chorizo +chicken with saffron rice, tricolored peppers and fresh peas


cocoa braised short ribs over caramelized onions served with toasted naan bread and cilantro crema


tender roasted chicken in green curry coconut sauce with cashews + avocado



sun in my belly’s mac-n-cheese

roasted seasonal vegetables with a maple glaze + sea salt

stone ground white grits cooked with hook cheddar

broccoli raab + lima bean sauté with scallion crème fraîche +

lemon zest

smoked eggplant with fava bean puree

roasted sweet corn + zucchini in thyme butter

rutabega + pecorino casserole

roasted cauliflower with dried cherries + toasted pine nuts

celery root mash with herb butter

roasted fingerling potatoes with truffled mushrooms

local snap beans with daikon radish butter + cracked black pepper

grilled asparagus topped with chili oil

farro + wild mushroom with dried cranberry + fennel

buttery baby bliss potatoes with shallots + parsley

local collard greens with fried garlic

artichoke mash with fresh parmesan

roasted spring beets with chervil + goat Cheese

shallot sauté of patty pan squash + sugar snap peas

braised fennel with parmesan + pecans

roasted yukon gold potatoes with thyme + lemon zest

vermouth braised vidalia onions

garlic + shallot sauteed haricot vert with grape tomatoes and

toasted pine nuts

crook neck squash + boursin casserole

basil stewed tomatoes




fresh artisan breads with rosemary scented butter

black pepper biscuits with soft whipped butter

fresh parker house rolls with whipped potager herb butter

corn muffins with cilantro whipped butter

brioche rolls with balsamic whipped butter

grilled flat breads with whipped tahini butter

italian boule + grissini served roasted garlic butter



triple berry pie


lavender + meyer lemon pie


local apple tart in a cinnamon crust


valrhona chocolate three nut pies

blackberry cobbler with soft whipped cream


raspberry + pear tart


s’mores cupcakes with crispy marshmallow icing


espresso mousse served in shot glasses

miniature maple sugar cookies


blueberry + lemon  parfaits with oatmeal crumble garnish

caramel bread bites with brulée banana  


display of seasonal fruits