ASEF Junior Fellows Program

ASEF Society of Fellows is composed of ASEF Junior Fellows (AJF) and ASEF Senior Fellows (ASF, professors who are mentoring and advising AJFs). ASEF Society of Fellows is modeled after efforts, like Simons Foundation Society of Fellows, Harvard Society of Fellows, Princeton Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts, Yale World Fellows, Heidelberg Laureate Forum in The Association of Rhodes Scholars.

ASEF Society of Fellows.

ASEF Society of Fellows includes:

  1. ASEF Senior Fellows are ASFs are respected scientists, professors, artists, entrepreneurs, who engage in mentoring AJFs either in Slovenia or abroad. The duration of ASF is 5 years and can be renewed.
  2. ASEF Junior Fellows are young researchers and students who get admitted to the AJF program based on a yearly call for applications. THE duration of AJF program is 3 years and cannot be renewed. After the AJF completed the program, he or she becomes a member of the ASEF Alumni Society and can also become ASEF Senior Fellow.

ASEF Junior Fellows Program Overview. The ASEF Junior Fellows Program (AJF Program) is a three-year program, which enables students to do a 10-week research visit at a university or a research institution in the area of applicant’s field of study/expertise. Additionally, Junior Fellows engage in activities organized by the ASEF Society of Fellows, including research projects and collaborations with other Fellows, and leadership and career development workshops, and attend regular public lectures and other events organized by ASEF. Further, Junior Fellows are expected to contribute to the Society and give back to the community under ASEF guidance and mentorship.

In the first year, Junior Fellows will work with Slovenian professors at the world’s top universities on a research project and interact with other members of the professor’s research group as well as other students at the university. At the same time, the student will also interact with the Slovenians and Slovenian communities abroad.

In the second and third years, Junior Fellows engage in Society activities as described above. Further, Fellows are encouraged to continue their research work with their host professor and form collaborations with other Junior Fellows. Additional funds will be available to Fellows to cover the expenses of such collaborations, such as presenting research at international conferences.

Core Values of ASEF Junior Fellows

ASEF Junior Fellows are committed to these core values, which guide us in carrying out our mission and realizing our vision:

  1. Academic Excellence. We seek an uncompromising standard of excellence in teaching, learning, creativity, and scholarship within and across disciplines.
  2. Character Formation. We seek to form the whole person: men and women distinguished by intellectual rigor, moral character, community building and the ability to make ethical decisions.
  3. Dedicated Service. We seek to prepare global citizens who advocate for the benefit of humanity and contribute to the intellectual, economic, and cultural vitality of society by serving those with the least access to power and privilege in order to promote the flourishing of all.

These core values are permeated by special care for the Slovenian heritage. The AJFs promote, together with its partner institutions, Slovenian language and culture.

This document gives a statement of ideals for new members of ASEF Society of Fellows.

Components of the ASEF Junior Fellows

ASEF Junior Fellows (AJF) program is modeled according to the above three values and is composed of the following key activities:

AJF program activities start about 3-6 months before the summer research visit. During this time AJFs prepare for the visit and attend various AJF activities. After the visit AJFs remain in the program for an additional 2.5 years where they will both organize and participate in AJF program activities.

Year 1: AJF summer research visit

This document describes the ASEF Junior Fellow summer research visit.

Year 1-3: AJF grants

Members of ASEF Society of Fellows can apply for financial support to further their research, career, and development. ASEF supports projects in the following three categories:

  1. Research Projects & Collaborations: Funds collaborative research between ASEF Junior/Senior Fellows and provides support for presenting such research at scientific meetings and symposia.
  2. Advocacy & Science Communication: Organization of symposia, workshops, and panels for the general public with the goal of popularizing science and increasing awareness of particularly important scientific and societal issues;
  3. Leadership & Career Development: Activities that promote the training and leadership of members of ASEF Society of Fellows.

Years 1-3: AJF activities in Slovenia

ASEF Society of Fellows organizes activities about twice per month. AJFs participate and also help organize these activities.

  1. Tutoring, mentoring, and ASEF buddies. AJFs act as peer mentors to other Junior Fellows. As part of the ASEF Buddies program, AJFs help incoming fellows learn about ASEF Society, host countries/universities, and they share their experience of conducting research abroad. Fellows collaborate and work together on AJF grants.
  2. Public lectures and ASEF Speaker series. AJFs regularly attend public lectures in the ASEF Speaker Series and help to organize the events. For example, AJFs introduce speakers, moderate discussion, translate lectures to Slovenian language, help with event promotion and registration of attendees.
  3. Reading groups. AJFs actively participate in a reading group in areas of their field of study/expertise. Reading groups focus on current topics of a specific field and read the latest papers. The goal is to understand the current state-of-the-art and encourage a diversity of ideas and cross-talk between disciplines.
  4. Society dinners and round-table discussions. AJFs regularly attend all of the dinners and round-table discussions organized by the Society. At these events, they are frequently joined by Senior Fellows and interesting individuals from science, industry, sports, and arts.
  5. ASEF Junior Admission Committee and recruiting. AJFs form a Junior Admission Committee, which meets every year and reviews student applications for ASEF Junior Fellows Program. Members of the committee interview the candidate and provide feedback on applicants to ASEF. Further, AJFs participate in ASEF promotional activities and help advertise the ASEF Fellowship and other programs.
  6. Career development and training of soft skills. AJFs attend soft skills training, design thinking workshops, and communications skills training organized by ASEF.
  7. Other occasions and events. AJFs attend occasional events organized by ASEF and its partnering institutions, for example, summer welcoming events for students of Slovenian heritage visiting Slovenia.

After the three-year appointment, AJFs become members of ASEF Alumni Association. They are invited to participate in alumni activities and co-organize events together with ASEF.