Lucas Michael Regazzi is an artist-writer and arts worker currently based in Brooklyn (unceded Lenape territory). 

Professional Experience

2021  Founder & Director, april april, Brooklyn, USA

2019-2020  Gallery Assistant, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2019-2020  Gallery Attendant, Erin Stump Projects, Toronto, Canada

2019  Gallery Preparator and General Intern, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2018-2019  Communications Intern, C Magazine, Toronto, Canada

2018  Volunteer, Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada

2018  Curatorial Assistant, AKA Artist Run Centre, Saskatoon, Canada


2018  BFA with Great Distinction, Major in Photography, Minor in Art History, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2021  Bootcamp Certificate, Web Development Immersive, Juno College of Technology, Toronto, Canada

Selected Exhibitions

2020  In-Residence, an ongoing artist-benefit organized by Towards Gallery and David Moos Art Advisory

2020  Group exhibition at Gnome Garden Space, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2020  baby at Afternoon Projects, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2020  Plaza de la informalidad, Guadalajara 90210 at ZONA MACO, 2020, Mexico City, Mexico, presented by Cassandra Cassandra, Toronto, Canada

2020  Economy, Pfeil Magazine, Montez Press, London, UK. Issue 12. Winter 2019.

2019  Solstice Typo: Gifts by Artists, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada

2019  Tout ce qui arrive, arrive dans les verbes, Rialto Theatre, Montreal, Canada (Curated by Celine Bureau)

2019  The cold will pay. The wind will pay., UCLA Graduate Studios, Los Angeles, USA (Curated by Zoe Koke)

2019  The body is a butter brain with Laura McCoy, Calaboose, Montreal, Canada

2019  Pelouse Interdite off-site artist-initiative, Durocher Lofts, Montreal, Canada

2018  Hopping the Twig at Calaboose, Montreal, Canada (Curated by Garrett Lockhart and Danica Pinteric)

2016  Detroit Research Magazine Benefit Auction (Curated by Marissa Jezak and Michael E. Smith), Selected Donor

Published Writing

2020  Moisturizing my legs in Erotic Awakenings for HEARTH, Toronto

2020  Some Poems on Montez Press Radio, New York

2020  A Conversation About Drawing with Laura McCoy.” Blackflash Magazine. Summer 2020.

2019  Objects in an Embassy (Curated by Laura Azzalini and Chris Fusaro), Exhibition text.

2019  “Towards a Contemporary Caprice: Every Empire Has its End at Franz Kaka, Toronto.” Peripheral Review. Summer 2019.

2019  “a cooing to bugbear.” In Pazmaker, Perros Negros, Mexico City. Issue 14.

2018  “Outside: Jordan Beaulieu.” In The Void Magazine. Issue 16, Volume 2. Winter 2018.

2018  “In Conversation with Garrett Lockhart.” In The Void Magazine. Issue 16, Volume 2. Winter 2018.

2017  Compilations from Babyland with Chris Andrews, Saba Heravi and Zoe Koke, Self Published, Edition of 50.

2017  “Grocery List for Sweet Breakfast.” In Haunt Journal of Art, University of California, Irvine. Volume 4.

2017  “Swimming Lessons.” In Bad Nudes. Issue 2, Volume 1.

Curatorial Work

Forthcoming  Laura McCoy at AKA Artist-Run Centre, Saskatoon, Canada

2020 Glint at Lois Projects (Co-curated by Patrick Bova), Montreal, Canada

2018 ‘I was uncategorical, and so, defiant’ at AKA Artist-Run Centre, Saskatoon, Canada

2017  Welcome to Babyland at VAV Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2016  SUBLET at Sonder’s Industrial Studio in Plateau, Montreal, Canada (Co-curated by Elora Crawford)

2016  I Think You Can Dance, Canada at Gham & Dafe, Montreal, Canada (Co-curated by Garrett Lockhart)


2019  Summer Institute at the Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg, Canada


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